Morris & Co. Commercial Directory & Gazettee of

Lydney 1876


LYDNEY is a parish, including the tything of AYLBURTON, in Chepstow union, containing, by the census of 1861, in Lydney, 2285, and in Aylburton 604, making a total of 2889 inhabitants, and in 1871, in Lydney, 2692 inhabitants, and 4861 acres, and in Aylburton, 661 inhabitants, and 1568 acres, making a total of 3353 inhabitants, and 6429 acres of land; in the southern division of the deanery of the Forest, archdeaconry of Gloucester, diocese of Gloucester and Bristol, hundred of Bledisloe, West Gloucestershire, on the west bank of the River Severn; half a mile west from its Station on the South Wales Section of the Great Western Railway, at its Junction with the Severn and Wye Railway, 9 north-east from Chepstow, and 20 south-west from Gloucester, on the road between these places, 123 by road and 134 by rail from London. This is supposed to have been the Roman Station Abona, and there are numerous evidences of Roman occupation. The rivers Severn and Wye are connected by a Railway from this place, passing through the Forest of Dean to Lydbrook, which was first opened as a Tramway, but was converted into a Railway a few years since, and has lately been opened for passenger traffic under the name of the Severn and Wye Railway. There is an extensive traffic in coal, iron, stone, &c, more than half-a-million tons being annually carried upon it, of which some 300,000 tons are shipped at this harbor for exportation, and about 100,000 tons pass to the Great Western Railway Junction. An extension of this Railway, by means of a branch from Parkend to Coleford, has just been opened for passengers, thus bringing the chief towns of the Forest of Dean into easy communication with Gloucester and South Wales.

The Severn Bridge Railway, five miles in length, commences here by a junction with the Great Western and the Severn and Wye Railways, and crosses the River Severn near Purton Passage, terminating at the Berkeley New Docks by a junction with the Midland Railway, and forms the long desired communication between South Wales and the Coal and Iron Mines of the Forest of Dean, and the South of England; it will shorten the distance from South Wales to London 14 miles, and from South Wales to Bristol 30 miles. The necessity for crossing the River Severn by a bridge having been long felt by all parties interested in the neighbourhood, no less than five schemes were introduced in the Session of 1872 for bridges, three of which were at the point now selected, and one scheme was for a tunnel under the river near Portskewett. After a hard struggle in Parliament the present plan was ultimately adopted, but in consequence of conflicting interests which had to be arranged, considerable delay was caused in the commencement of the works; but the contracts were let in March 1875, and on the 4th June the directors and their friends met at the site of the bridge, and the chairman, Mr Lucy, laid the foundation stone of the first pier. When complete, the bridge will consist of "bowstring girders resting upon piers composed of cast-iron cyclinders, sunk down into the rock and filled with concrete or brickwork, commencing from the north shore, the span will be as follows:- One, 134 ft. 6 in., centre to centre; two, 327 ft. centre to centre; five, 171 ft,; thirteen, 134 ft. The two spans of 327 ft. are across the navigable channel, and leave a headway of 70 feet above high water ordinary spring tides. The headway of the remaining spans gradually decreases from 70 to 50 ft. The piers, of 627 ft. spans, will consist of four cyclinders, each 10 ft. in diameter, and will be founded about 44 ft. below low water. The piers of the 171 ft. span, will consist of two cyclinders, each 9 ft. in diameter, and will be founded at an average depth of 36 ft. below low water. The piers of the remaining spans also consist of two cyclinders, each of a diameter of 6 ft., and will be founded at an average depth of 15 ft. below low water. The bed of the river is sand, and overlies the rock at an average depth of 15 ft. On the north side of the river the bridge will be approached by a masonry viaduct, consisting of twelve arches about 70 ft. in height, and on the south side of the river will terminate by an Iron Swing Bridge over the Gloucester and Berkeley Ship Canal. The Swing Bridge will consist of bowstring girders 196 ft. in length, swinging on their centre and covering the openings. The total length of the bridge, including the masonry viaduct and swing span, will be 4162 ft. The total weight of iron in the Severn Bridge is about 6800 tons. The contractors for the bridge are Messrs. Hamilton's Windsor Iron Company, Liverpool. The price is £190,000. The contractors for the Railway and masonry portion of the bridge are Messrs. Vickers and Cook, London, and the price is £90,000. The Engineers who promoted the scheme, designed the structure, and are now carrying out the work, are Mr. George William Keeling, M.I.C.E., Lydney, and Mr. George Wells Owen, C.E., Westminster. The Consulting Engineer is Mr. Thomas E. Harrison, M.I.C.E." The Harbor, which will accommodate vessels of 450 tons burden, is styled Lydney Creek, Port of Gloucester; the width of the entrance is 35 ft., and the Canal which has been cut from thence to the Railway Station is three quarter mile in length, with a depth of water 11 ft. There is a Mechanic's Institute, with small Library and Reading Room well supplied with the literature of the day. A Police Station and Petty Sessional Court are now in the course of erection, at which, when finished, the magistrates will hold their Petty Sessions monthly, instead of the "Feathers," as heretofore. The vicarage, with the Chapelry of Aylburton annexed, is in the incumbency of the Rev. John J. Trollope, M.A., Prebendary of Hereford, and the patronage of the Dean and Chapter of Hereford; annual value £600, with residence. The church, dedicated to St. Mary, consists of nave, chancel, and north and south aisles, with tower, surmounted by a handsome spire, and containing a peal of six bells; it was restored in 1872, and some beautiful stained glass windows, by Wailes of Newcastle, were added. The Baptists have a place of worship here, which was erected in 1837. The Primitive Methodists have a Chapel, which was erected in 1869, and the Wesleyans have also a place of worship here. There are National Schools for children of both sexes, with residence for the master, which were erected in 1867, at a cost of £2000; and other schools have also been erected at Primrose Hill, in which divine service in connection with the Parish Church is celebrated every Sunday. Fairs are held annually on the 4th May and the 8th November, and a general wool and stock fair on the 25th June. The rateable value of this parish if £16,081.

LYDNEY PARK, the seat of the Rev. William Hiley Bathurst, M.A., is a newly erected mansion in the Tudor style, on the side of a hill at the rear of the old house, and commanding some extensive views of the Severn and the surrounding country. There are the remains of a Roman Military Station in the Park, and old coins, ancient implements, and the fragments of tesselated pavements have been found at various times, which are in possession of the owner, and form a very interesting collection.

AYLBURTON is a tything of this parish; 1 mile south-west from thence on the Chepstow road. The church, which is a chapel-of-ease to Lydney, consists of nave, chancel, south aisle, and porch, with tower containing one bell; it formerly stood on a hill, a short distance from its present site, and was removed to the village in 1856, and rebuilt without deviation from its original plan at the expense of the late Charles Bathurst, Esq. A new organ has lately been added, at a cost of £140, raised by subscription. There is a Church of England School for children of both sexes, with house for the mistress attached. The rateable value of this tything is £3141.


Clergy Gentry and Private Residents

BATHURST Charles, Esq., Lydney Park

BATHURST Rev. William Hiley, M.A., Lydney Park

BLACKWELL Mr. Charles, Newerne

BOUND Rev. Ambrose (Primitive Methodist), Queen street

COLLINS Mr. Thomas, Spring cottage

CROOME Daniel, Jun., Esq., High street

GILLMAN Edward, Esq., High street

GIMBLETT John, Esq., M.D., Oakfield villa

GOLLOP James, Esq., The Moorlands

GOULTON William James, Esq., Highbury house

KEELING George Baker, Esq., Severn house

KEELING George William, Esq., Tuthill house

KNAPP Mrs. Mary, High street

LUCKES Henry Richards, Esq., Highfield

NASH Francis, Esq., Highfield

PORTMAN Major Henry William Berkeley, Red hill

PROUDFOOT Thomas, Esq., M.D., High st

ROUGHTON Rev. George W. (Baptist), Stanford villa

SULLY Thomas, Esq., Raglan house

THOMAS Sidney J., Esq., Soilwell house

TROLLOPE Rev. John J., M.A., vicar of Lydney, Prebendary of Hereford, and surrogate, The Vicarage

WALLACE Rev. William Charles, curate, Lynton house

WOOD Mr. William, High street


Trades and Professions

ARMAN Mrs. Sarah, beer retailer, Newerne

BAILEY William, wheelwright, machinist, and blacksmith, Newerne

BALDWIN Miss Augusta, day school, The Cross

BARNARD A. AND S., "Feathers" family and commercial hotel and posting house, High street

BEARD Thomas, greengrocer, Newerne

BETTINGTON The Misses Harriet and Jane, milliners and dressmakers, Newerne

BETTINGTON William, builder and furniture dealer, Old Manor house, High street

BIRKS Mrs. Elizabeth, "True Heart" inn, Newerne

BRISTOL AND FOREST OF DEAN CARRYING COMPANY (Limited), carriers by water, The Docks

BROWN Charles John, beer retailer, Newerne

CARTER David H.F., principal coast officer, The Docks

CASTLE James, greengrocer and earthenware dealer, Newerne

CHALK Mrs. Mary, ladies boarding and day school, Althorpe house

CHAMBERS William, Inland Revenue officer, High street


CLARIDGE George, watchmaker and jeweller, High street

CLARK Benjamin, grocer and provision dealer, Newerne

CLEMENTS Thomas, National Schoolmaster, Church street

COLLINS John, ironmonger, Newerne

COTTON Richard, draper, grocer, and provision merchant, High street

COURTEEN George, malster and hop merchant, Newerne

CROOME Daniel, Jun., solicitor, commissioner in Chancery and Common Law, and perpetual commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, High street

DAVIES John, civil engineer, The Docks

DAVIES Joseph, boat builder and shopkeeper, Lydney lock

DEE Mrs. Harriet, day school, Queen street

DENBY Johnson, farmer, Dairy farm

DICKS Jas., draper and outfitter, Newerne

DOWLE Geo., baker and grocer, Primrose hill

DOWLE William, toy dealer and eatinghouse, Newerne

DUNNING BROTHERS, coal merchants, The Docks

DYKINS William, coal agent, Newerne

EDWARDS William, farmer, Gurse Hill farm

ELLAWAY John, "Royal Albert" inn, Newerne

ENSOR Benjamin, shoemaker

EVANS Edward, shoemaker, Newerne

GAMBLE Joh, bookkeeper, High street

GARLAND Charles, auctioneer, appraiser, estate agent, accountant, and overseer for the parish of Lydney, High street

GARTON Russell and Co., ale and porter stores, Newerne - Grantley Preest, agent

GILLMAN Edward, manager of Gloucestershire Banking Company, High street

GIMBLETT John, M.D., and surgeon, Oakfield villa

GLOUCESTERSHIRE BANKING COMPANY (Branch of) High street - Edward Gillman, manager

GODFREY Isaac, "Ship" inn, Purton Passage house

GOLLOP, RIDLER, AND CO., coal factors, The Docks

GOODLAND Charles and Sons, coal merchants, The Docks; and at Taunton

GOSLING Charles, clerk, Stamford house

GOULTON William James, colliery proprietor, Highbury house

GRIMES John, master mariner, Albert st

GWILLIAM Thomas Cole, printer and publisher of the Lydney Observer, Newerne

HADDOCK Mrs. Sidona, shopkeeper, Newerne

HAILE Elisha, farmer, Purton Manor farm

HALFORD William, beer retailer, Queen st

HARRIS George J., printer, bookseller, stationer, newsagent, and stamp distributor, The Cross

HARRIS Henry, shopkeeper, Church street

HARRISON Albert William, estate agent and farmer, The Holms

HARWARD George, manager of Gas Works

HATHAWAY Charles, clerk, Tuthill lodge

HATHAWAY Frederick Henry, chemist, druggist, stationer, and agent for W. and A. Gilbey's wines and spirits, High street

HENDERSON Matthew, mineral surveyor

HEWLETT Thomas, farmer, Nurse Hill farm

HILL William Y., draper, grocer and tallow chandler, High street; h. The Moorlands

HOLDER Samuel, malster and hop merchant, High street

HOLFORD George, parish clerk, Church fields

HOWELL James, builder and shopkeeper, Albert street

HOWELL Thomas, butcher, Newerne

HOWELLS James (Exors. of), house decorators, plumbers and glaziers, High street

HUGHES William, marine store and earthenware dealer, High street

HYETT George, master mariner, Albert st

IMM Henry, postmaster, Post Office, High street

JACKSON George Frederick, coal merchant, The Docks

JAMES James, general contractor, Lydney Steam Saw Mills

JAMES Mrs. Mary, ironmonger, Newerne

JEWISSON William, beer retailer, Newerne

JONES Mrs. Ann, grocer, Church field

JONES Mrs. Ellen Selina, grocer and sub-postmistress, The Docks

JONES AND SON, corn, coal, slate, oil, and general merchants, The Docks

JONES Edwin (firm of Jones and Son); h. Rodley house

JONES William (firm of Jones and Son); h. Rodley house

KEELING George Baker, general manager to the Severn and Wye Railway and Canal Company, Severn house

KEELING George William, M.I.C.E., civil engineer, and engineer to the Severn and Wye Railway and Canal Company, Tuthill house

KING Edwin, farmer, Hill farm

KNOWLES Thomas, beer retailer, High street

LARKHAM Henry, stationmaster, Great Western Railway Station, The Docks

LEE William, farmer, Warrens farm

LONG George, farmer, Allastone farm

LUCKES, NASH, AND CO., colliery and iron ore proprietors, The Docks

LUCKES Henry Richard (firm of Luckes, Nash, and Co.); h. Highfield

LYDNEY CARRYING COMPANY, carriers by water, The Docks - William Jones, manager

LYDNEY AND WIGPOOL IRON ORE COMPANY (Limited), iron ore mine proprietors, Lydney Park Iron Mines; Office - The Docks; and at Wigpool, East Dean

MALLARD William, "Swan"commercial hotel and posting house, Newerne

MERRICK Samuel Hewlett, saddler, High st

MORGAN Richard, butcher and shoemaker, Newerne

MORGAN Thomas, builder and beer retailer, High street

MORGANS AND CO., wood distillers and chemical manufacturers, High street

MORGANS Thomas, M.I.M.E., consulting, mining, and mechanical engineer, High street; h. Newerne

MORRELL'S Trustees, colliery proprietors, Norchard Collieries; Office, High street - Thomas Exley, agent

MORSE Edwin, grocer and general dealer, Newerne

NASH Francis (firm of Luckes, Nash, and Co.); h. Highfield

NORRIS Joseph, general furnishing and builders ironmonger, iron and tin-plate worker, High street

O'LEARY Cornelius, shopkeeper, Newerne

PARKEND COAL COMPANY, colliery proprietors, The Docks

PEARCE Thomas C., engineer, iron and brass founder, and manufacturer of Railway points and crossings, Lydney Foundry

PERKINS Henry, farmer, Hurst farm

PHILLIPS George, gasfitter, bellhanger, hot water apparatus manufacturer, and general smith, High street

PICK James, harbour master, The Creek

PINNEGAR Richard, shopkeeper, Queen st

PONTER Willm., eatinghouse-keeper, High st

POPE Alfred, tailor and draper, Bath villa, Newerne

POWELL John, carpenter, Newerne

POWELL Joseph, blacksmith and shopkeeper, Newerne

POWELL Trevor, coal factor, The Docks - John Lawson Whatley, manager

PROUDFOOT Thomas, M.D., High street

REMNANT Richard, haulier, Ayland's cottage

RIDLER Mrs. Emma, "Railway" hotel, The Docks

RIDLER William, coal agent, Queen street

ROBERTS Thomas, painter, plumber, glazier, and beer retailer, Bream road

ROBINSON Elijah, boot and shoe dealer, Newerne

ROBINSON James, clerk, Stamford road

SAINSBURY Thomas, farmer, Crump farm

SANDFORD James, beer retailer, Albert street

SAUNDERS John, farmer, Plummers farm

SAUNDERS John Jun., seedsman, Newerne

SAUNDERS Thomas, farmer, Black Rock farm

SAUNDERS William, butcher and haulier, "Bridge" inn, Newerne

SAUNDERS William, gardener and farmer, Newerne

SHARP William, gardener and farmer, Newerne

SHEPHERD James, clerk, The Docks

SMALE John Rowe, grocer, draper, outfitter, and sub-postmaster, Newerne

SMALLWOOD William, shoemaker, Newerne

SMITH Edward T., clerk, Wye cottage

SMITH James, coal merchant, The Docks; and at Brimscombe

SMITH Thomas, shoemaker, Albert street

SMITH William, shopkeeper, Newerne

SMITH William James, butcher and cattle dealer, Church street

STEPHENS John, saddler, Newerne

STEPHENS John, shopkeeper and beer retailer, Primrose hill

STOKES James, shoemaker, Newerne

SULLY AND CO., shipowners and coal merchants, The Docks

SWATTON Henry, police sergeant

TAYLOR Henry, carpenter and wheelwright, Queen street

TAYLOR Walter, farmer, The Wards

THOMAS Richard and Co., tin-plate manufacturers; and at Lydbrook

TOOMER BROTHERS, coal factors, The Docks; and at Reading, Berks.

TRIMMER Chas., railway inspector, Albert st

TROTTER Thomas and Co., coal and stone proprietors, The Docks; and at Coleford

TURNER Henry Prosser, chemist and druggist, Newerne

VIVIAN Edwin Henry, cashier, Highfield cottage

WALKER Joseph, mason, High street

WATKINS William, hairdresser and stationer, Newerne

WATTS Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer, baker, and draper, Newerne

WEBB Henry, watchmaker and jeweller, Newerne; and at Gloucester

WEEDON Richard B., coal merchant, The Docks

WHATLEY John Lawson, agent for the Forest of Dean Mineral Co., The Docks

WILKINS Robert, beer retailer, Church st

WILLIAMS Mrs. Mary Rose, cooper, Newerne

WILLIAMS Richard, coal merchant and ship owner, The Docks; and at Dudbridge, Stroud

WILLIAMS Thomas, farmer, Nass house, and Allastone Court

WILLIAMS Thomas, Jun., farmer, Clift farm

WINTOUR George, butcher, Newerne

WINTOUR Richard, farmer, High street

WITHERS Henry, farmer, Purlieu farm

WOOLES George, tiler and plasterer, Church street

WOOLES Mrs. Mary Ann, laundress, Church field

WOOLLES William, tiler, plasterer, and beer retailer, Newerne



Clergy, Gentry, and Private Residents

HUGHES Mr. James, Bream lodge

MARDEN Edward Kingsley Edmund, Esq., Prior's Mesne

RANDLE Mrs. Kate Maria, Vine house

STEELE Rev. William Ferguson, B.A., (curate in charge of Alvington), Rangemoor house

TAYLOR Joseph, Esq., Kingston house

TUCKWELL William John Stephens, Esq.


Trades and Professions

ADDIS John, shoemaker

BIRKS Joseph, "George" inn

BOWEN Richard, farmer, Sandford villa

CLARKE Mrs. Caroline, apartments

COLWELL Henry, cooper and grafter

ENGLISH William, Jun., shopkeeper

EVANS Joshua Thomas, clerk

GARDINER Miss Mary Ann, stationer

GARLAND Mrs. Hannah, farmer, Lodge farm

GARLAND Thomas, farmer, Park farm

GARLAND William, farmer, Cross farm

GARLAND William, Jun., farmer, The Tump

GAUDERN James, gamekeeper

GIPSON George, painter, plumber, and glazier

GRIFFITHS Eli, beer retailer

HANDCOCK William, shoemaker and sub-postmaster

HATHAWAY Thomas Allpass, under steward, Milling

HOPKINS John, beer retailer and farmer

HOSKINS Henry, farmer

HOSKINS Robert, beer retailer

JAMES Thomas, beer retailer, The Common

KNIGHT John, master mariner

LEWIS Richard, farm bailiff, Tankrope farm

MARDET -, Prior's Mesne

POWELL John W., farrier

POWELL Thomas, carpenter

POWELL William, blacksmith; h. Aylburton common

ROBINS Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper

RUDGE William, farmer, Sandford house

SUMMERSGILL Miss Eliza, mistress of Church of England School

TUCKWELL William John Stephens, surgeon

WATKINS William, grocer and butcher

WILLIAMS Philip, miller, Wood mills

Post Office - William Handcock, sub-postmaster. Letters through Lydney delivered at 7 a.m., and dispatched at 6 p.m. on week days only.

Post Office and Postal Telegraph Office, High street, Henry Imm, postmaster.

Branch Post Office, Newerne - John Rowe Smale, sub-postmaster.

Branch Office, The Docks - Mrs. Ellen Selina Jones, sub-postmistress

Church of England School - Miss Eliza Summersgill, mistress.


Magistrates usually attending Petty Sessions

Colonel Edward A. Noel, Clannafalls

Robert Charles Jenkins Esq., Beachley lodge

William Aeneas Seys, Esq., Tutshill house

Charles Bathurst, Esq., Lydney park

Thomas Sully, Esq., Raglan house, Lydney

Clerk to the Magistrates - James Evans, Chepstow.

The Magistrates meet at the Feathers Hotel monthly.


Bank - Gloucestershire Banking Company (branch of), High street (draw on Union Bank of London), open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. - Edward Gillman, manager.

Newspaper - Lydney Observer, Office, Newerne; published every Friday - Thomas Cole Gwiliam, printer and publisher.


Public Establishments

Assembly Rooms, Newerne - Wm. Mallard, lessee

Custom House, The Docks - David Henry Frederick Carter, principal officer

Gas Works - George William Keeling, secretary; George Harward, manager

Harbour Office, Lydney creek - James Pick, harbour master

Inland Revenue Office, Feathers Hotel - Wm. Chambers, officer

Mechanics' Institute, High street - George Baker Keeling, president; Frederick H. Tearle, secretary

Police Station - Henry Swatton, sergeant in charge

Severn and Wye Railway and Canal Offices, High street - George Baker Keeling, general manager; George William Keeling, M.I.C.E., engineer

Stamp Office, The Cross - George J. Harris, sub-distributor

Overseer and Collector of Rates and Taxes - Charles Garland


Places of Worship

St. Mary's Parish Church - Rev. John J. Trollope, M.A., vicar; Rev. William Charles Wallace, curate

Chapel-of-Ease, Aylburton


Dissenting Place of Worship

Baptist Church, High street - Rev. George W. Roughton, minister

Primitive Methodist Chapel, Primrose hill - Rev. Ambrose Bound, minister

Wesleyan Chapel - Rev. Theophilus A. De La Mare, minister


Public Schools

National, Church street - Thos. Clements, master; Miss Elizabeth Ann Pegler, mistress; Mrs Louisa Clements, infant's mistress.

National, Primrose hill - Miss Annie Badham, mistress



Severn and Wye Railway Station, High st - William Thomas, stationmaster

Great Western Railway Station (Junction with the Severn and Wye Railway), The Docks - Henry Larkham, stationmaster and goods manager.



Coleford - A wagonette conveying the mail bags leaves the Railway Station every morning (Sundays excepted), calling at the Feathers Hotel - James Dobbs, Chepstow, proprietor.


Carriers by Water

Lydney Carrying Company - The trader, "Industry," sails for Bristol on Mondays, and the "Lioness" on Thursdays - William Jones, manager.