Born in Dec. Qtr. 1842, Berwick Registration District, Northumberland.  

Born in Norham/Horncliffe going by Census information.


1851 England Census - aged 8.  Parents John & Isabella WEATHERSTON - resident in parish/village of Horncliffe.

                                 + siblings:  Eleanor 25, Elisabeth 23, George 6, James 14, John 21 & Thomas 12.


1861 England Census - aged 18.  With parents John 61 & Isabella 59 in Horncliffe

                                + siblings Elizabeth 33, George 16, Robert 26 & Thomas 22.


1871 England Census - Isabella Jane aged 28 with mother Isabella 69 & sister Elizabeth 39 in Horncliffe.


1878, in Edinburgh, Isabella Jane marries James BROWN, Gold Miner, of Tweedhill, Berwickshire.


       James 'Digger' BROWN - bn about 1827 in either Norham or Horncliffe, Northumberland; son of John BROWN, Farmer, & Ann CUNNINGHAM.

       Occupation - Ag. Lab. Mid-1800s went out to Australia and made his fortune in the gold fields of Bendigo and Hill End, NSW

       Returned to England and in 1876, bought the Tweedhill Estate on west bank of the River Tweed from James McBraire.
      Tweedhill is in the parish of Hutton.  Close to Paxton House, but on Scottish side of the Tweed.

       He was aged 51 when he married Isabella in November 1878.


December 1878 - birth of a son - James    born at Norham  (ref. 1881 England Census) & Berwick registration March Quarter, 1879 (ref:

1879/1880 apx.  birth of a son - John   -  born at Tweedhill, so Scottish registration.


1881 _ England Census -  Isabella visiting her sister, Elizabeth, in Horncliffe, along with sons, James aged 2 & John, aged 4mths.

                                    "Wife of James Brown, Gentleman"


December 1881 - death of John, aged 2 years. He is buried in Norham Churchyard with his father.


apx. 1884 - birth of a daughter - Isabella Annie - born at Tweedhill, so Scottish registration.


         Looks like Isabella and James had seperated by 1891 Census:


1891 Scotland Census - James (sen) aged 64, with children James, aged 12 & Isabella A., 7, at Tweedhill - Living on Private Means.


1891 England Census  - Isabella, aged 48, boarding in Horncliffe with Christian Lisle & family, Grocer, "Living on her own means",

                                  bn Norham.


1893 - death of James Brown (sen)  - buried in Norham churchyard with infant son, John. 

          I have a registration reference for Castle Ward District, Northumberland, June Qtr.

          ?or would it be a Scottish registration


1901 Scotland Census - Isabella Jane BROWN living at Tweedhill Mansion House with Isabella A., aged 17 & James, aged 22.


1903-9 - Isabella living in Edinburgh - with children?  Would all the legal affairs have been handled in Edinburgh after James' death?


          Big question - where was Isabella between apx. 1909 and 1913?


September 1913 - Isabella's death - in Horncliffe. She was buried at Norham on 13 September 1913 - but not with her husband and infant son.

1919 - The Tweedhill Estate sold to Arthur TATE, exporter of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


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