William Stallings of Bullitt Co., Kentucky and Harrison Co., Indiana

William Stallings
Harrison Co., Illinois

William Stallings, son of Samuel and Sarah, was born on 17 Jan 1783 in Maryland. On 16 Feb 1808 he married Nancy Ann Rogers, in Clark Co., Indiana. Nancy was born on 30 Dec 1791 in Virginia.

They lived and farmed in Harrison Co., Indiana. William died on 22 Oct 1868 and  Nancy Ann died on 26 Nov 1875. They are buried in Rogers Cemetery, Harrison Co., Indiana.

They had 13 children:

1. Sarah was born Dec 1808 in Indiana. She married Randolph Kendall in Harrison Co., Indiana on 6 Aug 1840.

2. Elijah was born in 1811. On 19 Nov 1836 he married Jane McGinnis in Harrison Co., Indiana. they had 10 children: Malinda, Sarah A., Samuel, Margaret, Mary Ellen, James, Hiram C., George Henry, Martha and William.

3. John Edward was born 1813 in Indiana. On 13 Oct 1840 in Harrison Co., Indiana he first married Mary Elizabeth Grosshart. By 1850 they were living in Hurricane Twp., Cumberland co., Illinois:  They had 5 daughters: Mary Jane, Nancy Ann, Sarah E., Tabitha, Minerva.  In 1854 John married second Rachel Jane Grosshart in Cumberland Co, Illinois. They had 3 children: John W, Elizabeth and William A.  John E. died in 1901 in Coles Co., Illinois.

4. William was born 18 Mar 1813. He died Nov 1901 in Cole Co., Illinois.

5. Elizabeth was born 1815 in Indiana. She married Elisha Payton on 11 May 1840 in Harrison Co., Indiana.

6.  Mary was born 1817 in Indiana. She married Gidian Tresander on 10 Dec 1832 in Harrison Co., Indiana.

7. Samuel was born 1819 in Indiana. on 15 Apr 1849 he married Celia Hoke in Harrison Co., Indiana. They lived and farmed in Boone Twp, Harrison Co., Indiana where they raised their 8 children: Nancy, Sarah E, Samantha A., Mary M., Harriett, Andrew, George and Samuel.

 8. Thomas born about 1820 in Indiana.

 9. Nancy was born 1823 in Indiana. She married James C. Payton on 11 Jun 1841 in Harrison Co., Indiana.

 10. Minerva was born 5 Oct 1825 in Indiana.

 11. Avner was born 1830 in Indiana.

 12.  James Wesley was born on 30 Oct 1832 in Indiana. on 30 Aug 1855 he married Eleanor Wright in Harrison Co., Indiana. They had 2 sons: Woodford and John E.  About 1861 James married Eliza Able. They  had 3 children: Elizabeth, Ulysses P and James. James W. died 30 Mar 1912 and is buried with his wives in Rogers Cemetery, Harrison Co., Indiana.

13. Marquis D. L. was born 1838 in Indiana. He married Catherine Lambert 30 Mar 1859 in Harrison Co., Indiana. They had one daughter: Mary E.  Marquis died in 1916.

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