Eager Family from New York to Illinois to North Dakota

The Eagers
[a bit of useless information: Eager is the 11,392nd most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.001%; percentile is 72.486]

Orange Co., New York


John Eager was born on 25 Sep 1790 in Neelytown, Orange Co., New York. On 19 Dec 1811 when John was 21, he married Delilah Case, in Hamptonburgh, Orange Co., New York. Delilah was born on 19 Sep 1794 in Hamptonburgh. John was a farmer in Hamptonburgh and his farm was adjoining the Bull Stone House.  He died on 23 Aug 1839.  Delilah continued to live in Hamptonburgh until her death on 2 Mar 1872.


They had the following children:

  i.    Margaret (1814-1872) 

  ii.   Ann Eliza (1815-1872)

  iii.  Thomas (1818-1894)

  iv.  Sarah Maria (1819-1884)

  v.   William Case (1821-1878)

  vi.  Benjamin (1822-1884)

  vii.  Joseph Case (1825-1903)

  viii. Jane (1828-1906)

  ix.  Hannah E. (1831-1872)

  x.   Mary M. (1835-)



Orange Co., New York to Illinois to North Dakota
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Thomas Eager was born on 14 Jan 1818 in Hamptonburgh. He married Sarah Chambers, daughter of Daniel Harrison and Elizabeth Kelley Chambers,  who was born in 2 Oct 1826 in Hamptonburgh. They moved to LaSalle Co., Illinois where Thomas purchased 160 acres of land on 1 Mar 1848.


In 1860 Thomas had 90 acres of improved land and 75 acres of unimproved land. His land was worth $3200. He also had $140 in farm implements. His livestock included: 3 horses, 4 milch cows, 8 other cattle, 11 swine for a value of $340. He grew 300 bushels wheat, 1500 bushels Indian corn, 400 bushels of oats, 3 bushels peas + beans, 3 bushels Irish potatoes, 200 bushels barley. His market garden was worth $10 in produce. He produced 100 lbs butter and brought in 20 tons hay.


By 1870 Thomas had 360 acres of improved land worth $9600, with $250 in farm implements; He paid out $300 in wages that year. He had 10 horses, 9 cows, 32 other cattle, 10 swine totaling $1660 in livestock; He grew 180 bushels wheat; 1300 bushels corn; 140 bushels oats, 15 bushels potatoes, 1100 lbs butter; 60 tons hay, 15 bushels grass seed and produced 15 lbs wax and 100 lbs honey.


Sarah died 6 Jun 1877 in Meriden. Thomas stayed in Meriden until 1881 when he moved with his 2 sons to Jamestown, Stutsman Co., North Dakota.  Thomas died in Jamestown on 29 Aug 1894. He was buried on 6 Sep 1894 in Jamestown Cemetery.



Thomas and Sarah had the following children:

      2.   i.     John Thomas (1850-1922)

      3.  ii.     George Cooley (1883-1838)



John Thomas Eager was born on 11 May 1850 in Meriden, LaSalle Co., Illinois. 

On 11 Oct 1877 he married Mary Ellen 'Ella' Heslet, daughter of Samuel M. Heslet (1826-1898) & Mary Margaret Stewart (1823-1900) in LaSalle Co., Illinois. Ella was born in Aug 1857 in Lakeville, Minnesota. John and Ella , against the wishes of her father (letter to Ella from father), moved to Jamestown, Stutsman Co., North Dakota in 1881, where John established a Machinery, Furniture and Second Hand Store at 405 Main Street. In his early years he served as county coroner. In 1895 he was elected Mayor of Jamestown and served one year. He served as Director of the James River Valley Fair Association. He continued his business, J. T. Eager and then J. T. Eager and Son until his death on 28 Apr 1922,in Jamestown, he was 71. He was buried on 1 May 1922. The funeral service was held at the Congregational Church, Jamestown and he was buried in Jamestown Cemetery next to his father.


Ella left John and her sons in 1901 to moved back to Earlville, Illinois. She was a well educated and well read woman. She enjoyed poetry, English Literature and Shakespeare. She also traveled around the United States visiting many friends and family. In 1920 she was living in Excelsior Springs, Clay Co., Missouri with her son Earl. On the census she is listed as a masseuse at a Sanitarium.


She lived in Earlville until about 1947 when she moved to the Pleasant View Lutheran Home in Ottawa, Illinois.  She died 11 Feb 1949 in Sandwich, Illinois in Woodward Memorial Hospital and is buried in the Precinct Cemetery, Earlville, next to her parents and sisters.


John and Ella had the following children:


        i.     Henry 'Harry' M. (1878-1950)


        ii.     Earl C.


George Cooley was born on 22 Apr 1855 in Meriden, LaSalle Co., Illinois. He moved with his father and brother to Jamestown where in Jan 1894 he married Matilda Rose Bensch. Matilda was born on 20 Jun 1871 in Lansing, Iowa.

George was involved in the community:  he served as the City Clerk for nearly ten consecutive years and for nearly the same time had been Clerk of the Board of Education. He also held the position of Fire Chief of the Rescue Hook and Ladder Co.  George was an Attorney and Insurance salesman at 5th St. W., in Jamestown. He was a member of the Workmen Society, Yeomen Society, and the Royal Arcanum Society. George died in Jamestown,  on 7 Oct 1903, he was 48. His funeral was held on 9 Oct 1903 at the family Residence, 1st Ave. S., Jamestown. He is buried in Highland Home Cemetery, Jamestown, North Dakota.

Matilda continued to live in Jamestown after George's death. She was the first Chief Clerk of the Stutsman County Draft Board for WWI. She worked as the Deputy Auditor of Jamestown. She never remarried.  She died at Trinity Hospital, Jamestown on 6 Jan 1944, she was 72. She was buried on 8 Jan 1944 in Highland Home Cemetery, Jamestown next to her husband.    

North Dakota to Illinois



Harry M. Eager was born on 22 Jun 1878 in Meriden, LaSalle Co., Illinois. He moved with his parents to Jamestown, North Dakota where by 1900 he was working with his father in the family business. On 25 May 1904 he married Bertha Evelyn Joos, daughter of Martin Joos & Mary Blasner in Jamestown. She was born on 13 Mar 1883 in Jamestown.


Harry and Bertha left Jamestown and by 1910 they were living in Avoca, Iowa where Harry was a bookkeeper in a bank. The first two of their children were born in Iowa. They moved to Salt Lake City,

Utah where their third child, Lawrence was born. They returned to Jamestown in 1915. By 1920 they were living at 1005 4th Avenue N., Jamestown and their children were attending school in the 1st District Schools.


Bertha died at home suddenly on 18 Jan 1923, with only her daughter Mildred at her side. Her funeral service was on 23 Jan 1923 at the Congregational Church in Jamestown. Her husband, three children and brother-in-law accompanied her remains, by train, to Earlville, Illinois where she is buried in Precinct Cemetery.


Harry lived for a time in Jamestown and Omaha, Nebraska then moved to Earlville where he died on 8 Oct 1950. He is buried in Precinct Cemetery in Earlville.


They had the following children:

  i.     John 'Thornton' (1905-1972)

 ii.     Mildred (1907-)

iii.     Lawrence (1913-1981)


was born on 11 Feb 1883 in Jamestown, North Dakota. Earl went to school in Jamestown then left to attend medical college. He lived in Excelsior Springs, Clay Co., Missouri, in 1920.  He married Pearl M. Herring on 30 Aug 1922 in Fulton, Missouri.  They moved to Mt. Ayr, Iowa by 1923 where Earl practiced medicine. They had one daughter  Faydene Eager, born 10 Jul 1924 in Mt. Ayr, Iowa. Earl died on 17 Dec 1938 in Earlville and is buried in the Precinct Cemetery.





Children of Harry M. and Bertha Joos Eager

  Thornton John Eager was born on 22 May 1905 in Hancock, Pottawatomie Co., Iowa. After his family returned to Jamestown, he attended school there in the 1st District, graduated and then joined the Marines. He was stationed at Parris Island S.C. in 1922. He married Lydia Elizabeth Glover, daughter of Earnest Syrette Glover & Harriet Alberta 'Bertha' Sellers, on 9 Apr 1928 in Geneva, Kane Co., Illinois.  She was born on 26 Mar 1911 in Earlville, Illinois. They lived in Iowa for a few years then moved to Earlville, Illinois. They worked the Heslet/Eager farm, and raised 5 children, who still live in LaSalle Co., along with  grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Thornton died in Earlville, LaSalle Co., Illinois on 27 Dec 1972. Lydia remarried on 23 Mar 1878 to Harold Johnson. Harold died before Lydia. She died on 28 Jan 2001 in Aurora, Illinois and is buried with Thornton in Precinct Cemetery, Earlville.

Mildred Eager was born 3 Jan 1907 in Hancock, Iowa. She married Ralph Jones 16 Sept 1934 in Everett, Washington. They had 2 sons: Dale Lynn and Dennis Berryman.

Lawrence Sherman was born 25 Jun 1913 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He married Aileen Prowse on 17 Jun 1934 in Los Angeles, California. They had 5 children: David Lawrence, Douglas Jay, Donald Ray, Francis Ann and Edith Lynn. Lawrence died 16 Sep 1981 in Imperial, California.

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The background picture is of Meltwater Channel in Stutsman Co., North Dakota
from the North Dakota State University at :   North Dakota Glacial Features

Thanks to George Barron of Jamestown, North Dakota and the James River Genealogy Club,  for  researching the Eager's of Jamestown, N.D.

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