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Ira Barnes Bateman was born March 28, 1809, in Southbury, Connecticut, and died November 12, 1880, at Cold Spring township, Shelby County, Illinois. His parents were Stephen Calvin Bateman (1770-1848) and Nancy (Shelton) Bateman (1773-1848). Ira was a farmer. He apparently moved around some as his oldest child, Ruth, was born in Michigan, his next child was born in Delaware, and the rest were born in Morgan County, Illinois. There were only five years between the births of his first and third children, and we know he lived in at least three different states in those five years.

On December 27, 1843, Ira married Ann J. Christy in Gloucester City, New Jersey. She was born January 21, 1822, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Robert Christy and Ruth Wheaton. Ann died September 18, 1876, in Cold Spring township, Shelby County, Illinois. Ira and Ann are both buried at William Price cemetery in Shelby County. She is buried in the lot owned by Hamilton Miller (her son-in-law). The Prices in this cemetery do not appear to be related to our Price line.

In 1860 Ira and Ann lived in Indian Creek Township, Morgan County, Illinois. The census records show that Ann's mother, Ruth Christy was living with them. She was seventy years old. Ira and Ann lived in Shelbyville at the time of the 1870 census. At that time his real estate was valued at $1700. The 1880 census shows Ira and five of his children.

Children of Ira Bateman and Ann Christy:

(Bradley Ridge [BR] only shows ten children. He has an "Ann" who I'm going to assume is Angeline. He doesn't have Emma, Richard, or the unnamed child. The 1860 census for Morgan County, Illinois, Indian Creek shows Ira with seven children - included is Emma, then age 10. I'm not sure where I picked up Richard and the unnamed child so they may not belong here. I have found no information about Eunice or Elizabeth who Bradley shows.)

1.1 Ruth Ann (1845-1936) was born December 11, 1845, and died April 4, 1936. She married Adam Clark Price and they had thirteen children.

1.2 Emma B. (1848-1932) was born May 8, 1848, in Dover, Delaware(1) and died July 25, 1932, in Virginia, Cass County, Illinois. She married Preston Franklin Gaines.

1.3 Mary Ellen (1850-1909) was born November 3, 1850, in Illinois, and died in Shelby County, Illinois, in 1909. She married Hamilton Miller.

1.4 Angeline was born February 14, 1853 and died October 31, 1854 in Morgan County, Illinois. She is buried at Arcadia cemetery in Morgan County.

1.5 George Washington (1854-1931) was born December 4, 1854 and died June 28, 1931. He married Theresa Clarinda Pryce on September 1, 1881, in Christian County, Illinois. George and Clarinda had eight children.

1.6 Josephine "Josa" (1857-1884) was born June 23, 1857, in Morgan County, Illinois, and died June 14, 1884, in Shelby County, Illinois. According to the 1880 census she was a dwarf and could not read or write. She never married.

1.7 Harriet "Hattie" (1859-1933) was born January 29, 1859, and died January 25, 1933. She married Jesse D. Mount.

1.8 Robert Christy (1861-1926)

1.9 Octavia (1863-1955)

1.10 Eunice

1.11 Elizabeth

1.12 Richard


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(2) State of Illinois marriage licenses


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