Catherine WATSON
2 July 1857 - 19 November 1940

        According to family legend, my Gt Grandmother, Catherine WATSON, was born 2 July 1857 on a 
        homeward-bound troopship from India, off Gibralter. and her birth being registered in Glasgow, 
        the ship's home port.

        As I have a copy of Catherine's birth regsitration, I can confirm her birth WAS registered 
        in Glasgow, on 29 July 1857 - no mention of birth at sea or a ship's name.  So unless there's a 
        record of a ship's name and records to consult, it's going to be very difficult to prove.  
        The Scottish BIRTH registrations have a lot more information than the British ones, so there is no doubt that 
        it is John WATSON, Colour Sergeant in "The Royals", & Catherine O'CONNOR as the parents.

        On the U.K. Census for 1881, 1891 & 1901, Catherine always gives her place of birth as "Scotland, Glasgow".

        She married my Gt Grandfather, Louis Henry PALMER, in St Augustine's Church, Wisbech, Cambs 
        on 11 March 1883 - I was able to view the Marriage Register from St Augustine's when I visited the 
        Fenland Museum at Wisbech in October, 2001.

        Unfortunately, there are no photographs surviving of their wedding -but I do have one of a young Kate

        Catherine's father: John WATSON, Soldier
        Catherine's mother: Catherine O'CONNOR - from Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland.
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