Boozels of Pennsylvania and Illinois


The Busel/Boozels of Pennsylvania And Illinois

Johannes 'John' Busel born in 1779 in York, York Co., On 25 Mar 1805 he married Elizabeth Stambach, daughter of Jacob Stambach (<1749-1826) & Mary Magdeline (1752-1804), in First Trinity Reformed Church, York, York Co., Pennsylvania. Elizabeth was born on 4 Sep 1792 in York Co., Pa. She was baptized in St. Paul's (Ziegler's) Evangelical Lutheran Church, North Codorus Township, York County, Pennsylvania on 5 Oct 1792.


John and Elizabeth moved to Tuscarora Twp, Juniata Co., Pa. During that time the last name Busel was changed to Boozel. On the 1850 Census John is listed as Boozel and was a farmer. John' died on 2 Feb 1852 and is buried in St. Paul Lutheran Churchyard, Beale Twp, Juniata Co., Pennsylvania. Elizabeth died in Mar 1867.


John and Elizabeth had the following children:


i.    Henry (1807-1892)


ii.   John was born on 6 Mar 1810 in York, York Co., Pennsylvania. John died in Huntington Co, Pa. on 31 May 1883. John married Catherine Berriman. They had 15 children: Emmanuel, Nancy, Dorothy, Kate, Adda, Delilah, Aurora, William, John, Elizabeth, Jane, Margaret, Rachel, Allen, Abraham.


iii.  Daniel was born on 15 Jan 1812 in York, York Co., Pa. Daniel died in York, York Co., Pennsylvania in Sep 1890. On 11 Nov 1845 he married Catherine Leedy, in St. Paul Lutheran Church, York, York Co., Pennsylvania.


iv.   Lydia (Died as Child). Born on 28 Mar 1814 in York, York Co., Pa. Lydia died in York, York Co., Pennsylvania on 28 Jan 1823.


v.    Magdelina was born on 14 Sep 1816 and on 7 Dec 1817 died in York, York Co., Pa.


vi.   Abraham was born on 19 Dec 1819 in York Co., Pa. On 18 Oct he married Magdeline 'Lena' Hoke, in Frederick Co., Maryland. She was born 14 Feb 1838 in Pa. They moved to Mounds Twp., McDonough Co., Illinois where Abraham was a farmer. Abraham died in Mounds, McDonough Co., Illinois on 14 Jan 1888. Lena died on 5 Sep 1912. Here is a picture of Gravestone

 They had 9 children:

Abraham Jacob 

Amelia married Delano Maurch had Naomi and Aquilla.
married Mr. Osborne and had Jennie.
married Charles Foster.
John David
married Cora Gibbs and had Minnie.

Margaret married William Chipman.
married William Clark and had Freddie and Walter.
married William Hutchins and had George, Mabel, Elizabeth and Glen.
Samuel married
Anna Belle Kugler and had Edna (Pearl Campbell); Jennie Lucille (Bruce Scates); Alta (Balse Dietrick)and Hazel (Burlind Kirkpatrick). They all moved to Memphis, Missouri. They also had Ralph and Sam who died and were buried in Mounds, Illinois

viiMichael Stambach was born on 25 Oct 1825 in York Co., Pennsylvania. He lived with his parents in Tuscarora before moving to Illinois in 1852.  On 19 Jan 1853 he married Maria E Reeder, in Fulton Co., Illinois. They lived in Pleasant Twp, Illinois where Michael was a farmer until about 1867 when they moved to Lucas Co., Iowa. They lived in Washington Twp, where they had a farm.  They had 10 children: Luther James, Irvin Lorenzo, Florence, Aurora Jane, Theodore Lincoln, Edward Lee, John Jacob, George Franklin, William and Mary Serena.  Michael died in Russell, Lucas Co., Iowa on 10 Mar 1897.


viii. Jacob was born on 26 Feb 1828 in York Co., Pa. He married Harriet Etnire and they farmed in Vermont Twp, Pleasant Twp and Ipava Village all in Fulton Co., Illinois. They had 8 children: Lavinia, Delilah, Josephine, Elbry, Horace John, Jenny M., Cordelia and Gussie. Jacob died in Fulton Co, Illinois on 11 Nov 1903.


ix.   Jonas R. was born on 5 Feb 1831 in York Co., Pa. In 1850 he married Margaret Long, Tuscarora, Pa. They moved to LaSalle Co., Illinois in 1851. They lived in Earlville and had a farm. From 1857-1877, Jonas was a School Director in Earlville. By 1870 Jonas owned 44 acres improved, 10 acres unimproved of land worth  $2200 and $130 in farm implements. They owned 2 horses, 5 cows, 5 other cattle, 4 swine worth $430. In 1870 they grew 20 bushels wheat, 300 bushels corn; 300 bushels oats, 20 bushels potatoes and $540 worth of market produce. They brought in 10 tons hay, 15 bushels grass seed, 80 bushels flaxseed.


Jonas and Margaret had 5 children; 2 died in infancy. The three remaining children are: Alice Elmira, Elizabeth Mary and Ross Joy. Margaret died in Earlville between 1900-10. Jonas died in Earlville on 28 Aug 1917. Their son Ross Joy married Mary T. Nisbet and had 3 children. Ross, Mary and their son Raymond Jefferson are buried in Precinct Cemetery, Earlville.



Henry Boozel was born on 2 Nov 1807 in York Co., Pa. About 1835 Henry married Catherine Ninon. She was born in 1809 in Pa. They lived in Milford, Juniata Co., Pa. before they moved to Earl Twp., LaSalle Co., Illinois in 1853.


By 1860 Henry owned 160 acres improved land worth $4,800 and had $70 worth of farm implements. They owned 4 horses, 9 cows, 13 other cattle, 4 swine worth $400. That year they grew 75 bushels wheat, 1000 bushels corn, 100 bushels oats, 13 bushels potatoes, 50 bushels barley and produced 300 lbs butter and 200 lbs of honey. They brought in 30 tons hay.


By 1870 Henry is listed as a retired farmer and he and Catherine are living in Earlville. Catherine died on 8 Apr 1891 and Henry died on 22 Feb 1892. They are both buried in Precinct Cemetery, Earlville.


Henry and Catherine had the following children:


i.    William S. was born on 12 May 1836 in Milford, Juniata Co., Pa

He moved with his parents to LaSalle Co., Illinois where on 13 Feb 1861 he married Eliza Bliss, daughter of Russell Bliss & Laura Burlingame, in LaSalle Co, Illinois. Eliza was born on 20 Jan 1843 in Earlville. William was a farmer in Earl Twp until 1870 when he is listed as the proprietor of Wallace House, an inn on Ottawa St., Earlville. They owned a farm in Freedom Twp. The farm was rented to E.W. Madden. By 1920 they were living on East St. in Earlville. William and Eliza had one daughter, Ilda, who died as an infant. William died in Earlville on 7 Aug 1923. William and Ilda are buried in Precinct Cemetery, Earlville.


 ii.   Lena was born on 4 Jan 1840 in Milford, Juniata Co., Pa. On 1 Jun 1856 she married Henry A. Glover.


iii.  Lydia was born in 1844 in Pa. On 17 Mar 1864 when Lydia was 20, she married John A. McLaughlin, son of John McLaughlin & Jane,[also from Tuscarora, Pa] in LaSalle Co., Illinois. They farmed in Earl Twp. until about 1880 when they moved to Earlville and John was a constable. By 1900 John was listed as a horse doctor in Earlville.


iv.   John T. was born in Dec 1846 and he died in on 26 Jul 1851. He is buried in St. Paul Lutheran Churchyard, Juniata Co., Pa.


v.    Henry Jacob was born on 28 Feb 1850 in Juaniata Co, Pa.

On May 24, 1864 Henry enrolled in the Army: Co. I, 138th Reg't Ill Infantry. He enrolled for 100 days. He was 16, height 5'4 1/2", dark complexion, black eyes, dark hair. He was discharged on Oct 14, 1864.


On 30 Jun 1871 he married Josephine Desdamone Kuney, in LaSalle Co., Illinois. They lived in Earl Twp and farmed his fatherís farm until about 1895 when they moved to Polk Co., Iowa. They had 9 children: Gertrude, Grace, Angela, Katherine, Myrtle, Louise, William, John Taylor and Harry Joseph.


On April 12, 1911 he applied for Civil War Pension and is listed as: 5'10", 150 lbs, Dark eyes, Grey hair, light complexion, part of two fingers gone on left hand.


Henry died at the M. E. Hospital, Des Moines, Iowa on 24 Sep 1912 of cancer of gallbladder. Josephine died in San Diego, San Diego Co., California on 4 Jul 1927. Henry, Josephine and their children Gertrude, Myrtle, William and Harry J. are buried in Precinct Cemetery, Earlville.



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