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Index to Family Records


The following sections will provide a historical perspective of the surnames Cullinan and Cullinane:

  • Queries - here you can put your BURNING QUESTIONS about your ancestors. These pages will be updated on a regular basis. You can also view what questions others have.
  • Family Manuscripts - a selection of documents which relate to individual family members.
  • Family Mysteries - a series of family mysteries which tell the tale of missing persons, disappearances and family members said to be more than 110 years old.
  • Miscellaneous Records - a collection of miscellaneous records. This is a pot-pourri of information which may be of interest or use to family members researching their ancestors.
  • Genealogical Plates - More than 120 family groups are listed in separate family trees (genealogical plates). Each family tree is described in detail with sources.
  • Newspaper Clippings - There are more than 250 newspaper clippings, from obituaries to marriage announcements, biographies and piles of stuff to look at.
  • Correspondence - Over the course of more than twenty years, I have kept every letter that I've received. In the course of my research, I have provided footnotes and links between these letters, the family tree charts, newpaper clippings and all other records.


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