Sellers Family from Cumberland Co., to LaSalle Co., Illinois

The Sellers of Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania


LaSalle Co., Illinois

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Joshua Sellers was born on 26 Jun 1797 in Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania. He married Mary Magdalene Brenner. She was born on 30 Apr 1792 in Cumberland Co.


They lived and raised their family in Upper Dickinson Township. Joshua was a farmer, first renting and then buying a farm. Joshua died on 18 May 1852 and is buried in the Lutheran Church Cemetery in Centerville, Pennsylvania. Mary Magdalene continued to live in Upper Dickinson with son John until about 1865 when they moved to New Kingston in Silver Springs Township. She attended church in Cumberland Co. in Churchtown, Milltown and Young's class with circuit minister for the United Brethren in Christ, Carlisle Circuit. Her sons' Daniel, David and their wives attended with her. She died in Silver Springs Twp. on 27 Jul 1875 and is buried in Young’s United Methodist Church Cemetery.


Joshua and Mary Magdalene had the following children:


i.     Daniel was born on 27 Sep 1818 in Cumberland Co., Pa. He married Elizabeth. They had 8 children: Mary, George, Anna Catherine, Margaret, William, Elmira, Addison and Clara.

Elizabeth died on 4 Aug 1898. Daniel died on 23 Dec 1904.  They are both buried in Young’s United Methodist Cemetery, next to their daughter Elmira and Daniel’s mother Mary Magdalene.


ii.    Samuel was born 24 Jan 1820 in Cumberland Co., Pa. On 14 Apr 1842 he married Eleanor Steel. They had 10 kids, 7 of them dying young: Wm. Henry, Mary, Margaret, Jane, Charles K., Ida, Evaline, Martha, Altivesta and Carrie. Samuel died in 1896 and Eleanor died in 1892. They are both buried in the Centerville Lutheran Church Cemetery along with 7 of their children and Samuel’s father Joshua.


iii.   Margaret was born in 27 Jul 1821 in Cumberland Co., Pa. In her father’s will she is mentioned as Margaret Fickle.


iv.    Jacob Stough was born 26 Oct 1823 in Cumberland Co., Pa. He married Mary and by 1850 they had one son Alfred.


v.     John was born 7 Jan 1826 in Cumberland Co., Pa.


vi.    Henry Miller was born on 2 Jul 1828 in Cumberland Co., Pa. He died 30 Oct 1850 and is buried in Lutheran Church Cemetery next to his father.


vii.   Catherine Ann was born on 21 Nov 1830 in Cumberland Co., Pa.


viii.  William was born on 29 Dec 1833 in Cumberland Co., Pa. He married Ann and they had 5 children: Harriett, David S., William Stough, John Calvin, Elmer. They moved to Penn Twp, Cumberland Co., about 1872. Ann died before 1900. William was living in Penn Twp in 1910 and working as a mason.


ix.     David (1836-1917)


David Sellers was born on 3 Jul 1836 in Cumberland Co., Pa. He married Rebecca Henneman 12 Dec 1858 in Cumberland Co., Pa and the ceremony was performed by A. H. Kremer. Rebecca was born 1 Apr 1836 in Pennsylvania to Phillip and Elizabeth Henneman. David and Rebecca lived in Upper Dickinson until 9 Mar 1869 in Monroe Twp. He farmed that land but due to ‘sundry losses and misfortunes’ on 27 Mar 1873 David and Rebecca entered into an agreement with John Plank, whereas John Plank would buy their land for $1.00 and pay off David’s debts by selling the property. John Plank sold the property on 1 Apr 1874 for $1,056 and paid off David’s debts. They continued to live in Monroe Twp, Pa, renting a farm, until about 1881 when they moved to LaSalle Co., Illinois.

David died on 10 Nov 1917 of Senile Gangrene and Arterio Schlerosis. He was sick for 2 years. Rebecca died in Earlville on 23 Mar 1923 of Cerebral Hemmorrage. They are both buried in the Precinct Cemetery, Earlville.

They had the following children:

i.    Alice Mary Lueta was born on 27 Aug 1859 in Upper Dickinson, Pa. She married John O. Fake. He was born 27 Aug 1859 in West Fairview, Pennsylvania In 1880 they were living in East Pennsborough, Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania. They had 9 children: Grace Elnora, William David, Myrtle Olive, Rebecca Pearl, Matilda Virginia, John Talbert, Maudie May, Edith Mary and Clarence Albert.

ii.   Florence Belle 'Flora' was born on 13 Apr 1861 in Upper Dickinson, Pa. On 5 Sep 1888 Flora first married Charles Yeingst, in Ottawa, LaSalle Co., Illinois. Charles was the son of David Yeingst and Martha Sonns. At the time of their marriage he was employed as a car driver.

On 7 Apr 1898 Flora second married David McWilliams, in LaSalle Co, Illinois. He was born about 1862 in Indiana.  David and Flora were living in Meriden, LaSalle Co., Illinois on 13 Jan 1920. They had one son Hillard.                                                              

ii. Lydia Elnora was born on 24 Oct 1862 in Upper Dickinson, Cumberland Co., Pa. She married John L. Albert [son of Alfred Albert and Mary Clipper] on 27 Jan 1887 in Freedom, LaSalle co., Illinois. They were married by George B. Miller and their witnesses were: Mrs S. Olmstead and Mr. And Mrs. Parrish. John was born about 1862 in York Springs, Pa. They had 4 known children: Nora, Grace, Edna and Audrey.

iv.   Rebecca Jane was born on 12 Jun 1864 in Upper Dickinson, Cumberland Co., Pa. She married Samuel Schock and they had 4 known children: Linn D., Harry R., John and Leroy.

v.    David 'Sheridan' was born on 12 Dec 1865 in Upper Dickinson, Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania. On 9 Dec 1892 he married Elizabeth "Lizzie" Klienshnitz, in Sheridan, Illinois. They were married by Ephraim S. Hahn, Minister and their witnesses were Charles and Luella Sellers. Sheridan bought a farm in Freedom Twp, and he and Lizzie had 2 children: Roy and Effie.

Sheridan died in 1918 and Lizzie died in 1938. They are both buried in the Precinct Cemetery, Earlville. Their son Roy (1893-1948) is also buried there.

vi.  Charles 'Henry' was born on 22 Feb 1868 in Upper Dickinson, Pa. On 23 Mar 1892 he married Luella J. Barber [daughter of Moses Barber and Augusta Freeland] in Freedom, LaSalle Co., Illinois. They were married by Henry Moser, Minister and their witnesses were Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Schreiner. Luella was born in 1869 in Mission Twp, Illinois and was living in Sheridan at the time of her marriage. Henry was a farmer in Freedom. Henry and Luella had 7 children: Elsie M., Dorothy R, Olive, Lettie, Charles, Jeanette and unknown infant son.

Luella died in 1913 and Henry died in 1956. They are buried in Precinct Cemetery, Earlville with their children, Elsie M, Dorothy R. and infant son.

vii.  Harriet Alberta 'Bertha' was born 28 Dec 1869 in Boiling Springs, Pa. She married Earnest Syrette Glover.

viii. Clarence Jeremiah 'Jerry' was born on 27 Apr 1872 in Boiling Springs, Pa. Jerry was a farmer in Earl Twp. He married Neva McNeill about 1901.  They had 11 children: Clarence, Lyle, Elsie, Mildred, Willard, Howard, Margaret, Dorothy, Pearl, Edward and Neva.

ix.   Virginia 'Pearl' was born on 18 Feb 1874 in Boiling Springs, Monroe Twp, Pa. On 12 Dec 1894 she married Robert Whittaker Jr.[son of Robert Whittaker and Eliza Hart] in LaSalle Co., Illinois. Robert and Pearl lived in Freedom Twp, and farmed his fathers' farm. They had 4 children: Ruth, Mary, Ralph and Robert Jr.

Pearl died in 1946 and Robert died in 1956. They are buried in Precinct Cemetery along with their daughter Ruth (1895-1907)

x.    Effie May was born on 7 Mar 1878 in Boiling Springs, Pa. On 26 Dec 1900 she married Roy Whittaker [son of Robert Whittaker and Eliza Hart] in Minonk, LaSalle Co, Illinois. They were married by W. S. Morrow, Minister and their witnesses were David and Flora McWilliams.  They lived in Earl Twp and farmed his fathers farm. They had 2 sons: Lloyd and Merle.

Roy died in 1947 and Effie died in 1961. They are buried in Precinct Cemetery with their son Lloyd (1902-1914)

xi.   John ‘Calvin’ was born on 21 Apr 1880 in Boiling Springs, Pa. He married Linda Bruell and they lived in Meriden and farmed. They had one child: Raymond

xii.  William Sterrit Wood was born on 24 Apr 1881 in Boiling Springs, Pa.  On 6 Apr 1903 he married Gladys Bowen, in Sycamore, Kane Co., Illinois. They had 10 children: Marion, David, Hope, Rebekka, Robert W., Harold W., Clifford, Kenneth, Wilbur L. and Herbert.  Gladys died in Warren, Michigan on 2 Jan 1959. William died in Mt. Clemens, Michigan on 4 May 1971.

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