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Johan Heinrich (Henry) Preisch was christened September 8, 1725, in Offenbach, Landau, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany (1)(2). We're sure he emigrated with his brothers and sister even though he wasn't on the passenger list(3).

Sometime between 1741 and 1745 the Preisch brothers made it to Virginia. At times they owned land together, and at other times they went their own way. They lived variously in Montgomery, Augusta, and Rockingham Counties. Augustine, Daniel and Henry owned 1100 acres on Stroubles Creek in Montgomery County, Virginia. Strouble Creek runs into Blacksburg and past Price Mountain. After the Indian raid of 1755 Daniel and Augustine sold their 2/3 interest in the land to their brother J. Michael.

The Rockingham County Clerk's office lists Henry in militia district 12 and owning 178 acres of land in 1789.

It is probable that the Preisch family as well as other German settlers in the area supported the Tories during the American Revolution. King George was of German descent which may have influenced them. According to Selby

"The French and Indian War had prevented significant settlement until the mid-1760s, when a rapid influx occurred into the upper New River Valley near modern Blacksburg, where Col. William Preston led the whigs, and the upper Holston River Valley near modern Abingdon, where Colonels Arthur and William Campbell held sway. Throughout the war, reports, especially from Montgomery County where Preston lived, raised the possibility that half or more of the population might be supporters of the king. "(7)


"By 1778 marauding tory bands appeared in nearby southwestern Virginia, and the next year Carolina loyalists from the Yadkin River Valley joined sympathizers on the New and Holston rivers in an attempt to seize Chiswell Mines and capture Preston."

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Henry married Mary Magdalene and they had two sons. Henry died in 1797 and is buried at Peaked Mt Church in Rockingham County, Virginia. His wife is buried there, also, but we don't know when she was born or died.

The children of Henry and Magdalena Preisch are:(4)(5)

1.1. Henry David (1759-1834) was born March 4, 1759, in Rockingham County, Virginia(3)and christened June 5, 1759, at Peaked Mt. Church in Augusta County, Virginia. He died before March 1834 and is buried in Montgomery County, Virginia(6). He and his wife Mary (3)may have had sixteen children. This is one of the families it has been very hard to get straight.

1.1.1 David B. (1782-)

1.1.2 Elizabeth (1783-1853)

1.1.3 Henry (1790-1867)

1.1.4 Adam Radford (1796-1880)

1.1.5 Polly Nancy (1799-1834)

1.1.6 Perline Peggy (1800-)

1.1.7 Sarah Sally (1802-)

1.1.8 Robert (1801-)

1.1.9 George (1812-)

1.1.10 Ami (1816-)

1.1.11 Mary "Polly"

1.1.12 Christian B. (1797-)

1.1.13 John Alexander "Big John" (1795-1844)

1.1.14 Margaret

1.1.15 Charles (1804-)

1.1.16 Katherine


1.2.* Adam (1760-1828) married Catharina Elizabeth Miller

1.2.1 Elizabeth (1786-1853)

1.2.2 William (1788-1858)

1.2.3 Henry (1792-1875)

1.2.4 Anna Mary (1794-1828)

1.2.5 Anna Catherine "Katy" (1791-1849)

1.2.6 John (1799-1849)

1.2.7 Susan (1801-1833)

1.2.8 Adam Clark (1803-1875)

1.2.9 George (-1833)

1.2.10 Jacob (1808-1880)

1.2.11 Sarah Sally (-1828)


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