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It is important to note that Quillinan and Quillinane are common variant spellings of the surnames Cullinan and Cullinane; in many Irish counties, the names were used interchangeably in the 1800s. Currently, the surname can be found primarily in the U.S. and Ireland, but also in Canada and Australia.

I'd like to start off here by thanking Janet Crawford, who has spent hours compiling this information on the Quillinans. - If you would like to add to collective knowledge of the Quillinan or Quillinane surnames, you may do so at the bottom of this page.

The following is an alphabetical listing of Quillinans found in various sources.

Quillinan, Alan
Res (1999): Oregon.
Quillinan, Aliceann
Res (1999): Colorado.
Quillinan, Alfred
Res (1999): Florida.
Quillinan, Alice
b 20 Feb 1896;  d Jul 1984 Calif; Social Security number issued in Illinois.
Quillinan, Alice
b 19 May 1905; d Sep 1976 Utah.
Quillinan, Ann
Res (1999): Wyoming.
Quillinan, Anna
b 2 Jan 1896; d May 1984 New York.
Quillinan, Anne
b 20 Feb 1865, Emly, Co. Tipperary, Ireland; d.o. Patrick Quillinan and Margaret Quinlin.
Quillinan, Annie
b 1855; d 1935 Malvern, Australia; d.o. Nicholas Sorraghan and Margaret Buxton.
Quillinan, Annie Agnes
b 1891; d 1965 Cheltenham, Australia; d.o. Daniel and Bridget (McGinlay) Gallagher.
Quillinan, Anthony
b 1910; d 2 Apr 1911 at 1 yr.
Quillinan, Audrey
Res (1999): New York.

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