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It isn't known how long the family stayed in Pennsylvania, but they were in Virginia some time between 1741-1745. They seemed to settle mainly in three areas of Virginia - Augusta County, Montgomery County, and in Rockingham County (Rockingham was created from part of Augusta County in 1778). The area is sometimes called the New River Valley. Besides farming, some of the Prices were involved in mining in the Massanutten area.

The first tract of land that was purchased in Montgomery County rather than received as a grant was deeded to Philip Harless and Michael Price. It contained 600 acres and was on lower Toms Creek. Michael Price's first home was on the upper end of this tract. Augustine, Daniel and Henry owned 1100 acres on Stroubles Creek in Montgomery County.(2) Augustine built his home about one-half mile south of the present Price's Fork, Virginia. Daniel settled one mile south of Price's Fork. J. Henry built a house in the same area. The exact location isn't known but Henry appears to have gotten the western end of the 1100 acrea tract.

Price's Fork was near "Drapers meadow" which is now the historic plantation Smithfield. The Prices owned land at Stroubles Creek which is the area where Blacksburg was established in 1798 (short history of Blacksburg). One of the first 26 people to buy lots in Blacksburg was Henry Price. The area is described as "And so there emerged Toms Creek, Stroubles Creek, and other waterways, each meandering among hills large and small to the New River-and Brush Mountain, Price Mountain, and Paris Mountain, which surround Blacksburg. "(4) A map of Montgomery County shows some of the households near Price's Fork. as well as Price's Mountain.(5) Note Blacksburg in the upper right corner. A full map of the area is on the Virginia Tech Special Libraries site.

After the Indian raid of 1755 Daniel and Augustine returned to Rockingham County and sold their two-thirds interest in the 1100 acres to their brother Michael. He later built a home and fort there and it was used as a mustering place during the Revolution. An indenture agreement between Daniel and his nephew Adam indicates that in 1800 Daniel was living in Orange County, Virginia.

The Prices also owned land near Peaked Mountain in Augusta County.

Some of the Prices worshipped at St. Peter's Lutheran church. It was four miles north of Elkton and perhaps it was called in early times Lower Peaked Mountain Church. It was dedicated in June, 1777 and remodeled in 1910. Other of the Prices and Millers worshipped at the Peaked Mt. Lutheran Church (1) in Augusta County, Virginia. The church was built in 1769, and the Prices were among those signing the agreement for the new church.

"Agreement Between the Reformed and Lutheran Congregations Worshipping in the Peaked Mountain Church:  Rockingham Co., Va., Oct. 31, 1769.

In the name of the Triune God and with the consent of the whole congregation, we have commenced to build a new house of God, and it is by the help of God, so far finished that the world may see it.

     We have established it as a union church, in the use of which the Lutherans and their descendants as well as the Reformed and their descendants, shall have equal share.  But since it is necessary to keep in repair the church and school house and support the minister and schoolmaster, therefore, we have drawn up this writing that each member sign his name to the same and thereby certify that he will support the minister and school-master and help to keep in repair the church and the school-house as far as lies in his ability.

     Should, however, one or another withdraw himself from such Christian work, (which we would not suppose a Christian would do), we have unitedly concluded that such a one shall not be looked upon as a member of our congregation, but he shall pay for the baptism of a child 2s. 6d., which shall go into the treasury of the church, for the confirmation of the child 5s., which shall be paid to the minister as his fee; and further, should such a one come to the table of the Lord and partake of the Holy Communion, he shall pay 5s., which shall go into the treasury of the church; and finally, if such a one desires burial in our graveyard, he shall pay 5s., which shall also be paid into the treasury of the church.

     In confirmation of which we have drawn up this document, and signed it with our several signatures.

     Done in Augusta County, at the Peaked Mountain and the Stony Creek churches, on October 31st, Anno Domini, 1769.

     The present elders:

                George Mallo, Sr.                                 Nicholas Mildeberger


                John   X  Hetrick                                   Frederick Ermentraut


                Philip Ermentraut                                                  Jacob Bercke

             Henry Ermentraut                                                         his

             Daniel Kropf                                                         Jacob I. E Ergebrecht

             Peter Mueller, Sr.                                                        mark

                        his                                                             John Reisch

              Adam O Hetrich                                                   Jacob Ergebrecht

                       mark                                                           John Mildeberger

                Jacob Traut                                                         John Hausman

                Augustine Preisch                                               George Mallo, Jr.

                George Schillinger                                               Jacob Lingle

                Anthony Oehler                                                   Peter Niclas

                John Mann                                                          Jacob Kropf

                Alwinus Boyer                                                     Jacob Niclas

                Charles Risch                                                        George Zimmerman

                Henry Kohler                                                        Christian Geiger

                William Long

                Augustine Preisch, Jr.                                         Peter Euler

                Conrad Preisch                                                  William Mchel

                Jacob Kissling                                                      Jacob Risch

                Jacob Bens                                                          John Ermentraut

                Adam Herman                                                      Corad Loevenstein

                Michael Mallo                                                      John Schaefer

                                 his                                                     Christopher Ermentraut

                Christopher  X  Hau                                             Martin Schneider

                                mark                                                   John Bens" (3)



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(5) "Historical Map of Montgomery County, Virginia, Giving the Names and Locations of Many of the Early Adventurers in the Territory from 1750 to1865."








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