Slater's Directory of Westbury-On-Severn 1868

With the Parishes and Villages of Longney and Elmore.


WESTBURY-ON-SEVERN is a parish and village, 9 miles from Gloucester, its post town, in the hundred of Westbury, and union of Westbury-on-Severn, and county court district of Newnham, 3 miles n.e. by e. from the latter town. Part of this parish, which is bounded on the east and south by the river Severn, is locally in the Duchy of Lancaster. The parish church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul is an ancient stone edifice, with detached tower. The living is a vicarage in the patronage of the custos of the college of Vicar's Choral, in Hereford Cathedral. The parish, which included the manor of RODLEY, comprises the hamlets and tithings of ADSETT, CHAXHILL, BOLLOW, CLEEVE, STANTWAY, ELTON, BOSERLEY, BROAD OAK, LAY AND NORTHWOOD - the latter in the hundred of Saint Briavels, all of which are situated from 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 miles from Westbury. Population is 1861, 2,591.

LONGLEY is a parish, 3 miles from Westbury, 7 s.w. from Gloucester, its post town, and county court district of Wheatenhurst, union and hundred of Whitstone, situated on the east bank of the river Severn. The trustees of Smith's charity are lords of the manor. Population in 1861, 486.

ELMORE is a parish, 5 miles n.n.e. from Westbury, 5 s.w. from Gloucester, its post town, union and county court district and hundred of Dudstone and King's Barton, situated on the east bank of the river Severn, Sir William Guise, Bart. is lord of the manor. Population in 1861, 374.


POST OFFICE, WESTBURY-ON-SEVERN, James Wilve, Sub-Post Master - Letters from all parts arrive (from Gloucester, its post town) at eight morning and are despatched thereto at six evening.

NEWNHAM is the nearest Money Order Office and Savings Bank.

Letters from Longney, Elmore, and the hamlets of Westbury, should be addressed Near Gloucester. Nearest Money Order Offices and Savings Banks for Elmore is Gloucester, and Longney for Frampton-On-Severn.


Gentry and Clergy:-

BARNARD Miss Mary A, Broad Oak

BENNETT Mr. Joseph R., Chaxhill house

BENNETT Miss Margaret, Westbury

BOUGHTON Mr. John, Rodley

BROWNING Mr. Samuel, Westbury

CADLE Mrs. Elizabeth, Westbury House

COLEMAN Mr. James, Chaxhill

FARMER Mr. Henry, Adsett House

GRANT Mr. Hny. S., M. D. (surgeon), Stantway

GUILDING Mr. William, Elmore back

GUISE Sir William Vernon, Bart., J. P. & D. L., Elmore Court

HARDWICK Mr. William, Westbbury

HARTLAND Mr. Wm., Brighton Villa, Rodley

JONES Rev. Christopher J., M. A. & rural dean, Vicarage, Westbury

JONES Captain John, Adsett Court

LEE-WARNER Rev. Thomas H., Elmore

LEGGE Mrs. Sarah Jane, Chaxhill

MAYO Mr. William R, Broad Oak

MORRIS Mr. Robert, Broad Oak

NUSSEY Rev. Edward R, Vicarage, Longney

PEGLER Mr. Leonard, Longney

POWLE Miss, Longney

SYMS Miss E., Elton

TACON Mr. Richard, Chaxhill

WATTS Mr. Daniel, Broad Oak

WEBB Mr. Joseph, Stantway House

WETHERELL Rev. Thos. M., Parsonage, Flaxley

WHITE Mrs. Jane, Rodley

WILKINS Miss, Adsett Cottage


Academies & Schools:-

BEECHEY W. J. H. (and boarding), Broad Oak House

FREE SCHOOL, Elmore - Joseph Carter, master

NATIONAL SCHOOL, Westbury - R. H. Higham, master

PARISH SCHOOL, Longney - Sarah Hawkes, mistress


Inns and Public Houses:-

Bird in Hand, Cornelius Vale, the Flat

Blue Boys, Emma Hiett, Rodley

Juntion Inn, Philip Woodman, Northwood

King's Head, John Ravenhill, the Flat

Red Lion, John Williams, Westbury

Salmon, Henry Greening, Elmore back

Sloop, James Bayliss, Bollow

Stonebench House, Samuel Vick, Elmore

White Hart, William Knight, Broad Oak


Retailers of Beer:-

HART Benjamin, Bollow

HOOK James, Westbury

KIBBLE James, Elton

MEADOWS Daniel, Longney

TOWNSEND Mary, Elton

TRIGG Jonathan, Chaxhill

WATTS George, Elmore Weir

WEYMAN Richard, Longney

WILSE Thomas, Westbury


Shopkeepers and Traders:-

ABELL George W., brick maker, Bollow

BAILEY Anselm, miller & malster, Boseley

BARNETT & PAYNE, grocers & drapers, Elton

BAYLISS James, fruiterer, Bollow

BELLAMY Eliza, haulier, Elton

BICK Mary, shopkeeper, Longney

BOUGHTON Ann, butcher, Longney

BOUGHTON David, carpenter, Elmore

BROWNING Daniel, fruiterer, Longney

BURNETT George, shopkeeper, Elmore

BURROWS William, fruiterer, Bollow

BUTLER John, jun., sloop owner, Rodley

BUTLER William, fruiterer, Broad Oak

CLUTTERBUCK C., haulier, Northwood

CLUTTERBUCK Wm., blacksmith, Northwood

COLEMAN & MAYO, timber & slate merchants, Broad Oak

COLEMAN James, timber merchant and builder, Chaxhill

COLWELL Samuel, cooper, Westbury

COLWELL William, cooper, Adsett

CREW James, tailor, Broad Oak

CURTIS Jacob, plumber, painter &c, Westbury

ELLIS William, butter merchant, Longney

GABB George, blacksmith, Longney

GRINDON Henry, boot &c. maker, Westbury

GRINDON Jos., assistant overseer, Westbury

HARRIS Henry S., carpenter, Elmore

HARVEY John, saddler, Westbury

HEWLETT John, miller, Westbury

HILL George, baker, Elmore

HOBBS John, builder, Rodley

HOOPER Thomas, corn dealer, Stantway

HOULDEY Joseph, parish clerk, Elmore

HUMPHREYS Charles, fruiterer, Rodley

HUNT John, stonemason, Westbury

HYETT John, carpenter, Longney

JACKSON Richard, carpenter, Broad Oak

JENNINGS Charles, tailor, Chaxhill

JONES Thomas, carpenter, Northwood

KNIGHT William, grocer, Broad Oak

KNIPE Charles, butcher, Elmore

LANE John, grocer, Westbury

LIMBRICK John, stonemason, Adsett

LONG Edward, butcher, Laxhill

LONGNEY William, brick maker, Longney

MEADOWS Edward, butcher, Longney

MEADOWS Francis, shoemaker, Longney

MEEK Daniel, baker, Elmore

MERRATT William, blacksmith, Elmore

MITCHELL Edwin, registrar, Broad Oak

MORSE Thomas, saddler, Westbury

NIBLETT Thos., boot & shoemaker, Elmore

PHELPS James, fruiterer, Elmore back

PUGH Samuel, carpenter, Adsett

RAVENHILL Charles, brick maker, Longney

RICK Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Chaxhill

RICKETTS William, fruiterer, Chaxhill

ROBERTS Edmund, bookseller, Westbury

ROBERTS Isaac, shopkeeper & carrier, Elton

ROBERTS Mary, grocer & draper, Westbury

RYDER George S., shoemaker, Elton

RYDER Thomas, nail maker, Elton

SARGENT William, cattle dealer, Chaxhill

SELWYN Daniel, cattle dealer, Lay

SELWYN Daniel, cattle dealer, Northwood

SMITH George S., blacksmith, Bollow

STEPHENS Mary, shopkeeper, Westbury

TRIGG Ann, market gardener, Elton

TRIGG William, tailor, Chaxhill

VAIL Cornelius, cattle dealer, Lay

WATTS James, coal dealer, Elmore Weir

WEYMAN Charles, carpenter, Adsett

WEYMAN Daniel, sloop owner, Rodley

WEYMAN John, sloop owner, Rodley

WILCE James, blacksmith, Westbury

WILCE Thomas, barge owner, Westbury

WILLIAMS John, cattle dealer, Westbury

WOOD Thomas, barge owner, Westbury

WOODHOUSE Thos., woodturner, Northwood

WYMAN Joseph, fruiterer, Rodley


Places of Worship:-

St. Peter and St. Paul's Church, Westbury - Rev. C. J. Jones M. A., vicar

St. John's Chuurch, Elmore - Rec. Thomas H. Lee-Warner, Incumbent

St. Lawrence Church, Longney - Rev. E. R. Nussey, Incumbent

Independent Chapel, Adsett

Independent Chapel, Longney

Wesleyan Chapel, Broad Oak


Poor Law Union:-

Workhouse, Westbury On Severn

Governor - John James

Matron - Jane Goyes

Clerk to the Board of Guardians - Maurice F. Carter

Surgeon - Henry S. Grant

Chaplain - Rev. Thomas M. Wetherell

Schoolmaster - J. M. Hervey

Schoolmistress - Isabella J. Letcher

Relieving Officer for Huntley District - Edwin Mitchell; East Dean District - Edward Teague