Passenger List of The Richard Cobden, New York City, 1849

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Passenger list of the Richard Cobden,
New York City, August 24, 1849

The Richard Cobden docked in New York City on August 24, 1849, from Liverpool, England. There were 261 names on the passenger list, including two stow-aways, and including six who had died en-route.

I transcribed this list because my great-grandfather, William Currie Dobie, was on it as a 10-year-old, with his family, plus an aunt, uncle and several cousins. See his account of the voyage which he wrote in 1914.

The original images are from On their main page headed "Discover Your Family History", click on "United States", then click on "New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891". The lists are searchable by surname or you may browse through over 400,000 page images.

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001Johnston, George36MJoinerEnglandUpper CanadaSee image of Page 1 of list.
002Johnston, Jane36F EnglandUpper Canada 
003Johnston, James12M EnglandUpper Canada 
004Johnston, George10M EnglandUpper Canada 
005Johnston, Margaret10F EnglandUpper Canada 
006Johnston, William8M EnglandUpper Canada 
007Johnston, Christopher16 monthsM EnglandUpper Canada 
008Johnston, John5M EnglandUpper Canada 
009Jackson, Mary20FServantEnglandUpper Canada 
010Dobie, John37MStone MasonEnglandUpper Canada 
011Dobie, Isabella36F EnglandUpper Canada 
012Dobie, John14M EnglandUpper Canada 
013Dobie, David12M EnglandUpper Canada 
014Dobie, William10M EnglandUpper Canada 
015Dobie, Eliza5F EnglandUpper Canada 
016Dobie, Alexander2M EnglandUpper Canada 
017Dobie, William40MJoinerEnglandUpper Canada 
018Dobie, Elizabeth40F EnglandUpper Canada 
019Dobie, Mary16F EnglandUpper Canada 
020Dobie, George14M EnglandUpper Canada 
021Dobie, William8M EnglandUpper Canada 
022Dobie, John6M EnglandUpper Canada 
023Dobie, Margaret2F EnglandUpper Canada 
024Dobie, Elizabeth Jane3 monthsF EnglandUpper Canada 
025Yenkley, William40MMinerEnglandUSA; Illinois 
026Yenkley, Esther39F EnglandUSA; Illinois 
027Yenkley, Thomas18M EnglandUSA; Illinois 
028Yenkley, James16M EnglandUSA; Illinois 
029Yenkley, Joseph12M EnglandUSA; Illinois 
030Yenkley, William6M EnglandUSA; Illinois 
031Yenkley, Jonathan4M EnglandUSA; Illinois 
032Hodgeson, Emerson33MBlacksmithEnglandUSA; Illinois 
033Hodgeson, Margaret33F EnglandUSA; Illinois 
034Dobie, Alexander35MShip MasterEnglandUpper Canada 
035Robinson, John25M EnglandUnited States 
036Atherton, William17M EnglandUnited States 
037Horn, Michael23MLaborerEnglandUSA; PASee image of Page 2 of list.
038Horn, Bridget20F EnglandUSA; PA 
039Horn, Margaret1 monthF EnglandUSA; PA 
040Whitfield, Charles35MJoinerEnglandUnited States 
041Whitfield, Margaret32F EnglandUnited StatesDied Aug 11th; Seasickness & general delicacy of constitution.
042Whitfield, Lewis20M EnglandUnited States 
043Mellor, Betsy50F EnglandUSA; NJTo her husband
044Mellor, Sarah19F EnglandUSA; NJ 
045Mellor, James16M EnglandUSA; NJ 
046Walker, Ennis37F EnglandUSA; NJTo her husband
047Walker, Daniel11M EnglandUSA; NJ 
048Walker, Charles9M EnglandUSA; NJ 
049Rushton, Thomas47MCabinet MakerEnglandUSA; NY 
050Rushton, Margaret13F EnglandUSA; NY 
051Slater, John24MShipping ClerkEnglandUSA; NY 
052Gibson, Jane24F EnglandUSA; NYTo her husband
053Gibson, William14M EnglandUSA; NY 
054Mathieson, Ann23FServiceIrelandUSA; NYStowed away
055Kenney, Margaret20FServiceIrelandUSA; NYStowed away
056Pearson, Joseph57MMinerEnglandUSA; Ohio 
057Pearson, Joseph24MMinerEnglandUSA; Ohio 
058Jackson, Robert28MMinerEnglandUSA; Ohio 
059Jackson, Hannah34F EnglandUSA; Ohio 
060Jackson, Robert5M EnglandUSA; Ohio 
061Jackson, William2-1/2M EnglandUSA; Ohio 
062Jackson, Isabella9 monthsF EnglandUSA; Ohio 
063Huse, Susannah60F EnglandUSA; NYTo her friends
064Damoody, Hugh27MMasonIrelandUSA; NY; Brooklyn 
065Dolan, Peter14M IrelandUnited StatesTo meet their parents
066Dolan, Lawrence3M IrelandUnited StatesTo meet their parents
067Kenney, James16MLaborerIrelandUSA; NJ 
068Kenney, Mary14F IrelandUSA; NJ 
069Kenney, Martin12M IrelandUSA; NJ 
070Kenney, Eliza8F IrelandUSA; NJ 
071Murphy, James50MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
072Murphy, Phil15MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
073Small, Thomas37MLaborerIrelandUnited StatesDied July 30th of Cholera
074MacNulty, Susan40F IrelandUSA; PATo her husband
075MacNulty, Mary11F IrelandUSA; PA 
076MacNulty, Catherine9F IrelandUSA; PA 
077Cornelle, Peggy20FServiceIrelandUSA; NY 
078MacCormick, Marcella16FServiceIrelandUSA; NY; Brooklyn 
079Nugent, Joseph40MFarmerIrelandUSA; MI; Detroit 
080Nugent, Biddy40F IrelandUSA; MI; Detroit 
081Nugent, Andrew17M IrelandUSA; MI; Detroit 
082Nugent, Biddy9F IrelandUSA; MI; DetroitSee image of Page 3 of list.
083Nugent, Ann6F IrelandUSA; MI; Detroit 
084Nugent, Bessey14 monthsF IrelandUSA; MI; Detroit 
085Dorsey, Henry30MClerkIrelandUSA; CT; New London 
086Golden, Martha60F IrelandUSA; CT; New LondonTo her daughter
087Corniff, Margaret18F IrelandUSA; CT; New LondonTo her sister
088Muldoon, John20MLaborerIrelandUSA; NY; Brooklyn 
089Dunn, John20MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
090Buckley, John30MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
091Adams, Margaret50F IrelandUpper Canada 
092Adams, Mary20F IrelandUpper Canada 
093Adams, John17M IrelandUpper Canada 
094Corliss, Biddy30F IrelandUSA; NYTo her husband
095Corliss, Mary5-1/2F IrelandUSA; NY 
096Brofield, Margaret16FServantIrelandUSA; MA; Boston 
097Dunwoody, Bridget22FServantIrelandUSA; NY 
098Bucklin, Margaret36F IrelandCanada WestTo join her husband
099Carroll, Mary34F IrelandUnited StatesTo join her brother
100Carroll, Biddy16F IrelandUnited States 
101Marlin, Pat'20MLaborerIrelandUnited StatesParents in New York
102Marlin, Ann18F IrelandUnited StatesParents in New York
103Marlin, Frank8M IrelandUnited StatesParents in New York
104Marlin, John6M IrelandUnited StatesParents in New York
105Marlin, Rundy4M IrelandUnited StatesParents in New York
106Mullin, James18MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
107Finn, Margaret32F IrelandUnited StatesTo her husband
108Finn, Mary9F IrelandUnited States 
109Finn, Eliza7F IrelandUnited States 
110Finn, Bridget3F IrelandUnited States 
111O'Hara, Bridget18FServiceIrelandUSA; NY; Wansdale 
112Smith, Biddy20FServiceIrelandUSA; PA; Philadelphia 
113Gunther, Ann18FServiceIrelandUSA; PA; Philadelphia 
114Quill, Alice30F IrelandUSA; NYTo her husband
115Quill, Teddy12M IrelandUSA; NY 
116Quill, Davy10M IrelandUSA; NY 
117Quill, Alice10 monthsF IrelandUSA; NY 
118Herson, Catherine18FServantIrelandUSA; NY; Brooklyn 
119Kane, John25MLaborerIrelandUSA; Virginia 
120Connell, Patrick22MLaborerIrelandUSA; Virginia 
121Connell, Thomas22MLaborerIrelandUSA; Virginia 
122Farrell, Timothy25MLaborerIrelandUSA; Virginia 
123Perkins, William23MLaborerIrelandUSA; Virginia 
124Hewson, John34MSadlerEnglandUnited StatesOccupying the house on deck
125Hewson, Jane26F EnglandUnited StatesOccupying the house on deck
126Hewson, Catherine20F EnglandUnited StatesOccupying the house on deck
127Ward, Michael18MClerkIrelandUnited StatesSee image of Page 4 of list.
Occupying the house on deck
128Gilmour, Archibald24MIron TraderIrelandUnited StatesOccupying the house on deck
129Seller, Joseph32MShop KeeperIrelandUnited StatesOccupying the house on deck
130Seller, Richard23MMinerIrelandUnited StatesOccupying the house on deck
131Walton, William23MButcherEnglandUpper CanadaOccupying the house on deck
132Walton, Charlotte19F EnglandUpper CanadaOccupying the house on deck
133Walton, Eliza18F EnglandUpper CanadaOccupying the house on deck
134Maker, Mary12F IrelandUnited StatesOccupying the house on deck
135Morgan, James25MFarmerEnglandUnited States 
136Morgan, Margaret26F EnglandUnited States 
137Morgan, Fanny2-1/2F EnglandUnited States 
138Cullen, Mary23FServiceIrelandUnited States 
139Berry, John30MFarmerIrelandUSA; Illinois 
140Watson, Samuel25MHorse Nail MakerEnglandUnited States 
141Scarr, John16M EnglandUnited StatesTo meet his father
142Graham, Elizabeth21F EnglandUnited StatesTo her husband
143Graham, Alfred17 monthsM EnglandUnited States 
144Abraham, Amos26MShoe MakerEnglandUnited States 
145Abraham, Jane26F EnglandUnited States 
146Abraham, Mary4F EnglandUnited States 
147Acaster, Joseph30MMarinerEnglandUnited States 
148Acaster, Mary29F EnglandUnited States 
149Conn, John23MSmithEnglandUnited States 
150Noble, Thomson25MFinisherEnglandUnited States 
151Mason, Joseph31MJoinerEnglandUnited States 
152Slater, Thomas20MMinerEnglandUSA; PA 
153Boanes, Robert19MMinerEnglandUSA; PA 
154Tonsall, Thomas24MMinerEnglandUSA; PA 
155Pattison, John42MMachinistEnglandUSA; PA 
156Pattison, Ann20F EnglandUSA; PA 
157Pattison, William18MMinerEnglandUSA; PA 
158Pattison, Elizabeth17F EnglandUSA; PA 
159Pattison, Mary Lane12F EnglandUSA; PASic "Mary Lane"
160Cooley, Ralph47MMinerEnglandUSA; PA 
161Boyle, Teresa60F IrelandUSA; NY; BuffaloTo her children
162Newman, John25MCoach PainterEnglandUnited States 
163Gillies, John23MServantEnglandUnited States 
164Gillies, Mary19FServantEnglandUnited States 
165Ward, Thomas43MMinerEnglandUSA; Ohio 
166Foster, Robert40MMinerEnglandUSA; Ohio 
167Slater, John43MMinerEnglandUSA; Ohio 
168Lines, Mary50F IrelandUSA; NYTo her daughter
169Lines, Sarah14F IrelandUSA; NY 
170Lines, John12M IrelandUSA; NY 
171Lines, Patrick7M IrelandUSA; NY 
172Horn, Catherine14FServantIrelandUSA; NY 
173Murphy, John28MLaborerIrelandUnited StatesDied Aug 3rd; Diarhoe contracted on shore. [See note].
174Murphy, Catherine28FServiceIrelandUnited StatesSee image of Page 5 of list.
175Key, Catherine23FServiceIrelandUnited States 
176Carroll, Judy19FServiceIrelandUnited States 
177Larkin, Ann22FServiceIrelandUnited States 
178MacNamara, Ellen24F IrelandUSA; NJTo her husband
179MacNamara, Ann3 monthsF IrelandUSA; NJ 
180Millan, Ann21FServantIrelandUnited States 
181Green, Michael20MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
182MacCormick, John25MLaborerIrelandUSA; NY; Brooklyn 
183Ryan, Ann22F IrelandUnited StatesTo her brother
184Corbitt, Michael45MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
185Corbitt, Joanna35F IrelandUnited States 
186Corbitt, Patrick12M IrelandUnited States 
187Corbitt, Mary10F IrelandUnited States 
188Corbitt, William9M IrelandUnited States 
189Corbitt, Joanna8F IrelandUnited States 
190Corbitt, Michael6M IrelandUnited States 
191Corbitt, John5M IrelandUnited States 
192Corbitt, Bridget3F IrelandUnited States 
193Corbitt, Martin6 monthsM IrelandUnited States 
194Piersall, John28MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
195Piersall, Eliza26F IrelandUnited States 
196Piersall, Catherine26F IrelandUnited States 
197Piersall, William3 monthsM IrelandUnited States 
198Barron, James21MLaborerIrelandUSA; NY; Newburgh 
199Kelly, Phill34MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
200Condon, Luke[?]19MBlacksmithIrelandUnited States 
201Mahu, Timothy40MLaborerIrelandUnited StatesDied Aug 3rd: Gravel & general debility
202Butler, Kitty12FServantIrelandUnited States 
203MacCormick, Edward19MLaborerIrelandUSA; CT; Hartford 
204MacCormick, Ann10F IrelandUSA; CT; Hartford 
205Flammerry, Margaret20FServantIrelandUnited States 
206Gaffney, Michael28MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
207Gaffney, Mary20FServantIrelandUnited States 
208Farrall, Patrick36MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
209Farrall, Judy32F IrelandUnited States 
210Farrall, Susan6F IrelandUnited States 
211Farrall, Catherine4F IrelandUnited States 
212Farrall, Edward10 monthsM IrelandUnited States 
213Carney, John18MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
214Finnegan, Michael18MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
215Gulloon, Michael24MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
216Madden, Jane19FServantIrelandUnited States 
217Ward, Bridget17FServantIrelandUnited States 
218Delaney, Bridget23FServantIrelandUnited States 
219MacDonald, Peter22MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
220MacDonald, Peter18MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
221Carr, William22MCoachmanIrelandUnited StatesSee image of Page 6 of list.
222Clarke, Lawrence34MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
223Gafney, Francis30MShop KeeperIrelandUnited States 
224Short, Peter38MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
225Short, Mary30F IrelandUnited States 
226Lerler, Mary45F IrelandUSA; NYTo her husband
227Cornell, Margaret20F IrelandUSA; NYTo her brother
228Bryan, Thomas25MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
229Ryan, Catherine60F IrelandUpper CanadaTo her children
230Brennan, Patrick35MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
231Brennan, Jane30F IrelandUnited States 
232Brennan, Patrick8M IrelandUnited States 
233Grady, Nancy50F IrelandUnited StatesTo her son
234Connor, Betty21FServantIrelandUnited States 
235Kelly, Michael22MSmithIrelandUnited States 
236Jenkins, William22MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
237Whelan, Jerry24MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
238Burke, Mary32FServantIrelandUSA; PA 
239Burke, Patrick14M IrelandUSA; PA 
240Lennan, Bridget23FServantIrelandUnited States 
241Manahan, John34MLaborerIrelandUnited StatesDied Aug 18th: Diarhoe & imprudence. [See note].
242Manahan, Bridget30F IrelandUnited States 
243Manahan, Margaret9F IrelandUnited States 
244Manahan, Thomas8M IrelandUnited States 
245Manahan, Michael11 monthsM IrelandUnited StatesDied Aug 17th: Cholera infantuon.
246Mooney, William22MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
247Roberts, George21MLaborerEnglandUnited States 
248Manherrin, Pat20MBakerIrelandUnited States 
249Harper, John22MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
250Donellan, Catherine18FServantIrelandUnited States 
251Ward, Eliza21FServantIrelandUnited States 
252Coolan, Mary14FServantIrelandUnited States 
253Coolan, Phil18MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
254Coolan, Edward22MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
255Coolan, John20MLaborerIrelandUnited States 
256Dennissey, Michael22MLaborerIrelandUSA; NY; Brooklyn 
257Higgins, James28MLaborerEnglandUSA; PA; Philadelphia 
258Reynolds, Mary33F IrelandUSA; CTTo her husband
259Reynolds, Mary10F IrelandUSA; CT 
260Reynolds, Ann6F IrelandUSA; CT 
261Reynolds, Thomas3M IrelandUSA; CT 

Note: Diarhoe -- This term had me baffled, but I sent a query to Rudy's List of Archaic Medical Terms. Rudy replied: "Diarrhea was spelled Diarrhoea back in 1849 so if you lose an "r" and the "a" there's your term."

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