Heslet, Glover, Eager, Sellers, Whittaker, Kuney, Boozel and Meads and in Precinct Cemetery, Earlville, Illinois
Precinct Cemetery,

Earlville, Illinois

Eager Graves

Ella M. Heslet Eager

Earl Clifton Eager

Harry M. Eager

Bertha Evelyn Joos Eager

Thornton J. and Lydia Glover Eager
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Heslet Graves

Samuel M. Heslet

Mary Margaret Stewart Heslet

Frances Heslet

Anne Heslet Jenks
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Glover Graves

Ernest Syrette and Harriet Sellers Glover

Della Glover Jornlin

Arwilda 'Billie' Glover Johnson

Arthur and Arwilda "Nora" Glover Meads
[daughter of Henry A. and Lena Boozel Glover]

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Sellers Graves

David and Rebecca Henneman Sellers

David Sheridan and
Elizabeth Klienshnitz Sellers

Charles Henry and Luella Barber Seller
with children
Elsie, Dorothy R. and infant son

[this stone was very hard to read]

Roy Sheridan Sellers
son of
 David and Elizabeth Klienshnitz Sellers

Charles Henry Sellers
son of
Charles Henry and Luella Barber Sellers

Raymond C. Sellers
son of
Calvin and Linda Bruell Sellers

These are Sellers that are unknown for now

Leola Aitkens Sellers

Herbert and
Inez Sellers

Nancy Ann Sellers

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Whittaker Graves

Roy and Robert's families are on opposite sides of stone

Robert J. Whittaker

Pearl Sellers wife of Robert

Roy L. Whittaker

Effie Sellers wife of Roy L.

Lloyd, son of Roy and Effie

Ruth, daughter of Robert and Pearl

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Boozel Graves

Catherine Ninon Boozel

William S. Boozel

Eliza Bliss, wife of William S.

Ilda Boozel
[daughter of William S. and Eliza]

Henry Jacob Boozel

Josephine Kuney, wife of Henry Jacob

Myrtle B. Boozel
[daughter of Henry and Josephine]

Harry J. Boozel
[son of Henry and Josephine]

Gertrude and William Boozel
[children of William and Josephine]

Ross Joy Boozel
[son of Jonas R.]

Mary T. Nisbet Boozel
[wife of Ross Joy]

Raymond J. Boozel
[son of Ross and Mary]

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