Wisbech PALMERs

Wisbech Palmers

        About 1882, the PALMERs from Methwold, West Norfolk, started moving to Wisbech, Cambridgeshire 
        to live and work.  The first one was Louis Henry [my Gt Grandfather] He is recorded in the 1883 edition 
        of Kelly's Directory of Cambridgeshire - [Louis spelt Lewis] as an engineer & millwright at 
        18, Bedford Street, Wisbech.

        BUT there was another PALMER family [no connection] already in the area - at Wisbech St Mary.  
        They come into the picture later on.

        There has been a lot of puzzlement as to why they went to Wisbech because within a few years nearly 
        all the family were there!  Maybe the employment opportunities were better - Wisbech was 
        an expanding port..........

        BUT maybe their grandmother, Mary TEED, who was still resident in Wisbech, was an influencing factor, 
        although she died in 1885 at the age of 85.

        Views of Old Wisbech - particularly around the docks where the PALMERS lived and worked.

        Emmanuel PALMER died on 23 January 1891 and was buried in the Mt Pleasant Road  Cemetry; but by the time 
        of the Census in April, all his family, but Francisco & Ryfealyer, were living & working in Wisbech.

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