Stallings of Bullitt Co., Kentucky and Mississippi Co., Missouri

The Stallings


 Bullitt Co., Kentucky

[ Stallings is the 1,676th most popular last name (surname) in the United States]
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Samuel Stallings was born in 1746 in Frederick Co., Maryland. He married Sarah Ogden, daughter of John Ogden of Calvert Co., Maryland.

Samuel and his brother Henry and their families went to Kentucky about 1792. In a deposition, 26 July 1806, Britain White states that Samuel Stallings settled on his land in the fall of 1792 and he settled  on land under the name of John Gaither. Henry states in a deposition that he built Samuel a house on that land in Aug 1792 and Samuel moved in in the fall of that year. 

On the 1803 tax list for Bullitt Co., Samuel is listed having 100 acres of second rate land on the Salt River and three white males over 21 in his household.

On the 1810 census he's listed as 1 male 16-25, 1 male 26-44, 1 male 45+, 1 female 45+.

On the 1820 census he has 1 male 45+, 1 female 45+ in his household

Samuel died in 1822. His will is dated 11 April 1822 and it was proved 2 Dec 1822 in Bullitt Co. In Samuel's will he mentions his wife Sarah and children Henry Stallings, Ann Bishop, John Stallings, Samuel Stallings Jr., William Stallings, Sarah Brashear, and Thomas Stallings.

i.      Henry (1769-1852)

ii.     John Stallings   (1774-<1830)

vii.    Nancy Ann Stallings (1777-<1850)

iii.     Samuel Stallings Jr (17 Sep 1780 - 19 Oct 1846)

iv.    William Stallings (17 Jan 1783 - 22 Oct 1868)

v.     Sarah 'Sally' Stallings (1785 -Mar 1854)

vi.     Wm. "Thomas" Stallings Sr (1787- <1880)

Henry Stallings was born in 1769 in Frederick Co., Maryland. On 13 Dec 1801, he married Lucy Orme, daughter of Elly & Susannah Orme, in  Shepherdsville, Bullitt Co., Kentucky. Born in 1784 in Prince George's Co., Maryland,  Lucy died in Bullitt Co., Kentucky before 1830.

On the 1830 census Henry is listed with:  1 male 10-15yrs, 2 males 15-20yrs, 1 male 60-70yrs, 2 females 10-15yrs, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 20-30yrs.

Henry was on the Slave Schedule, Bullitt Co., Kentucky on 20 Jun 1850: he had one male 13 yrs,  one female 2 years and one female 10 yrs.

Henry was on the census for Bullitt Co., Kentucky on 24 Jul 1850, he was 81 and a farmer.

Henry died in Bullitt Co., Kentucky in 1852.

Henry and Lucy had the following known children:

i.     Elizabeth. Born about 1804 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky.

ii.    Jeremiah (Jerry) Stallings (1806->1880)

iii.    Sarah Stallings (1810-<1880)

iv.    Thomas was born about 1816. On 19 Nov 1829 Thomas married Elizabeth Brashear, in Bullitt Co. He wrote his will 12 Jul 1845 and it was proved on 19 Jan 1846, in Bullitt Co. They had one son: Martin A. born about 1830

v. Mary (Polly)  was born in 1818 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky. On 8 May 1845 when Mary (Polly) was 27, she first married Alexander Hazzard, in Bullitt Co. Kentucky. They had 2 children: Lucy and Renaldo.  On 27 Sep 1860 when Mary (Polly) was 42, she second married Patrick McCawley, in Bullitt Co., Kentucky. Mary died in Bullitt Co., Kentucky in Sep 1865.

vi. Henry (1820-1874)

Henry Stallings was born in 1820 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky. In 1850 he was living with his brother Jerry and was a shoemaker. On 1 Nov 1853 when Henry was 33, he married Mary Jane Stader, daughter of William H. Stader  & Harriet Orme, in Bullitt Co., Kentucky.

Henry and Mary Jane lived in Pitts Point on 16 Aug 1860. By 29 Jun 1870 they were living in Pine Tavern and Henry was a farmer. Henry died in Bullitt Co., Kentucky on 2 Feb 1874 and is buried in Dawson Cemetery, in Ft. Knox, Kentucky. After Henry died, Mary Jane lived with her son, James P. until her death on 18 Jan 1917. She is also buried in Dawson's Cemetery.

Henry and Mary Jane had the following children:

i.    Virginia Alphonzo Stallings (10 Feb 1854 -<1880)

ii. Baby Boy born and died 24 Nov 1857 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky

iii    William Colmore Stallings  (Apr 1859-)

iii.    Eliza 'Alice' Stallings was born in Feb 1862 in Bullitt Co. Eliza married Beverly Brashear [grandson of Richard Brashear and Sarah Stallings].

v.     Clara Stallings was born in Mar 1865 in Bullitt Co. Clara married William French. They lived in Lebanon Junction, Bullitt Co. until they moved to Highland Park, Jefferson Co. where they were living in 1910.  They are both buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky. They had 7 children: Mary, Marshel, William, Lula, Horace, Lovada and Ruth.

vi.         Rufus Sherman (1867-1935)

vii.  James P. was born in 1869 in Bullitt Co. He was a farmer and his mother lived with him until her death in 1917. By 1920 he had married Malissa Bell and was living in Highland Park, Jefferson Co., Kentucky. He died in Jefferson Co., Kentucky on 29 Aug 1952.

Rufus Sherman Stallings was born on 17 Jan 1867 in Lebanon Junction, Bullitt Co. On 13 Sep 1899 he married Mattie Jane 'Jennie' Deats, daughter of John W. Deats & Rebecca Vanvactor, in Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky. Jennie was born on 28 Apr 1878 in Lebanon Junction, Bullitt Co. They lived in Lebanon Junction until after 1920 when they moved to Charleston, Missouri. Rufus Sherman died in Cairo, Alexander Co., Illinois on 26 Mar 1935. Jennie died in Charleston, Mississippi Co., Missouri on 20 Jan 1970.

They had the following children:

i. Golden Russell (1900-1982)

ii.     Oscar Sherman Stallings was born on 15 Aug 1902 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky. In 1926 he married Nannie Marie Weakley, daughter of John Walter Weakley & Nora Thomas Damesworth. Nannie was born in 1909. Oscar died in Charleston, Missouri on 13 Apr 1972. They had 3 children: Herbert Vernon, John Oscar and Dorothy Virginia.

iii.     Marshall Oliver was born on 25 Oct 1904 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky.He died in Charleston, Missouri on 3 Mar 1993.

iii.     Jennie Rhea Stallings was born on 6 Jan 1907 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky. She married George Thomas Weakley, son of John Walter Weakley & Nora Thomas Damesworth. He was born in 1907. They had 3 children: Eula Bernice, Harold Freeman and Dorothy Louise.

iv.     Nina "Viola" Stallings was born on 20 Nov 1908 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky. On 23 Nov 1927 she married Willis Eugene French Sr., son of William R. French & Josephine Stark, in Charleston, Missouri. They had two sons: Willis Eugene Jr. and William Sherman.  Willis Sr. died in New Madrid, Missouri on 22 Dec 2000.

vi. Flossie Belle. Born on 26 Jan 1911.

vii. Clifford Lee. Born on 28 Feb 1913 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky. Clifford Lee died in Paducah, McCracken Co., Kentucky in Nov 1990.

viii. Gladys Inez. Born on 18 May 1915 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky.

ix. Paul Ezra was born on 12 Aug 1918 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky and  died in Chandler, Maricopa, Arizon on 24 Nov 2000.

x. Dorothy Nell was born on 20 Feb 1921 and she died on 26 Jun 1986.

Golden Russell Stallings was born on 15 Oct 1900 in Bullitt Co., Kentucky. On 15 May 1923 he married Hazel Leona Stewart, daughter of Charles Alphonse and Ada Francis Brown Stewart. Hazel was born on 17 Jul 1903 in Mississippi Co., Missouri. Golden and Hazel were married in a civil ceremony in Alexander Co., Illinois. At the time of their marriage Golden was living in Henson, Missouri.

Hazel Leona died at home in St. Louis, Missouri on 16 Apr 1949, of a massive heart attack. She was buried on 18 Apr 1949 in Calvary Cemetery, Charleston, Missouri. Golden died on 20 Mar 1982 in Sheridan, LaSalle Co., Illinois. He was buried 22 Mar 1982 in Oak Mound Cemetery, Somonauk, Illinois.

Golden and Hazel had the following children:
i.    Albert Sherman

ii.   Robert Louis                                 

iii.  Mary Francis

iv.   Anita

v.    Lucille

vi.   Eugene Donald

vii.  Lucy Joanne

Hazel with her daughters:
Lucille, Joanne
and Mary Francis

Albert, Robert,
Golden and
Donald Stallings




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