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So far, my research of the Hoffmann line begins and ends with Heinrich and his daughter Agnes. If you have some spare time and want to read microfilm of German church records, please be my guest!

Heinrich Hoffmann was born in Offenbach, Germany, in 1660 and died September 23, 1727. He and his wife Anna Elisabetha were the parents of seven children.

This Family Register(1) shows Heinrich and Anna Hoffmann's family. I don't know when the entry was made as it shows the children's spouses.



This is from the index (2) to the Baptismal Register. You will note that the oldest child, Johan Jacob, is not included because he was born before 1685 when the register was started.

Children of Heinrich and Anna Hoffmann:

1.1 Johan Jacob (1682-1747)

1.2 Agnes (1686 -)

1.3 Johannes (1688-)

1.4 Johannes (1690-1752)

1.5 Anna Margaretha (1694-)

1.6 Johan Georg (1700-)

1.7 Anna Catharina (1706-1706)

1.1 Johan Jacob was born in Offenbach, Landau, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany, in 1682 and died November 15, 1747. At some point he emigrated to Hungary. He married first Anna Catherine Knochel on February 23, 1705. She died March 19, 1706, and he married for the second time on February 28, 1707 to Anna Ottilia Straser. Anna Ottilia died in 1740. His third marriage was to Maria Elisabetha Schlaffer on January 9, 1741. She was of Herxheim. I do not know if he had any children.

*1.2 Agnes married David Preisch

1.3 Johannes - died as infant

1.4 Johannes was christened October 8, 1690, in Offenbach, Landau, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany, and died September 9, 1752. He married Eva Catharina Roth on November 3, 1728.

1.5 Anna Margaretha was christened October 17, 1694 in Offenbach, Landau, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany. She married Henry __October 23, 1697.

1.6 Johan Georg was christened April 25, 1700 in Offenbach, Landau, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany. On May 7, 1725, he married Eva Barbara Starct. He later emigrated to America.

1.7 Anna Catharina was christened on February 7, 1706, and died December 7, 1706.

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(1) Family Register (Catholic) of Offenbach (Landau), Rheinland Pfalz, Germany 1685-1822, G.S. #367, 643

(2) Baptismal Register, Catholic Church Records- 1685-1822, Offenbach (Landau), Rheinland Pfalz, Germany, LDS film G.S. #367,638 .


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