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Welcome to the Cullinan & Cullinane Family Genealogy Project Website!

Thank you for visiting the CCFGPW website at Rootsweb. Here are some of the benefits that you will notice at this new location:

  • More web pages to explore - there is now close to 50MB of data--from pictures to text to soundbytes--for you to discover.
  • More interactivity - you can now Add a Link to your Website, add your Query to the website, complete a Questionaire about the website and your experience with this environment as well as Add Your Notes to major sections of the website.
  • Faster download speed - so that you can spend fewer minutes loading and more time researching.
  • More frequent and widespread updates - the ease-of-use will allow me to stay on top of changes and work away at the content better than before.
  • Better Searches - through the search engine, you will be able to hunt down specific names and places in a much faster way.
  • Recently added: The Banner - 75th Anniversary of the Claremen's and Women's Historical, Benevolent and Social Association of New York. - a fascinating collection of letters, historical accounts, genealogical information and photographs relating to the many families who emigrated from County Clare to New York City.

If this is your first time visiting the site... Welcome!
You've found a useful and comprehensive site relating to Cullinans, Cullinanes and variant surnames and I hope that this visit will be worth your time. Be sure to examine some of the more exciting areas of the site, including sound bytes, period photographs, maps of Ireland and a myriad of otherwise impossibly hard-to-find records.

Remember that this project is entirely not-for-profit and that your contributions (research, old photographs, family manuscripts, etc.) are always welcome. Be sure to bookmark this site and remember to invite your friends and family.

Michael Cullinan

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