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Looking for help--or do you have a few questions? This section will tell you where you can send an email, add your comments to the Queries, view the comments left by other visitors relating to the specific records at this website (see My Notes), fill out a form to help Rate this Site, etc.

Below are links to specific help areas at this website:

  1. How to Read Griffiths Valuation Records - this page explains the fields and relationships listed in Griffiths Valuation of Ireland (County Clare, c1855).
  2. Important Notice Regarding the Availability of Records - this page describes the materials that are not available on the web for public viewing.
  3. General Help - provides ideas on the use of internet service providers, keeping your internet costs down, transfer speeds, understanding the internet, etc.
  4. Census Help - explains the fields and information found in the US Census Records found at this website.
  5. Copyright Information - although there is no substitute for a legal opinion, this page provides some insights from the author of the website regarding the importance of copyright law.

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