The consensus seems to be that the majority of the German settlers in Montgomery County, Virginia, were Tories. This is the gentlest description of their affIliation that I have found.

"The Blacks, Rutledges, Prices, Amises, and other early families

Other families who owned land near Smithfield included the Blacks and the Rutledges. They were educated Scotch-Irish and English people who had first come to communities in the lower valley between the mountains, and then moved on to the new counties. They served in the militias against the Indians and then in the Revolutionary forces against the English. Many of the German settlers of the area were slower to join the Revolutionary forces because of their language differences and traditional attitude of emphasis on family affairs rather than government. These included the Harmons, Prices, Walls and others whose farms lay on the creeks between the Appalachian Ridge and the New River. (1)"



(1) Blackburgs Bicentennial.






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