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CANADA is one of the newest countries of the world.

The first Europeans came over from Norway to try and colonize Canada. Between 1597 and 1641, John Cabot and Jacques Cartier explored what is now Quebec. In the early 1600s, "New France" was established. Quebec City was established in 1608. During 1629 and 1759, Britain and France colonized Quebec and had several battles over the land. Finally, in 1759, outside of Quebec City, in the Plains of Abraham, Britain defeated the French and France loses all of its North American colonies, except for the tiny islands of St Pierre and Miqueilin. Much of the Canadian Martimes (Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunsuwick) was colonized by that time.

After the American Revolution, many United Empire Loyalists moved to Upper Canada (now Ontario).

During the early half of the 1800s, explorers pushed in the continent further, past Ontario into the Canadian prairies.

In 1867, three former colonies - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Canada (which was divided into Ontario and Quebec) are united into the new country, of Canada. The official date is July 1, 1867.

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