Pigot's 1842 Directory of Newnham


NEWNHAM is a small and ancient market town, in the hundred of Westbury, and division of the Forest of Dean; 116 miles W.N.W. from London, 12 S.W. from Gloucester (the nearest railway station), and 6 S. from Mitchell-Dean; situated on an eminence rising from the western bank of the Severn, which is here nearly a mile in width at high water. In the reign of Edward I this town was governed by a mayor and burgesses; but at present the government is vested in two constables, appointed at the court leet of the lord of the manor (the Rev. Edward Jones), held annually at the "Bear Inn". Newnham once sent two members to parliament, but for many years has ceased to be so privileged; and its general consequence has been more upon the decline that the increase. The inhabitants of the town derive som advantage from its proximity to extensive coal and iron mines; and the railroad and Berkeley canal facilitate the conveyance of their produce. The navigation of the river at this part is difficult, and the shoals, even at high water, dangerous. The tide rises here in one solid wave, which rushes up the river, at the rate of five miles an hour, with impetuous fury and a resistless surge, and is termed 'the boar'. A quay for vessels of one hundred and fifty tons burden is on the verge of the river, and a few small vessels are built and launched from the yards on its banks.

The parish church of St. Peter stands on a cliff, sixty feet high, rising from the banks of the Severn; it is built with some curiously sculptured stone, conjectured to have been been preserved from the ruins of a more ancient edifice, which stood at a place called Nab's-end. The living is a perpetual curacy, in the gift of the corporation of Gloucester. The Independents have a place of worship; and there are some charities by which the poor are benefited, and a bank for savings. The market day is Friday, but it presents scarcely any appearance of business different from other days in the week. The fairs are entitled to be held June 11th and October 18th; the privilege is, however, of trifling (if any) advantage to trade. Population, in 1831, 1,074, and, in 1841, 1,105.

POST OFFICE, James Powell, Post Master, - Letters from LONDON, &c arrive (by mail cart from GLOUCESTER) every morning at half-past five, and are despatched thereto every evening at six.- Letters from SOUTH WALES (through Chepstow) arrive every evening at six, and are despatched thereto every morning at half-past five. Letters from BIRMINGHAM, LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER, and the North, arrive (from GLOUCESTER) every morning at a quarter before eight, & are despatched to that town every afternoon at half-past five.


Nobility, Gentry and Clergy

BATHURST Rt. Hon. Chas., Lydney park

BOEVEY-CRAWLEY Sir Ths., Flaxley abbey

COMBS Rev. Benjamin, Newnham

HEPBORN Mrs. Mary, Little Dean

JONES Rev. Edward, Hay hill

KNOWLES Miss Hannah, Newnham

MALPAS Rev. Jos. Hy, Awre vicarage

MORRIS Mrs. Mary, Newnham

NASH Miss Amelia, Newnham

NOEL Hon. William M., Clanna falls

PALMER Mrs. Catherine, Newnham

PARSONS Rev. James, Little Dean

PHILLPS Miss Elizabeth, Newnham

PROTHEROE Edward, esq., Newnham

PRYKE Joseph, esq, Dean hall

SAYER Rev. John, Slown Arlingham

THOMSON Mr. Thos. Sidney, Newnham

TOVEY Mr. Thomas, Newnham

WAIT John, esq., New house


Academies and Schools

BISP Daniel (brdg. & day) Broad oak

COOMBS Rev. Benj. (boarding & day)

MOORE Mary (day)

PLAYSTED John (day)


Professional Persons

BIRD Henry, surgeon

BULLOCK Thomas, attorney

HUNT William & Henry, surgeon

JAMES John & Son, attorneys and clerks to turnpike trusts

LUCAS John, attorney

MASON Roynon, attorney and clerk to the magistrated



GLOUCESTERSHIRE BANKING COMPANY (branch) - draw on Jones, Loyd and Co. London) - Simon R. Strode, manager.

SAVINGS BANK (open on Mondays) Simon R. Strode, actuary.


Fire, &c, Office Agents

NORWICH EQUITABLE (fire) Joseph Philpots

PHOENIX (fire) Simon R. Strode

UNIVERSAL (life) Roynon Mason


Inns & Public Houses

Anchor, John Jones

Bear Hotel, (posting and passage house) John Miles Robertson

George, James Wallis

George Inn, William Wood, Little Dean

Lamb & Flag, James Dobbs

Lower George, John Morgan

Ship, William King

True Heart, Elizabeth Morse

Union, John Hooper

Victoria, Jonathan Elliott


Shopkeepers & Traders

ASHFORD Joseph, saddler

BAILEY Charles, boot & shoe maker

BARLING William, farrier

BARNARD M. A. & Co. drapers & grocers

BENNETT Jos., shopkeeper, Little Dean

BETTINGTON Edward, tiler, plasterer and mason

BETTINGTON Wm., tiler, plasterer and painter

BIRT Robert, tailor

BLANTON John, plumber, glazier & painter

BOWYER James, beer retailer

BROWN William, cheese factor, grocer and linen draper

CHURCHWAY COAL COMPANY, Bullo Pill - William Greening, agent

CINDERFORD IRON COMPANY, Bullo Pill - Charles Cotton, agent

CLAYFIELD Charles, boot & shoe maker

CLAYFIELD Samuel, cooper

CLIFFORD Eliz., saddler & rope maker

COOK Thomas, chemist & druggist

COTTON Charles, agent to the Cinderford Iron Company, Bullo Pill

DAVIS George, baker

ELTON Elijah, boot and shoe maker

FOREST OF DEAN RAILWAY CO., Bullo Pill - John J. Lether, agent

FREEN Henry, boot and shoe maker

FRYER William, bookseller, stationer, and circulating library

GREEN William, carpenter & wheelwright

GREENING William, beer retailer

HILL James, butcher

HOBBS Thomas, blacksmith

HOBBS William, builder

HOLDER Eliz., blacksmith

HOOK John, cabinet maker & upholsterer

HOOPER Thomas, butcher

HUNT Richard, ship builder and bark merchant, Broad Oak

JACKSON Mary & Eliz., milliners, &c

JACKSONS _, straw hat maker

JONES John, malster

KARN James, auctioneer, appraiser and general agent

KING Sarah, boot and shoe maker

KNOWLES Charles, draper & merchant

KNOWLES George, liquor merchant, and agent for the CAIN'S CROSS BREWERY

MERRICK Charles, carpenter

MERRICK Richard, carpenter

MORGAN John, shopkeeper

MORSE Henry, butcher

MORSE Richard, grocer and tallow chandler

PALMER John, tailor

PARSONS James, stocking weaver

PHILPOTTS Joseph, druggist, grocer and stamp distributor

PLAYSTED William, clock and watch maker

POWELL James, boot & shoe maker

PULLEN Robert Popel, hair dresser

ROBERTS Edward, tin-plate worker

ROBERTS James, ironmonger and brightsmith

ROBERTS Joseph, baker & confectioner

ROSSER John & Co., bark and timber merchants, at at Chepstow

RUSSELL Eliz., shopkeeper & draper

RYDER Wm. & Thos., spirit merchts.

SHORTMAN Josiah Wm., watch & clock maker

SHORTMAN Samuel Tompson, watch & clock maker

SWAINE & TAYLOR, bark merchants

TAYLOR John, tanner


WELLINGTON Henry, boot and shoe maker

WELLINGTON Richard, stationer

WILSON Samuel, malster, Little Dean

YOUNG William, plumber, painter &c.



To CHELTENHAM, the Cymroe (from Swansea) calls at the Victoria, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening at half-past six.

To GLOUCESTER, the Mazeppa, from the Victoria and Lamb and Flag, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday morning at eight, and a Coach, from the Ship, every morning (Sunday excepted) at the same hour.

To SWANSEA, the Cymroe (from Cheltenham) calls at the Victoria, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at half-past ten.


Conveyance by Railway

The nearest Station is GLOUCESTER, from whence passengers may proceed to BIRMINGHAM, and from thence to almost any part of England.

There are regular conveyances to Gloucester, as above stated.

Particulars of all the various Railways are furnished by the Railway Tables.



To GLOUCESTER, James Dobb's Waggons, every Saturday morning.


Conveyance by Water

To BRISTOL, the Newnham Market Boat, from the Quay, with passengers and goods, once a fortnight.