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Plate LVI - Ancestry of Lawrence Cullinan (c1796-1872) of Saint John, New Brunswick

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  1. Letters from Bernard A. Cullinan, Saint John, New Brunswick.
  2. Letter from John L. Cullinan, Fredericton, New Brunswick.
  3. Letter from Catherine Cullinan, Saint John, New Brunswick.
  4. Letter from Rita I. (née McCluskey) Cullinan, Richmond, British Columbia.
  5. Letter from Mary Elizabeth (Betty) (née Cullinan) Smith, Newcastle, New Brunswick.
  6. Letters from Mary (née Cullinan) Barrett, San Jose, California.
  7. Letter from Eleanor Barrett, San Jose, California.
  8. Letter from Anne Carney, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  9. New Brunswick Census for Saint John (Portland), New Brunswick for 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901.
  10. Land Petitions of Lawrence Cullinan.
  11. Will of John Carney.
  12. Obituaries from Saint John Telegraph-Journal.
  13. Article from The London Times, 1928.
  14. Obituaries from Saint John Globe dated .
  15. Obituaries from Ottawa Citizen.


  1. Lawrence Cullinan was born around 1796 in Ireland and died on June 21, 1872 Portland, Saint John County, New Brunswick. Lawrence Cullinan was married to Helen (Eleanor) McQuade (also MacQuade) around 1818 most likely in Ireland. (Their first child, Sarah Cullinan (1818-1901) was born in Ireland.)
  2. Lawrence Cullinan petitioned for Crown Land near Grand Lake, New Brunswick on March 18, 1824. This petition states that he is a farmer, 35 years old and a resident of New Brunswick since 1820. He was living at Grand Lake in 1823 (mentioned in daughter's baptismal record); (1824) petitioned and received Crown Land near Barnesville, Upham County (near Loch Lomond in Saint John County); (1826) mentioned in Crown Land Grant; (1826) mentioned in baptismal record of his son Henry Cullinan, that he was "of the Queen's County in this province"; (1837) granted Crown land in the Parish of Hampton, Kings County New Brunswick. Lawrence, his wife and his son James and his family are listed as living in the Parish of Portland, in the Saint John Census in 1871. The obituary notice in the Daily Telegraph, Saint John, New Brunswick, stated that he was 90 years old when he died.
  3. James Henry Cullinan (1821-1901) was baptized on June 24, 1822 at St. Malachy's Church, Saint John, New Brunswick, aged 15 months, sponsors being William Downey and Bridget Dowd. He lived between 1883 and 1901 at 67 Stanley Street, Saint John, New Brunswick. In 1919, Sarah (Scott) Cullinan was living at 106 Pitt Street, Saint John, New Brunswick. James Henry Cullinan listed between 1871 and 1874 as a Stevedore; from 1883 to 1899, he is listed as a coal inspector and coal merchant.
  4. James William Cullinan (1869-1933) married Annie Elizabeth McCarthy (1873-1930) moved to San Francisco, California in the Spring of 1923. In 1891, he is listed as a general teamster, and later, (1908) as a cartage contractor. In 1904, he lived at 163 City Road, Saint John, New Brunswick then in 1905 at 22 Celebration Street, Saint John, New Brunswick. In 1919, he lived at 30 Canon Street, Saint John, New Brunswick and finally in 1920, he lived at 57 Waterloo Street, Saint John, New Brunswick.
  5. James Francis Cullinan (1897-1959) married Annie Blanche Walsh, (1897-1988). From 1912 to 1913, he is listed as a clerk with T. Rankie and Son. By 1920 his career with Canadian Pacific Express began, where he worked as a messenger. He worked with the Canadian Pacific Express until his death in 1959.
  6. Louis Vincent Cullinan, M.D. (1921-1970) attended Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia from 1947 to 1954, studying medicine (anaesthesiology). His residency was at Montreal General Hospital (1958-1961), and at the Ottawa Civic Hospital (1961-62).
  7. Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Cullinan (1923-) married Gerald Albert Percy Smith, Q.C., B.A., B.C.L. (1922-). Percy Smith was a Member of Parliament for the federal riding of Northumberland-Miramichi for two terms beginning in 1968 and again in 1972: "Percy Smith was educated at St. Thomas University and University of New Brunswick Law School; was Mayor of Newcastle, New Brunswick. Served with the North Nova Scotia Highlanders (Captain) from 1942-46. Elected as a Member of Parliament for Northumberland-Miramichi to the House of Commons in 1968, then again in 1972. Liberal. (-Canadian Parliamentary Guide, 1973)."
  8. Mary Teresa Cullinan (1925-) married Dino Chiarot. Teresa Cullinan was employed with the Canadian Embassy in Berne, Switzerland; The Hague, Netherlands. After they were married, they lived in Rome, Italy (1958); Vienna, Austria (1960); Berne, Switzerland (1962). Res.: (1963) Montreal, Quebec; (1971) Toronto, Ontario; (1972) Rome, Italy; (1977-) Ottawa Ontario. Retired from Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Have travelled extensively in the United States and Canada, as well as Western Europe.
  9. John Lawrence Cullinan (1934-) obtained Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical), from Nova Scotia Technical College in 1959; Master of Engineering (1975) from University of New Brunswick. Occ: (1959-1960) Montreal Engineering, Montreal, Quebec; (1960-) New Brunswick Power Commission.
  10. Donald Leo Cullinan, B.A., B.C.L., Q.C. (1939-), retired, partner in the law firm of Stewart, McKelvey, Stirling, Scales, Saint John, New Brunswick.
  11. Marilyn Cullinan married Thomas L. McGloan, Q.C. (b October 6, 1931, Saint John, New Brunswick). Tom McGloan was admitted to the New Brunswick Bar in 1955 after graduating from St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Received BCL at the University of New Brunswick in 1955.
  12. Joseph Vincent Cullinan, Corporal. (1901-1928) was killed at Sand Point, Ontario. He was a member of the 22nd Regiment of Quebec City and the Royal Canadian Dragoons, St. John's, Quebec. Was enroute to Petawawa, Ontario for annual training, however the train in which he was travelling collided with a freight train a few miles outside of Ottawa, Ontario.
  13. Louis (Louie) Thomas Cullinan (1903-1980) moved with his parents to California in 1923. He was a Veteran of World War II. When he lived in Saint John, he was a messenger for FW Woolworth Co. Ltd. and lived with his parents at 30 Canon Street, Saint John, New Brunswick; (1920) bds 57 Waterloo Street. In 1980, he was living at 444 Hyde Street, San Francisco California.
  14. Jeremiah Cullinan was born on May 17, 1909 and died on May 24, 1909, Saint John, New Brunswick. He was the son of James William and Annie Elizabeth (McCarthy) Cullinan.
  15. Eleanor Theresa Cullinan was baptized on October 16, 1823 at St. Malachy's Church, Saint John, New Brunswick, at 9 months of age, sponsors being Nicholas Sinnott and Anne Mortiman or Monahan. She married John Carney (1819-1882) and in the in the 1851 Census of Saint John, Ellen and John are listed, as well as three of their children, Ellen, John and James in Simonds (page 28), Saint John County. This census states that John Carney was a farmer and that he immigrated in 1826.
  16. Francis Lawrence Carney, M.A., Ph.D., Rt. Rev. Msgr. (1859-1941) graduated in 1881 from St. Joseph's University. On December 20, 1884, he was ordained a Priest. On January 5, 1885, he was assigned to a curacy at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Saint John, New Brunswick and in April 1889, he became pastor at Debec, Carleton County New Brunswick. By 1901, he was appointed Pastor of St. Dunstan's Church in Fredericton New Brunswick. In 1919, he was appointed Dean; March 24, 1925 and then later elevated to the dignity of vicar general. On July 26, 1930 he was created domestic prelate.
  17. In 1973, James Campbell Carney (1896-1973) lived at Hillcrest Drive, Denville, Morris County, New Jersey. Bernard A. Cullinan noted that in 1940, Carney was an Electrical Engineer in Montclair, New Jersey. I located his obituary in a Denville newspaper: "Mr. Carney died yesterday at St. Clare's Hospital following a short illness. He was 77. Born in New York City, he lived in Montclair before moving here 15 years ago. He was a retired electrical engineer with the Elliott Company of Pennsylvania. He was a member of the Montclair Society of Electrical Engineers, the Montclair Ski Club, and St. Mary's Church, Denville. A World War I Army veteran, he was a graduate of the University of New Brunswick, Canada, and did post graduate work at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. He is survived by a son, Robert, of Corbin, Kentucky, and five grandchildren. (--The Denville Citizen, Denville, New Jersey, December 6, 1973)."
  18. Anne Carney Admitted to the Bar in 1987, Indiana. Education: Indiana University (B.A. 1984); University of Notre-Dame (J.D., 1987), Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Alpha Delta. Member: Allen County, Indiana State and American Bar Associations. Litigations and securities Law. Rothberg, Gallmeyer, Fruechtenight & Logan, Suite 800, 915 South Clinton Street, P.O. Box 11647, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46859-1647.
  19. Richard Carney (1863->1920) lived in New York City probably since 1900 or so when a number of his family members left from Saint John. In 1913, an article in the Saint John Globe mentioned that he was considering entering the priesthood and that a special dispensation would have to be granted to allow him to enter the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order) where he had been inquiring at Poughkeepsie, New York.
  20. Anne Cullinan (1825-1906) was baptized at St. Malachy's Church, Saint John, New Brunswick with sponsors Daniel Morris and Mary Monaghan.
  21. Henry Cullinan (1826-1906) was born in Queen's County, New Brunswick. He was baptized in December, 1826 at two months of age, sponsors being Patrick Kerney and Mary Kerney.
  22. Henry Lawrence Cullinan (1865-1916) was married to Catherine Jane Arsenault (1876->1960). In 1928, Catherine and May Cullinan were living at 81 Beaty Avenue, Toronto, Ontario; at this time, May (also Mae) Cullinan (1897->1968) was listed as a saleslady with Simpsons in Toronto. In 1936, Catherine reappears in the Toronto city directory, living at 262 Dufferin Street with her daughter, listed as May Schreiber, Alex W. Schreiber and Arthur L. Burke. Alex Schriber does not appear in the city directory in 1939. In the 1950s and 60s, May (also Mae) Schrieber is listed with her mother, Catherine Cullinan at 52 Twenty-Second Street, Toronto, Ontario. The last address that I have been able to find for Mae Schreiber is 52 Twenty Second Street, Toronto, Ontario in 1968. After this date, nothing is known about May Cullinan.

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