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In Heidelberg, Germany (above).
enealogy is only one of my hobbies, although in the past few years, it has been my primary non-work pre-occupation. Once the project has been completed and the various sections of the book updated, re-written and printed (I am indebted to the many editors and contributors who have offered to help), I plan to take an extended holiday. I have always been interested in travel since my early teenage years and have been very fortunate have travelled throughout North America and the Caribbean, Europe, South-East Asia and Northern Africa. It has been a plan for some 10 years now to visit Machu Pichu, Anapurna and Kathmandu, as well as Lake Victoria. Travel and family history are two interests which pull me away from my full-time employment in Silicon Valley North's High Tech sector, where I have worked for eight years as a college teacher, technical writer and database developer.

I would like to invite you to participate in the Cullinan & Cullinane Family Genealogy, a project which I began in 1979. I believe that family history provides us not only a window on our ancestors, it also give us a sense of who we are today. It is my sincere wish that every family will have at least been given an opportunity to learn more about their ancestors--and that a comprehensive study on the subject might someday respond to the many questions future generations will certainly ask.
--Michael S. Cullinan


If you would like to participate in this project, you may do so by contacting the author at the following address:

Michael S. Cullinan
2715 Ulster Crescent
Ottawa, Ontario
K1V 8J5     CANADA

With the "rock apes" overlooking Gibraltar.

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