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Surnames (Part I of II)

The following is a listing of surnames for which there are manuscripts, periodicals or information of some kind at the National Library of Ireland. This list will be updated on a regular basis, however, what you see is what you get: I'm afraid that I am unable to provide more information than what is listed here. Sorry, folks. 

  1. Agnew
    Donegore, p. 592 Burke’s Colonial Gentry
  2. Alcock
    Wilton, County Wexford (p. 1888). Irish Builder
  3. Alen
    Alen of St. Wolstan's. See p 592 Kildare Journal
  4. Archdall
    Castle Archdall, Co Fermanagh. See vol III p 280 Lodge’s Peerage
  5. Armstrong
    King's County. Vol. VIII, p 160 Kildare Journal
  6. Aungier
    Cambridge. See Volume VIII p 160 Lodge’s Peerage
  7. Aylmer (2)
    (1). "Burke's Colonial Gentry", see p 754. (Balrath, Meath).
    (2). Kildare Journal, vol. III, p 178. (Donadea).
  8. Bagot
    Vol. VII. p 317 (Nurney). Kildare Journal
  9. Barnewall (2)
    1. Lodge's Peerage, vol V, p 35 (Crickstown).
    2. Lodge's Peerage, vol V, p 35 (Rowstown).
  10. Barron
    p. 708. (Ballyneal, Co Waterford) Burke’s Colonial Gentry
  11. Barry
    Barry (Knight). (Santry) The Rock Cork. See Vol I, p 303. Lodge’s Peerage
  12. Barton
    Volume IV, p 112, (Straffan). Kildare Journal
  13. Bealing
    Bealing, Knight. of Tirrellstown, Co Dublin See Vol IV, p 67 Lodge’s Peerage
  14. Bellew
    Bellew of Bellwewstown, See Vol VII, p 250 Kildare Journal
  15. Bernard
    Bernard of Castle mahon, Cork. See Vol III p152 Lodge’s Peerage
  16. Blake
    Blake of Corbally, Co Galway, p 413 Burke’s Colonial Gentry
  17. Bolton
    Bolton of Brazeel, Dublin. See Vol V, p 141 Lodge’s Peerage
  18. Borrowes
    Borrowes, Baronet. See Vol I, p103 Lodge’s Peerage
  19. Bowen (2)
    1. Bowen of Ballyadams, Queens Co. See "Kildare Journal" Vol VII p 3
    2. Bowen, See "Burke's Colonial Gentry" p 511
  20. Boyd
    Boyd of Co Mayo. See p 210 Burke’s Colonial Gentry
  21. Brabazon
    See Vol II, p 271 Lodge’s Peerage
  22. Bradstreet
    Bradstreet, Baronet. See Vol IV, p 75 Lodge’s Peerage
  23. Brooke
    Brooke, Baronet of Magerabeg, Donegal. Vol VI, 35. Lodge’s Peerage
  24. Browne
    Browne, Baronet of Kenmare. Vol VII, p57 Lodge’s Peerage
  25. Bulkely
    Bulkely of Old Bawn. Vol VII, p223 Kildare Journal
  26. Burton
    Burton of Burton Hall, Co Carlow. Vol VII 176 Lodge’s Peerage
  27. Butler (4)
    1. Butler of Grantstown Co Tipperary. "Lodge's Peerage" Vol IV p 29
    2. Butler of Kilcash. "Lodge's Peerage" Vol IV p 28-40
    3. Butler of Nodstown. "Lodge's Peerage" Vol IV p 28
    4. Butler of Roscrea and Cloughgrennan. "Lodge's Peerage" Vol IV p 26
  28. Chadwick
    Chadwick of Ballinard. p 586 Burke’s Colonial Gentry
  29. Chetwood
    Chetwood of Woodbrook. Vol IX p 226 Kildare Journal
  30. Clayton
    Clayton of Moyallo Co Cork. See Vol II, p 247 Lodge’s Peerage
  31. Clibborn
    Clibborn of Moate, Westmeath. p 72 Lodge’s Peerage
  32. Connolly
    Connolly of Castletown. Vol VII p 184 Lodge’s Peerage
  33. Cooke (2)
    1. Cook of Cookesborough, Co Westmeath. "Irish Builder" p 1888.
    2. Cook of Dublin. "Kildare Journal" Vol VIII p 104, 219
  34. Corry
    Vol VII 194 Lodge’s Peerage
  35. Cosby
    Cosby of Stradbally. Vol V p 317 Kildare Journal
  36. Cramer
    Cramer of Ballyfoile. Vol II p 400 Lodge’s Peerage
  37. Crofton
    Crofton, Baronet of Moate Park, Co Roscommon. Vol VII p 252 Lodge’s Peerage
  38. Cruise
    Cruise of Grallagh. Vol IV p 309 Lodge’s Peerage
  39. Cudmore
    Cudmore of Limerick p 674 Burke’s Colonial Gentry
  40. D’Arcy (2)
    1. "Lodge's Peerage" vol I, p 121
    2. "Burke's Colonial Gentry" p 459
  41. Daly (2)
    1. Daly of Carrownekelly Co Galway. "Lodge's Peerage" Vol III p 396
    2. Daly of Galway "Burke's Colonial Gentry" p 492
  42. Darley
    Darley of Dublin p514 Burke’s Colonial Gentry
  43. Davis
    Davis of Carrickfergus. "Lodge's Peerage" Vol II p 150 Lodge’s Peerage
  44. Dawson
    Dawson of New Forest, Tipperary. Vol VI p 79 Lodge’s Peerage
  45. Deane
    Deane of Crumlin, Co Dublin. Vol II p 364 Lodge’s Peerage
  46. Denny
    Denny of Tralee Co Kerry. Vol I p 298 Lodge’s Peerage
  47. Dering
    Vol IV p 316 Lodge’s Peerage
  48. Dever
    Senator James b Ballyshannon Co Donegal. p291 Burke’s Colonial Gentry
  49. Dillon (11)
    1. Dillon of Ardnegragh, "Lodge's Peerage" Vol IV p 175
    2. Dillon of Balgeeth, "Lodge's Peerage" , Vol IV p 143
    3. Dillon of Drumraney, "Lodge's Peerage", Vol 171
    4. Dillon of Hunstown, Co Dublin, "Lodge's Peerage", Vol IV p 144
    5. Dillon of Kentstown, Co Meath, "Lodge's Peerage" , Vol IV p 157
    6. Dillon of Lismullin, Co Meath, "Lodge's Peerage", Vol IV p 147
    7. Dillon of Newtown Co Meath, "Lodge's Peerage", Vol IV p 154
    8. Dillon of Portlick, "Lodge's Peerage", Vol IV p 194
    9. Dillon (Knight) of Proudstown, "Lodge's Peerage", Vol IV p 142
    10 Dillon of Riverstown Co Meath, "Lodge's Peerage", Vol IV p 160
  50. Dixon
    Dixon of Kilkea, Co Kildare, Vol IX p 392. Kildare Journal
  51. Donne
    Donne of Picton. Vol IV p 96 Lodge’s Peerage
  52. Dowdall
    Dowdall (Knight) of Kilfinny Co Limerick vol VI p16 Lodge’s Peerage
  53. Doyne
    Doyne of Wells, Co Wexford, p 1890 Irish Builder
  54. Eastwood
    Eastwood of Castletown Co Louth, vol 1880 Irish Builder
  55. Edgeworth
    Edgeworth of Longford, p 745 Burke’s Colonial Gentry
  56. Elwood
    Elwood of Dublin Vol VII p 201 Lodge’s Peerage
  57. Eustace (5)
    1. Eustace of Clongowes Wood, "Kildare Journal" Vol III p 210
    2. Eustace (Viscount) of Baltinglass, "Kildare Journal" Vol V p 395
    3. Eustace of Craddockstown, "Kildare Journal" Vol V p 44
    4. Eustace of Harristown, "Kildare Journal" Vol V p 406
    5. Eustace of Coghlanstown, "Kildare Journal" Vol VII p 302
  58. Fagan
    Fagan of Feltrim, Co Dublin, p 1888 Irish Builder
  59. Falkiner
    Falkiner of Abbotstown, Vol VIII p 331 Kildare Journal
  60. Fanshaw
    Fanshaw of Ware Park, Herts. Vol IV p 276 Lodge’s Peerage
  61. Fenton
    Fenton (Baronet) of Mitchelstown, Co Cork, Vol III p 228. Lodge’s Peerage
  62. Fitzgerald (7)
    1. Fitzgerald of Ballyshannon, Co Donegal, "Kildare Journal", Vol III, p 426
    2. Fitzgerald of Belan, "Kildare Journal", Vol V, p 241
    3. Fitzgerald of Castle Dodd, Co Cork "Lodge's Peerage", Vol II, p 238
    4. Fitzgerald of Glassealy, "Kildare Journal", Vol V, p 85
    5. Fitzgerald of Leixlip, "Kildare Journal", Vol V, p 149
    6. Fitzgerald of Morett, "Kildare Journal", Vol IV, p 289
    7. Fitzgerald of Rathangan, "Kildare Journal", Vol V, p 151
  63. Flattesbury
    Flattesbury of Palmerstown, "Kildare Journal", Vol IV p 88 Kildare Journal
  64. Fleming
    Fleming of Staholmoc, Co Meath, Vol VI p 311. Lodge’s Peerage
  65. Forrest
    Forrest of Dublin, p 746 Burke’s Colonial Gentry
  66. Foster (2)
    1. Foster of Dunleer, Co Louth, "Lodge's Peerage" Vol III, p 361
    2. Foster of Co Louth, "Burke's Colonial Gentry" p 57
  67. Fownes
    Fownes of Woodstock, Co Kilkenny, Vol II p 280 Lodge’s Peerage
  68. Fox
    Fox of Graigie, Co Tipperary, Vol VI p 311 Lodge’s Peerage
  69. Freke
    Freke (Baronet), of Castle Freke, Co Cork. Vol V p 169 Lodge’s Peerage
  70. French
    French, of Frenchpark, Co Galway. Vol III p 113 Lodge’s Peerage
  71. Fulton (2)
    1. Fulton of Bellasize, Co Antrim, "Burke's Colonial Gentry" p 714
    2. Fulton of Lisburn, "Burke's Colonial Gentry" p 338
  72. Giffard
    Giffard of Castle Jordan, King's Co., p 18888 Irish Builder
  73. Gore (2)
    1. Gore of Barrowmount, Co Kilkenny, "Lodge's Peerage", Vol III, p 115
    2. Gore of Clonrone, Co Clare. "Lodge's Peerage", Vol III p 113
  74. Gorges
    Gorges of Somerset House, Co Derry. Vol VI p 312 Lodge’s Peerage
  75. Grattan
    Grattan of Co Cavan, p1888 Irish Builder
  76. Gresson
    Gresson of Swanlinbar, Co Cavan, p 705 Burke’s Colonial Gentry
  77. Hamilton (6)
    1. Hamilton. "Lodges Peerage" , Vol III p 5
    2. Hamilton of Glenawley. "Lodges Peerage" , Vol II p 300
    3. Hamilton of Bangor. "Lodges Peerage" , Vol III p 9
    4. Hamilton of Caledon. "Lodges Peerage" Vol I p 197
    5. Hamilton of Keelagh, Co Cavan. "Lodges Peerage" Vol VI
    6. Hamilton of Monella, Co Armagh. "Lodges Peerage" Vol I p 270
  78. Hanon
    Hanon of Pirton, Hereford. Vol II p 391 Lodge’s Peerage
  79. Harman
    Harman of Newcastle, Co Longford. Vol III p 237 Lodge’s Peerage
  80. Hartpole
    Hartpole of Shrule, Vol IV p 301 Kildare Journal
  81. Hearn
    Hearn of Correagh, Co Westmeath. p 107 Burke’s Colonial Gentry
  82. Henry
    Henry of Lodge Park, Vol II p 388 Kildare Journal
  83. Hill
    Hill (Knight). of Houston, Somerset. Vol II p 211 Lodge’s Peerage
  84. Hone
    Hone of Dublin, p 1888 Irish Builder
  85. Hore
    Hore of Harperstown, Co Wexford. Vol III, p122 Lodge’s Peerage
  86. Hort
    1. Hort of Hortland. "Kildare Journal" Vol VII p 207
    2. Hort of Hortland, Co Kildare. "Lodge's Peerage" Vol II p 204 Kildare Journal
  87. Houghton
    Houghton of Kilmannock, Co Waterford, p 1888 Irish Builder
  88. Hume
    Hume (Baronet) of Castle Hume, Co Fermanagh. Vol II, p 112 Lodge’s Peerage
  89. Hungerford The Island
    Hungerford the Island, Co Cork. p 858 Burke’s Colonial Gentry
  90. Hussey (2)
    1. Hussey (Knight). of Doddington Pigot, Lincoln. "Lodge's Peerage" Vol VII p 232.
    2. Hussey (Baron), of Galtrim. "Lodges Peerage" Vol VII p 45

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