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Amelung (All variations)

Marcine (Amelung) Lohman

New generations added!  I am now researching Andreas AMELUNCKEN born 1650 - 1660 in Germany and married to Ilse SAUERFINCK.  Their son, Hans Andreas Amelunke (born 1680 - 1690 in Bornum, Braunschweig, Germany and died 28 Aug 1757 in Königsdahlum) married He(i)dewig Elisabeth SCHIEBER on 12 Apr 1714 in Königsdahlum and they had three known children there: Peter "Andreas" Amelung who married Ilsa Maria SCHILLY, Hans Henny/Hennig Nicolaus Amelunke who married Catharina Maria KLAUENBERG, and Curdt Heinrich Ameluncke.

I descend through Peter "Andreas" Amelung's son, Johann Christof AMELUNG who was born Aug 1748 in Königsdahlum near Bockenem, Hildesheim, Germany. (See Map for details). He married Ilse Marie HAUENSCHILD sometime before 1774 in Klein Rhüden. Ilse was the daughter of Daniel HAUENSCHILD and was born in 1744 in Klein Rhüden. This information came from the Ev. Lutheran Kirchengemeinde - St. Martini Rhüden, Pfarrstr. 7, 38723 Seesen-Rhüden, Germany but they have no further information on this family.

I've been collecting any and all information on AMELUNG families (all spelling variations and locations) for a comprehensive database that I have but am especially looking for information on the above family.  ANYTHING is appreciated.
Marcine Lohman, 4453 Gravois Road, House Springs, MO 63051.  Phone:   636-671-7766
Marcine's Genealogy

Ib Arve Pedersen
My mothers maiden name was Claudine Josephine Mariane AMELUNG.  She was born 2.4.1894, her brothers were named Ditlev Claus Josef and Heinrich Christian Frederik.   My great grandfather is supposed to have been custodian in Aarhus city in Denmark.  **Email Returned as Undeliverable**

Mark Frederik Amelung
I would like to know more about my family (AMELUNG), and also hear from any relatives. I'm from Aarhus, Denmark, and I'm 16 years old.  **Email Returned as Undeliverable**

Peter Verhof
Researching the AMELUNG family. My great grandfather was Soren VERHOF, married to Josephine AMELUNG. Found some pictures, at my grandmothers Lizzie Verhof NIELSEN, of Josephine with her brother Arnold Gustav Viggo AMELUNG when she visited him in America.  Searching for relatives in America/Denmark.  **Email Returned as Undeliverable**

Karen Rowe
Researching the family of Heinrich Christian AMELUNG born Bet. 1766 - 1767 in Schaumburg, Germany, and died February 8, 1827 in Beckedorf, Schaumburg, Germany. He married Engel Maria LATWESEN 1789 in Godehardi Church of Beckedorf, Germany, daughter of Hans LATWESEN and Maria WILKENING. She was born 1763 in Beckedorf, Schaumburg, Germany, and died September 27, 1834 in Beckedorf, Schaumburg, Germany.

Jim Anderson
Researching Philip SOMMERKAMP, husband of Fredericka Keenner AMELUNG (daughter of John Friederick Amelung, the founder of New Bremen glassworks).  I have over 300 direct descendants of Philip recorded to date (Apr 99).

Kirk Wayland
Researching family of Johanna Theadora Luise AMELUNG, born 1812 in Lauenforde, Germany.  Married March 8, 1840 in Meinbrexen to Johann Karl Julius GREWE who was born October 12, 1814, died March 1, 1890.  Has photo of Johanna.

Jane Helms
Researching the Behrend ALMELING and Dorothea Wilhelmine Margaret Backhaus family of New Melle, Missouri.

Max Gschneidinger
Has information in his database on Jacob AMELUNG in 1505 in Strassburg.  Daughter Gertrude AMELUNG/AMMLER b before 1520 married in Strassburg to Heinrich HELLER who was Ammeister (Master of a guild) there.

Mary Sutton
Her g-g-grandmother was Agathe AMELUNG, who married Heinrich Gustav LENFFER.   They had a son named Karl Arthur John Lenffer, born in Neindorf, Germany.    Seeking information.  **Email Returned as Undeliverable**

Melvin Amelunke
Researching Johann Daniel AMELUNGK, born September 26, 1749 in Königsdahlum, Germany, and died May 15, 1813 also in Königsdahlum.  He married Catherine Magdalene PAGES April 20, 1780 in Ortshausen, Germany and had the following children:    Johann "Heinrich" Joseph AMELUNKE, born July 02, 1787 in Königsdahlum, Germany; died 1838 in Königsdahlum, Germany, and Johann "Christian" AMELUNKE, born December 25, 1798.  His line of this family immigrated to Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
Melvin Amelunke can be contacted at  2589 Co. Rd. 383, Whitewater, MO 63785 or via E-mail.

Kate Marie Amelung
I am researching the AMELUNG family.  My great-grandfather's name was Phillip AMELUNG and my grandfather's name was Lawrence AMELUNG. That is all I know about my family.  **Email Returned as Undeliverable**

Cathy Ibsch
I am researching my husbands family his great grandfather was married to Mariannah SCHIMMELPFENNIG.  Her two sisters, Amalie and Elisabeth Schimmelpfennig were married to Gottfried and Friedrich AMLING. Their marriages took place around 1850 and 1860 in Deutschendorf, Krs. Prs. Holland, East Prussia, Prussia.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Gloria Sue Moore Hill
My Mothers maiden name was AMELUNG, her father was Leonard, his father's name was John. John resided in Kensington, Ohio and had 9 children between two wifes.  John's family was from Edgar, WI.   His parents names were Henry and Wilhemina AMELUNG. They had 9 children.

Rodolfo Mauricio Leal Ammler
I am looking to find some information about my grandfather's family AMMLER.   He came to Mexico from Germany I think in 1930 and left some brothers and sisters in Germany.   I would like to know if there are still some relatives of my family there.

Dirk St. Dumrese
13 generations AMELUNG in Germany:
from - AMELUNG, born 1374 (Barfelde) to - Friederica Sophia Dorothea AMELUNG, born Mölln 22.3.1767.

Nachkommen von Anton Christian Friedrich AMELUNG, Apothekerlehre in Halberstadt 1748-54, im 7 jährigen Krieg Heereslieferant, im Forstwesen tätig ab 1764, Pächter der herzogl. braunschw. Spiegelhütte in Grünenplan, Nov. 1773, Oberdirektion der Spiegelfabriken Catharina und Lisette auf dem Gute Woisek bei Dorpat/Estland 1794-1798.
Web Site URL:

Sara Jeanne Burke
Searching for ancestors of my g-g-grandfather & g-g-grandmother. He was John Christophe AMELING b. Hanover, Prussia 1828. d. Louisville, KY 1883. He married Carolina Juliana SAUERCROFT/SAUERCROSS in Louisville, KY, 1852. She was b. Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia 1828 and d. Louisville, KY 1900. They had 12 children between 1852 and 1874; Caroline, Jacob, William Frederick, John, Charles H., Louisa, Henry Emil, Edward H., Frederick J., George, Peter & Joseph.
Can you help?  **Email Returned as Undeliverable**

Marco Petersen
I’m searching for the Family name AMELING. My Ancestors came from Slagelse/Fyn in Denmark. They emigrated to Amsterdam/Netherland. Please contact me if you have some Ameling-datas...
Web Site URL:

Elsa A. Logan
I am researching John Henry AMELUNG listed in the 1850 census as being from Thedinghausen, Braunschweig, Prussia, born about 1826, was living in St. Louis and had married within that year. He remained in St Louis until his death. I am trying to locate the family in Germany, know of no siblings.

Shari Ameling
I am researching my husband's family. His grandfather was Earl AMELING and was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1899. He had some brothers and sisters but I do not know who they were. I do know there was a brother Herm. that was born in 1906 but that is all I know. Earl's father was Herman Edward AMELING and Earl's mother was Hilda JOHNSON.

I am interested in finding out about Earl's brothers and sisters and his father Herman's family. Thank you!

Laura Call Leavell
Researching AMLUXEN, AMELUXEN, AMELUNXEN.  My AMELUXNEN line came from Prussia, sometime between 1836 and 1880 and ended up in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin.  From there, they changed the name to AMLUXEN and moved to Hennepin County, Minnesota (Minneapolis).  They showed up there in the 1900's and are in the 1900 census.  My grandmother was Glynnis AMLUXEN.  Some of the AMLUXENs went to the Detroit area, and I know of one brother that ended up in Chicago, but most stayed in the Minneapolis area.  Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

Ron Haertel
Johann Friedrich Christian AMELUNG b. 13 Jan 1793, d. 9 Nov 1872, married Christen Elenore MEYER 29 Sep 1822 Sachsenhagen, H. Germany. She was b. 1 Mar 1795, d. 2 Dec 1883. Son, Johann Heinrich AMELUNG b. 27 Jan 1823, in Sachsenhagen, Hessen-Nassau, Germany, d. 12 Jan 1878 Sachsenhagen, Hessen-Nassau, Germany.

Johann Heinrich AMELUNG married Engel Marie Dorothee BOEDECKER 7 Nov 1847 Sachsenhagen Hessen-Nassau,Germany. She was born 23 May 1824 in Gross Nenndorf, H, Preussen, died 13 Dec 1890. Daughter Sophie Dorothee Charlotte AMELUNG born 17 October 1863, Beckerdorf, Hessen-Nassau, Preussen. She Married Friedrich Christoph SEEMEIER 1 Jan 1883 in Beckedorf, Hessen, Preussen. He was born 24 Aug 1860, died 9 Dec 1939 Beckedorf, Hessen-Nassau, Preussen.

They had a daughter Anna Sophie Dorothee SEEMEIER, born 1 May 1883 in Beckedorf, Hessen, Preussen.

Godfrey Eardley
My great grandmother was Fredericka AMLUNG. She married Jacob PEES in Bellville Illinios 24 March 1861. I have her birth date as 15 Feb. 1842. I have done extensive research on the PEES line but I am just starting on the AMLUNG's. There is a lot of information on this family at the Belleville Public Library. I have the children of Jacob and Fredericka and most of the dates. I have found that there is a short Bio on Jacob Amlung in the library and he says they came from Rockenhausen, Germany. Also my GG Jacob PEES lists this as where his wife was from in Germany. I live not far from Belleville so can do more research.

Rory Collins
I am looking for more information about the ancestors of John Henry (Johann Heinrich) AMELING who was born circa 1848 in New Orleans. He married Caroline ZIMMERLE in 1870 and the couple had 8 children, 4 of which lived past adolescence. John's parents may or may not have been from Germany...

Jo Dixon
Researching:  Ambelang
Carl Fredrick "Franz" AMBELANG son of Johann Wilhelm Mathias Ambelang and Charlotte Wilhelm Caroline 1814 -1891 birth place: believe Hesse Darmstad Prussia; death place: Chariton IA. "Franz" b: 18 July 1846 m: Bertha BEGHOW/ BERGROW/BEGEROW/ BEGRO/ 16 Nov 1869 came to US with parents 1867 a couple years after his 2 brothers, Carl August Wilhelm and Carl Fredrich Wilhlem. This family lived in Chariton, Iowa except for Carl August Wilhelm Ambelang who moved to WI. I am trying to find a connection to the WI Ambelangs that came about the same time.

Clinton Ehlert
I have found out over the last year that my male line of Ehlerts is really Ameling and that changed two times from Lenting then to Ehlert. So some Ehlerts in North America are a sub-branch of the Ameling Family. This is how my generations go:

The first person is
1.) Henricus Schultetus Ameling
2.) Albert Ameling, born September 1619
3.) Hindrich Schulze Ameling he married a Lentinck or Lenting, Born 1655
4.) Johannes Schulze (Ameling) Lenting, Born 1680
6.) Hermann Lenting, born May 30, 1727. When he married a Anna Elisabeth Kiwitt, she had a husband that passed away with the name Ehlert, so when John Hermann Lenting married her he changed his name to Johann Hermann Lenting Ehlert. He was born April 7, 1765.
6.) Johann Herman Gerard Henric (Lenting) Ehlert, born November 27, 1800. when he and His Wife Marie Christina Naber came to the United States in August of 1850, he took the name Johann Herman Ehlert and all of his descendants have the name Ehlert.
7.) John Herman Ehlert, born November 25, 1838. All of the above were born in a little farming community called Ammein near Ahause, Westfallen, Germany.
8.) Henry bernard Ehlert, my great Grandfther, born January 19, 1889 in Breckenridge, Minnesota.
9.)James John Ehlert, my Grandfather, born October 31, 1922.
9.) Larry Elwood James Ehlert, My father.
10.) Clinton Shannon James Ehlert, me.

I wonder how far back the Ameling name goes and if I could go further back then Henricus Schultetus Ameling. I would appreciate any help that any one could give or any suggestions on finding more of my ancestors in Ammein, Westfallen, Germany.
52 Camelote Avenue, Leduc, Alberta, Canada

Florian Amelung
Researching:  AMELUNG
My name is Florian Amelung. I am the son of Henning Ewald Heinrich Amelung and Grandson of Ernst Amelung. My family comes from Dörentrup and Sprok in Germany, where many of them still live today. That is also where the Amelungsburg is located. An old hill/mountain where a rampart/fortification use to stand dating back roughly 2000 to 2250 years []

Karen Wali
Researching:  AMELANG
Earliest ancestor Johann "Peter" Ludwig AMELANG born 1754 Cothen/Kothen Germany. My direct ancestor Friedrich Wilhelm "William" AMELANG emigrated to Iowa in 1870s, marrying twice. Automsomal & Y-DNA listed FTDNA.


Ash - Ashe

Marcine Lohman
Researching Daniel ASH, Sr. b. Bet. 1775 - 1780 in possibly Virginia, Georgia or South Carolina, and died after 1821 in Scott County, Virginia. He married Susanna circa 1801 in Scott County, Virginia. She was born Bet. 1775 - 1780 in North Carolina or Virginia possibly, and died after 1830 in Scott County, Virginia. Their Children: Elizabeth, Lavina, Laudewick, Samuel, Andrew, Mary, William, Thomas, Daniel Jr., & Matilda ASH. I'm descended through Samuel ASH's daughter, Elizabeth, who died in Miller County, Missouri.
Marcine's Genealogy

Geri Coats
My husband's g-grandmother, Lydia ASH, b Sept. 3, 1839. I need to know where she was born and who her parent's were.  She had a brother named, Henry.  Earliest location that I know was Sprott, Alabama. Lydia married a William LEE, an attorney. They separated and she took 2 sons, Tom and Mosco, to Mississippi. They came to Texas in 1891. I would appreciate any leads.

Donna Sattley
Researching Green ASH and wife Caroline BROWN.  Descended from his son, William Henry ASH b. 11 Oct. 1844, d. 28 Jun 1920 in Missouri, and wife Rachel Ellen HART.   Children of Green ASH and Caroline BROWN are:

   1.  William Henry ASH (listed above)
   2.  Harvey ASH, b. 9 Sep 1850, Camden Co., MO, d. 17 Nov 1928, Crawford Co., MO
   3.  Pinkney Green ASH, Jr., b. 5 Oct 1835 near Nashville, TN, d. 5 Nov 1913, Climax Springs, Camden, MO.
   4.  George ASH
   5.  Carolina ASH
   6.  Albert ASH
   7.  Saud ASH
   8.  Laurina ASH
   9.  Hunker P. ASH

This is a different family from Samuel ASH who resided near Brumley, Miller Co., MO.

Betsy June Ash-Virtue
Adam ASH-from Germany landed in Philadelphia, Pa, served in the Revol. War.  Finally made his home in what is now West Virginia, Harrison County.  **Email Returned as Undeliverable**

Julie Sefton
John ASH born in Boston area 1829.  He married Martha Elizabeth NORTH and the couple emigrated from MA to MI by 1870.  Children include Cora, Lena, Adelaide (Adelie?) and William James ASH.  William James b 1859 in Malden, MA - married Effie B. Linda SEYMOUR - three sons Lacey Lloyd b 1889, John Warren b 1891, and Charles Carroll  b 1896, all in the Oceana/Newaygo Co., MI area.  Searching for clues on any and all of these folks.
Web Site URL:

Elizabeth Ash Evans
Looking for George ASH, born 1827 in Wiltshire England, no info after 185l census of Middlesex Co (London). married Ruth Elizabeth BOWMAN in England, had two ch at that time, Sarah Sophia, and Charlotte, maybe Alma, later. Could have immigrated to Australia in the later part of the 1850's.. as his Brother, and 2 sisters also left England ..Brother Francis Mark ASH settled in Augusta Co Va. 1857.. any help will be appreciated. Elizabeth  **Email Returned as Undeliverable**

Robert Leishman
I am interested in any of the New York German ASH family, descended from Johan Wilhelm ESCH and Elizabeth DOP.  I actually have two ASH lines.

1.  Robert Wilbur LEISHMAN, b. 23 May 1933, Alliance, NE m. Maxine Doris BEERS, 26 May 1957, Chadon (Dawes) NE.
2.  Mary Pauline ASH, b. 16 Nov 1893, (Crawford) IA; d. 13 Aug 1959, Moses Lake (Grant) WA.  She m.  Clarence Elmer LEISHMAN, 24 May 1911, near Lakeside (Sheridan) NE.
3.  Jason ASH, b. 13 May 1849, Magnolia (Rock) WI; d. 3 Jan 1919, Milan (Spokane) WA.   He m. 1) Jane SWEET; 2) Elise Mary DIACON, 12 Feb 1879, (Monona) IA; 3) Bernice _______.  (Elise Mary DIACON is my ancestor).
4.  Thomas T. ASH, b. 10 Jun 1803, Grand Isle (Grand Isle) VT; d. 20 jan 1880, Brodhead.  He m. several times. My ancestor is Margret BELL.
5.  Peter ASH, b. 1758-1760, New York.  He m. Catharine ____________.
6.  Yohan Wilhelmus ESCH, b. 26 Dec 1732, Blessenbach, Hessen-Nassau Preussen, Germany; d. Apr 1796, Halfmoon (Saratoga) NY.  He m. Elizabeth DOPP, 1757, Red Hook (Dutchess) NY.
7.  Johan Henrich Mathias ESCH, b. 13 Feb 1702/03, Runkel, Heisen-Preussen, Germany; d. 15 Nov 1782, Blesenbach, Germany.  He m. Anna Maria KROH, 5 Nov 1726, Blesnbach, Germany.

My second Ash line is:

1.  Robert Wilbur LEISHMAN
2.  Mary Pauline ASH
3.  Jason ASH
4.  Margret BELL, b. 9 Aug 1891, NY; d. 10 Aug 1902, Iowa. She m. Thomas T. ASH.
5.  Effie ASH, b. 1798, NY; d. 1867, (Dane) WI.  She m. John BELL in New York.
6.  David ASH  (unknown which David ASH). It may have been David ASH, son of Yohan Wilhelm ESCH and Elizabeth DOP, by an unknown first wife.

Claudette Fulkerson
Searching for parent's of my gggrandfather "Evan W. ASH". Evan was born 1802. Lived in Switzerland Co. In. Married Mary STRATFORD. Children were Henry T., John L., William O.B., Sylvester, Sarah and Mary Elizabeth. Evan must have died before 1860 as he isn't mentioned on a census.

Julie Fivecoate
I am researching Susannah Catharin ASH (b. 15 Jun 1837, Sharon, IL) daughter of John and Catharin ASH.  Susannah married William Boyd DUNKLE (b. 20 Apr 1833) and they had six children: Sarah, Mary, John, Maggie, George and William.

Al/Nancy Ash
Looking for Alva Jr.'s father's family: Alva William ASH, Sr. born 1887 in Greene Co., IL., d. 1954 Monroe, LA; grandfather was William Russell ASH, b. 1848 Whitehall, IL d. 1920 Quincy, IL; grandmother is Nancy Ann HICKS of Edwardsville, IL.; great grandfather is John ASH b. 1813 Muhlenburg, KY m. Keziah JOHNSON 1834, d. 1889 Montgomery Co., IL.     

Alva Sr. we read recently had a sister, Ada Mae Ash BIGHAM that we would like to know more about and her descendants, too, some of which are supposed to be living somewhere.

Susan York
Annie ASH is my GGgrandmother.  What I know is that she married James McDONALD and had daughter, Sadie, b 1875 in St John, NB, Canada.  Sadie in turn married Judson Correy JOHNSON.  Their daughter (my Grandmother) Ethel Helen b 1911 in Oregon.

Percy ASH-[ASHES] my grandfather 12-04-1890. His father William. Not sure if his mother is Ann or Mary. He had brother Harry or Harold and Mary called Molly or Polly. And there was more. I know he was Welsh or half. Not sure if he was born in England or Wales, but have his passport something to do with stockport. My grandmother was from Lancashire Eng. My grandparent came to the U.S. in 1920. My two uncles born there in England and aunt Mary was too. Thanks for any info.

Kay Flanagan
Searching for the ASH Family in London.
William b. 1806 Married Mary FREEMAN 1830 - had 8 children
James b. 1839 Married Sarah TOWNSEND  had 3 +? children.
Thomas b. 1869 Married Elizabeth BEZER 1889
The came to New Zealand in 1912  with 12 of their 14 children. - Of those only 1 went to Australia - and 1 is still alive - (as at 9/2001) -  Any connection to another family would be great.  **Email Returned as Undeliverable**

Charles Samuel Ash
Father: Christopher Charles Samuel ASH Uncle: Charles Henry ASH Aunt: Helen (BULLOCK) Grandfather: Henry ASH Grandmother: Mary Ann (WOOD was maiden name) Great Gandfather: Samuel WOOD Great Grandmother: Rebecca (MARINEAUX maiden name) Henry was a private in the first world war, British I think. Sam WOOD was also a private in the same army, same war. They lived in Dwight Ontario late 1800's.

John Kenneth Ash
My Great-Great-Grandparents are William "Bill" ASHE and Sarah SPENCER 1800 ( + or - 5yrs). Both buried at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church's Cemetery in Lumpkin Co. Ga. I am the son of Andrew J. ASH, the grandson of William Melton (Milt) ASH & Mary JONES and great grandson of Andrew Jackson ASHE & Fannie Vernetta CALDWELL.

Helen Ash Lowry
My father was Robert Ervin ASH, born August 7, 1908, date of death, November 28, 1942, Ca. His father was Joe or Joseph Franklin ASH, born 1888. He married Sarah Rebecca MAPLES. My gr. father was Irvin ASH, born 10-25-1842, don't know where. He married Ruthia STIVENS or STEVENS.
Joe or Joseph ASH died May 29, 1959, buried at Cassvelle, Mo. Not much to go on but maybe someone can help. Thanks Helen  **Email Returned as Undeliverable**

Mary Andre
I am researching Christopher ASH who married Nancy Spencer NEIGHBORS in VA in 1821. By 1840, they were in St. Clair Co., IL ( according to the 1840 census). They had 10 kids. Two of them Lucy(born 1831) and Sarah Catherine (born 1833) married John Thomas WARD (b1830-d1894 in St. Clair Co., IL). I have information on the family after getting to St. Clair Co. and would be willing to share.

John Kenneth Ash
I am the son of Andrew Jackson ASH (1895 - 1950), the grandson of William Milton ASH (Oct. 1864 - 1951) & Mary JONES (Jan. 27, 1871 - Sept. 16, 1935), the great grandson of Andrew Jackson ASHE (Aug. 6, 1837 - Aug. 26, 1924) , the gr. gr. grandson of William "Bill" ASHE and Sarah SPENCER.

What I'm looking for is the children of William & Sarah, and perhaps their parents and grand parents.

Marlene Cichy
I'm looking for my ggrfather, Mansfield ASH b abt 1851 in IN I believe, died in Iowa abt 1900. I'm also searching for info on my gggrfather who was listed on the first marriage of Mansfield (to Rebecca ASH in 1871), Washington Co., IA as Joseph ASH. I have found Mansfield lived most of his life in Keokuk Co., IA. I have found nothing on Joseph other than his name on the marriage certificate. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Marlene  **Email Returned as Undeliverable**

Rod and Pat Ash
Jonathan ASH was the son of Theodore (Dory) ASH and Phebe WILLIAMS Ash, and grandson of Daniel ASH, Sr. His known siblings were Madison (1829) Samuel (1832, Susan (1835), and Catherine (1837). He was born 25 July 1837 in Indiana as were all of the children. Theodore and Phebe WILLIAMS Ash were married 15 June 1826 in Scott, VA. Dory Ash is in the 1830 Federal Census for Lawrence, Indiana, and interestingly enough his neighbor is Theodore PRIDEMORE and Daniel PRIDEMORE--who may well be the family of Susan PRIDEMORE Ash. Phebe Ash, appears to be widowed, in the 1850 Schulyer, MO census with all of her children, except Madison, who has married, and lives there also.

Jonathan ASH married Nancy Jane WARD and they had a daughter Eliza Jane ASH. Jonathan Ash remarried, sometime after 1860 to Sarah Jane MILLER and died in 1868. Their children were Isaac William, Grant, Alpha & Mary Josephine.

Marlys Ash Waggle
I'm researching Daniel ASH, Sr. b. Bet. 1775-1780, NC/SC d. after 1821 in Scott County, Virginia. He married Susanna (thought to be PRIDEMORE) about 1801 in Scott County, Virginia. I am descended from Daniel and Susanna (PRIDEMORE) through their son, Andrew ASH b. 1804, Lee (Scott) County, VA, and Elizabeth Ann GILLUM, b. abt. 1807; through their son, Daniel ASH b. abt. 1829 in Scott County, VA and Minerva Ann Head LEWIS, b. abt. 1833; through their son, Andrew Jackson ASH, b. 1879, Fayette County, WV, and Floda Thomas HARLOW, b. abt. 1882; through their son, Clifford Jackson ASH, b. 13 Dec. 1907, and Mae GULLETT, b.14 May 1911.

Ronnie Whitten
Lou Ella ASH b 23 Nov 1867 possibly in Alabama married J. L. HALL 11 Dec 1883 place unknown, then Lou Ella married John Van WHITTEN 05 May 1889 Lee Co., Mississippi. Lou died 03 May 1944 in Carey, Childress, Texas buried there next day. Some info on WHITTEN line but nothing on her back or her HALL connection posted this on roots and gen forum. So far nothing - any help appreciated. Thanks.

Susan Richards
I am researching the ASH family. I come through Daniel Sr., and then through Loudewich (sp?), Eliza Catherine and her daughter Susannah, etc...  **Email Returned as Undeliverable**

William James Dodson
My family comes from Brumley, Miller County, Mo. My grandmother was Lucy (GODFREY) DODSON 5-9-1881 to 12-7-1971. She married Fred DODSON, Son of Frank DODSON and Elizabeth ASH. Her family lived in Brumley and many are buried at the Robinett Family Cemetery. Lucy's mother was Emline PHILLIPS (9-1-1860 to 12-9-1941. Emline married William James GODFREY. Emline's parents were my GG Grandfather, Irwin (aka Lewis) PHILLIPS b abt 1826, d abt 1882, married Louisa ROBINETT in 11-11-1845.

When my g. uncle, Carl GODFREY died in 2-11-1987, a legal document was received listing decendants. Those in Missouri included GODFREY's, BROWN's, ASH, ROBINETT, LUTTRELL's, and a CLARK and a TABOR.

My Grandfather, Fred DODSON's Death Cert, listed Frank as his father and Elizabeth ASH as his mother. His sister (half sister?) Edith Elizabeth RUTTER listed ASH as her mother, (blank) as her father. Recently received really good information from Marcine Lohman and Becky Ash-Mitchell. Gave me a real big jump start.  **Email Returned as Undeliverable**

My grandfather, Jesse ASH of Olney, Illinois, Richland Co., was the son of John ASH and Sarah REED.  John ASH's father was Andrew Joseph ASH married Martha SANDERS in Indiana and moved to Iowa.  John apparently moved to Illinois where he married Sarah.  They are both buried in Richland County, Illinois.

I am trying to find the parents of Andrew Joseph ASH and Martha Sanders I would be glad to share any information I have.  Thank You.  **Email Returned as Undeliverable**

I am researching the family of Jacob ASH, b. 20 Mar 1839, wife Ellen (Nellie) Francis HENRY. Jacob was the son of Loudewick ASH b. 9 Jun 1821 and grandson of Daniel Ash. Jacob was the father of my great-great grandfather, George Washington ASH.

George W. ASH was born 23 Jan 1873 in Clifty, Carroll County, Arkansas and died 9 Feb 1962 in Brookfield, Linn County, Missouri. He married Isabell BREAKS in Carroll County, Arkansas 23 Jul 1893.

George was the father of:  (1) Albert b. appr. 1895; (2) Louis b. 1 Jan 1896 d. 2 May 1958; (3) Bertha* b 13 Mar 1897 d. 3 Jan 1987; (4) Jake b. app. 1898; (5) Wesley b. 3 Aug 1899 d. 1 Nov 1975; (6) Vernon b. 12 Sep 1904 d. Mar 1983; (7) Etta (Elsie) b. 22 May 1907 d. Dec 1975; (8) Robert b. 1911; (9) Hugh b. 1915.

*Bertha married Joshua S. SWIHART 19 Aug 1917. Bertha and Joshua were my great grandparents.

Robert Ash
Researching:  George Robert Ash / Robert Gerald Ash

George b. 2 Apr 1885 in Missouri (No Birth Record). George married Daisy E. LEE / LEA b. 3 Mar 1888 (No Birth Record), (from Missouri), 13 Oct 1904 in Canyon County, Idaho. George and Daisy had 2 chidren Mary b. 1904, Robert b. 1907. George and family were in Idaho for the 1910 census. George married again to Louisa A. BLACK 2 Apr 1914 Canyon County, Idaho. George also registered for the WWI draft 12 Sep 1918 Boise, Ada, Idaho. No other information is known.

Robert Gerald ASH was born 17 Oct 1907 in Idaho (No Birth Record). Robert was in Idaho for the 1910 census. Robert was in California in 1914 and married Ruth Elizabeth CLAWSON 30 Sep 1929 Santa Clara County, California. Robert married again 24 Jan 1962 to Gladys M. O'CONNOR/GILES Los Angeles County, California. Robert died 22 May 1962 in Los Angeles County, California.

Any information that can be supplied, no matter how small, would be appreciated.

John K. Ash
Researching:  ASH / ASHE
My Ashes settled in Southwest North Carolina and Northeast Georgia in 1800's. I am trying to find the ancestors to Thomas ASH (1772) and Thomas ASH (1748) in Virginia.  My focal point is my GGGrandparents William "Bill" & Sarah Ann (SPENCER) ASH, 1797.

Researching:  ASH
Evan ASH of Switzerland County, Indiana could possibly be the son of "Indian" George ASH and wife She-Bear? The Last ASH we can go back to is: George Ash b. 1815 Kentucky, d. 1858 De Pau, Indiana and wife Nancy HOPKINS b. 1819 Virginia, d. 1843 De Pau, Indiana. We have tried to find George's father and mother, there is nothing,(At least to our knowledge).

Stuart Wright
Seeking ancestors of Rev. Robert ASHE of Langley Burrell, Wiltshire, England, his wife was Thermuthis MARTYN, and they had a daughter bThermuthis who married Rev. Robert KILVERT. They had a son Robert Francis KILVERT who was the Author of "The Kilvert Diaries."

Mike Goeden
My grandmother is Nellie ASH, daughter of William Robert ASH. I believe that her grandfather was Madison ASH, and great grandfather was Theodore "Dory" ASH, son of Daniel ASH Sr., died in Scott Co, Virginia 1825. Would appreciate any information on these persons

Shirley Ash-Ratliff
Laudewick ASH and Sarah WESTON-they are my gggrrandparents if I have figured back right-I have not worked on ths but I need to try to update my files. My line is Laudewick-Sylvanis (Bean) Ash-he married Hannah Henry they had a son named John William Ash B.@1882)?? and then my Father was Luke Howard Ash (B.1913-Mondell, Carroll Co., Arkansas-D-May 1955 in Miami, Ottawa Co., Oklahoma) He Married K. Louise Matthews in 1934 in Jay, Deleware Co., Oklahoma I was B. in Bernice, Deleware Co, Oklahoma-I married Chester Lee Ratliff (in Newton Co., Missouri, (We married in 1956, Dec. 21) Grove, Deleware Co., Oklahoma) I have a stone in the Olympus Cemetery in Grove with a Sarah Ash Died in 1909 and well as some more info says she died in 1913 in Grove, or Fairland, Ok. If anyone can shed some light on this please help.



Michael Georg Bodenstein
Researching the family of Andreas BODENSTEIN of Halberstadt (circa 1450) and Thomas BODENSTEIN (circa 1750) drei Hacken bei Marienbad.

Patricia Dunne
Researching the families of Johann Matthias David BODENSTEIN, born December 06, 1819 in Timmenrode, Braunschweig, Prussia, and died 1874 in U.S.A.   He married Johanne Karoline Christiane STEINMETZ Abt. 1842 in Preussia, daughter of John STEINMETZ and Johanne THOMAS.
(1) Johanna Christine Justine BODENSTEIN, born December 04, 1844 in Hasselfelde, Braunschweig, Prussia. She married Charles SPORMANN in Whiteside, Illinois.
(2) Bertha Henriette Luise BODENSTEIN, born September 02, 1853 in Timmenrode, Braunschweig, Prussia. She married Charles Conrad BARTH; born in Clinton, Iowa.

Sally Bolster Holcombe
Researching family of Conrad BODENSTEIN (her g-g-grandfather) of NY area.  Knows his daughter, Josephine Bodenstein (her g-grandmother)  was born in New York, probably in Rochester, Monroe County.

Mary Howard
Looking for information on Anita BODENSTEIN, born approx. 1896.  Was an orphan and lived with her grandfather in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She ran away when she was 16 to NYC and married C. SHEA.

Hans Pörner
Looking for information about a Maria BODENSTEIN married around 1800-1850??? with F Josef Pörner.  From the village Hertosiche in Bohemia, Europe (Today Chechia)  Relative to my grandfathers father.

Beth Exendine
Researching Henry BODENSTEIN.  Her grandfather married Catherine HOSS.  Also researching John BODENSTEIN of Rhode or Roade, Germany.

Linda Sawvel
Researching the families of Henry and Kathrin BODENSTEIN.  Their children:  (1) Herman Datleff Bodenstein, b. August 2, 1880 in Roade, Germany, Holstein Province, married Paulina HORN on July 28, 1905, d. November 23, 1949 in Southwest City, Missouri.  (2) John Bodenstein, b. June 14, 1882, d. Febuary 1, 1958 in Grove, Oklahoma.  Kathrin married (2) Charley IMGARTEN and they died at Salisbury, Missouri.  This family immigrated to Lincoln, Nebraska later moving to Perry, Oklahoma.  Herman Datleff Bodenstein's children lived in Apache, Oklahoma, Little Rock, Arkansas, Bremen, Georgia, Ponca City, Oklahoma, and Grove, Oklahoma per his obituary in 1949.
Linda Sawvel, P. O. Box 451206, Grove, Oklahoma  74345-1206

Michael Hortsch
Researching BODENSTEIN family from Halberstadt and surrounding villages.  Dead end is Heinrich Andreas BODENSTEIN (shoemaker) born about 1746, married to Sophie Elisabeth ALBRECHT (both died 1812 and 1808, respectively, in Sargstedt near Halberstadt/Germany).
Their son Gottlieb Friedrich Nicolaus Bodenstein (born 7 May 1775 in Halberstadt-St. Martini, died 1 Jan 1830 in Halberstadt-Dom) was also shoemaker and married three times (wife's names are MARZHOLFE from Halberstadt, FROMME from Wegeleben and HELMHOLD from Heimburg.

The next generation is Johannes Georg Karl Bodenstein (letter carrier in Halberstadt), who was born 5 July 1821 in Heimburg, married Johanne Christine Friedericke von der HEIDE 29 Jan 1816 in Noeschenrode/Wernigerode and died 3 May 1877 in Halberstadt/ Germany. He was my Great-Great-Grandfather.

Marcine Lohman
Researching the Johann "Heinrich" BODENSTEIN, family of Cape Girardeau County, Missouri who immigrated in 1853 from Jerze, Germany (near the Harz Mountains). (See Map for details).   Henry was born 1793 in Ortshausen, Braunschweig, Germany.  He married Johanna Marie "Dorothee" ACHTERMANN on 08 Feb 1829 in Bornum, Germany. She was born 06 Apr 1803 in Bornum, Germany, and died 23 Jun 1870 in Pilot Knob, Iron County, Missouri.
Marcine's Genealogy

Linda in Oregon
Researching: Lassater, Clark, Holder, Stallings, Hinesley, Holland, Beckwith, McClellan, Hollingsworth, Veazey, Bynum, Ward, Bird, Weatherford, Mitchell,Bunch, Evans, Gunter,Snipes, Thrift, Roundtree, Mercer, Brooks, Wilson, Ballew, Yates, White, Ray, Ruhland, Bader.

I am looking for my granddaughter's paternal line. I am looking for Cleo Ann BODENSTEIN born 1895-1905 range in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Her mother was Pearl. No father's name. She married about 1924 to William Henry RUHLAND, (1894-1960) They had one child, Donald North RUHLAND. Any information would be appreciated.

Harry Johann Bodenstein
I am researching Family BODENSTEIN.

Carolina Lucy Bodenstein Magaña
Researching:  BODENSTEIN.

abuelo Hermann Bodenstein Tooper Nacio Rotenburg alemania 26-8-198! llego en 1921 a puerto de Chañaral Chile casado con Ana Faundes Garcia,

Hijo unico Herman Bodenstein Faundes nacio 22-10-1929 hijos

Carolina Lucy Bodenstein Magaña.

Gustavo Cristian Bodenstein Magaña

Bruno ricardo Bodenstein Magaña.

Ema Bodenstein Gaete

hay nietos y bisnietos si quieres mas unformacion solo me la pides

Soy nueva en este tipo investigacion, me gustaria saber mas, si quieres mas informacion diganmelo


I recently started researching this BODENSTEIN line and would love to hear from anyone who might have a connection to this NEW YORK ancestry.

John BODENSTEIN, b. 1846 in New York, d. Sept. 12, 1891 in Rochester, Monroe, New York married, Fredericka S. (?), b. 1853 in Germany, d. Nov. 23, 1904 in Rochester, Monroe, New York.

They had (3) children all born in Rochester:

1. Lewis Jacob, b. Mar. 5, 1879
2. Louise Eleanore, b. July 1882
3. George John, b. May 3, 1884

Nancee B. Cobb

I am researching surnames from my father's side of the family which include Bodenstein, Hoffmeister, Overbeck, Beiser, and Achtermann. These families migrated from the area of Jerze, Ortshausen, and Bornum, Braunschweig, Germany to Gordonville and Jackson cities in the Cape Girardeau County area of Missouri. They traveled through the port of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA in about 1853. I have my father's DNA results and am hoping to find cousins through that resource as well.


Luttrell - Littrell (All variations)

I have so many people researching LUTTRELL/LITTRELL that I made my own page of just Luttrell researchers.
Click here to go to the LUTTRELL Researchers Page.


Schlueter - Schlüter

Daniel and Crystal Schlueter
6 generations of SCHLUETERS and associated families along the Weser north of Vegesack.
I have found a huge line of SCHLUETERS from my line while traveling in Germany..they all originate north of Bremen in Schwanewede. (Along the Weser river). I am eager to see if any other Schlüter researchers can tie in that region.

Jim Hanks
Researching John H. SCHLUETER family. I am searching the line of my great grandmother Wilhelmina (sp.) KNACKSTEDT (nee SCHLUETER ) from St Louis, Mo. She was the product of a Henry SCHLUETER or John Henry SCHLUETER and Mary BORGSTEDT and born in 1865. Married in St. Louis in November of 1865, died in Los Angeles County in April of 1949. Any help or names appreciated.

Debra McLamb
Herman SCHLUETER, b. c.1840-1850, possibly 11-27-1849, possibly d. 6-27-1918, was living in St. Louis MO in 1880. He was married to Sophie BUSSE, dau. Herman or Frederick Herman BUSSE. Sophie was b. c. 1845. She is a g-g aunt of mine, and I am looking for someone who may know about the BUSSE family. Herman and Sophie may have been married in Germany or St. Louis. I am pretty sure the elder Busse came to the U.S. in the 1870s, and was living with Mr. Schlueter and Sophie in 1880. At this time they were joined by Sophie's sister, Caroline, her husband August WIESE and eight of their children. Both the BUSSE and WIESE families listed Germany or Prussia as their homeland, and probably came from the same area. Since Sophie, given her age, probably married SCHLUETER in Germany, all three families may have come from the same region. Other names connected by marriage: Chris RODENBURG m. Christine BUSSE, and an unnamed Busse m. KOLLMEYER or KAHLMEYER, from Linn, MO. They had Sophie and Emma. The WIESE kids m. SCHAEFER, NIEMEYER, PFAFF, DISSTLEHORST, SUEDMEYER, SAWADE (my line), KOESTERING, HARTWIG, JANUS, WOLFF, ROCHE or ROACH, all in or near St. Louis.
Anybody related to these folks?

Beverly Powell
Researching SCHLUETER's of Wedem, Kreis Minden Lubbecke, Germany.

I have found a Franz Heinrich SCHLUETER that was married to a Catharina Maria LINKEMANN.  They had a son, Peter Heinrich SCHLUETER, born in Wallenbruck, Herford, Preussen on May 20, 1803.  Looking for more information.

Heidi Kathryn Schlueter
My dad's grandfather came to America in November of 1891. His name was August SCHLUTER. He moved to Berlin, Wisconsin and later to Ripon, Wisconsin where the farming was better, and that is when he "Americanized" the spelling of his last name. His brother's name was Carl, they called him Charlie SCHLUETER. They lived in Berlin Wisconsin.  Charlie was the first of his family to come to America. Then the rest followed.

Mel Schrader
I am searching for information about my great grandfather Ernst SCHLUETER.  He was in Iowa for awhile before going to Canistota, SD.  He married Caroline REINHARDT who was from Postville, IA.  I know very little about them.  He came to the US from Germany.

Jacquie Albert 
Researching ALBERT, BIERMANN, LADERHOS & SCHLUETER in MO (& REID in Southern Illinois).
Searching for SCHLUETER's in Saint Louis, MO. My research begins 1850 with the immigration of my gt. GF Chris? SCHLUETER (born Prussia, died ca 1901). He married Sophia (BRANT?, BRANDT?). They had 5 children: Karl Heinrich, Dorothia Maria, Charles, Sophia, and Mary (my GM).

Glenda Kaye Schlueter
I am the daughter of Emmitt Alton ( Slim) SCHLUETER, of Saffell, Arkansas, Later moved to St. Louis, Mo. Born July 3rd,1913, died July 12th.1963. He married Nema Kathleen POPE.   His sisters and brothers were, Ruby, Hazel, Alifair, Ted, Charley.  My Grandfather was Oscar Leondars SCHLUETER, born somewhere in Germany. He was born Feb.14, 1886, died Aug. 21, 1929 at age 43.
I'm trying to get any information I can on my ancestors.  Thank you, Glenda
He married Sydnia Francis (Don't know her maiden name).

Linda Steiner
Searching the SCHLUETER name.  Looking for the parents of  August SCHLUETER born Aug 1829 in Braunschweig Germany.  Emigrated to America and married a Julia GROTE From Klauen.  August died Oct 2 1881 in Elberfeld, Indiana.  Julia remarried a man by the last name of HYER.  Possible first name of August's father may be Charles.

Clara Frances Garcia
I am researching the Schlueter Family name. My Grandfather William Ernest SCHLUETER was born in Hildesheim, Germany January 27, 1874. He came to America in 1886 with his mother and step-father we believe. It is also believed that his family owned a fish market there.   Also there is a possiblity that the lived in the Baltimore, Maryland area for a while after arriving the the United States.

Marcine Lohman
I am researching Henry and Wilhelmina SCHLUETER (Schlüter) who immigrated to the United States from Lamspringe, Germany (See Map for details) and arrived in New York on October 23, 1863.  They settled in Pilot Knob, Iron County, Missouri.

Their children were:
(1) Heinrich Friedrich Ernest SCHLÜTER, born 05 Feb 1853, married Amelia (Amalin) Amanda MITCHEL on 06 May 1880 in Pilot Knob, Missouri;
(2) Charles (Karl) C. Henry SCHLUETER, born 12 May 1857, married Friedericke Wilhelmine Mathilde WOLFF on 08 Feb 1879 in Pilot Knob, Missouri;
(3) Louisa SCHLUETER, born 05 Jan 1859, married Johann BEHM (b. 23 May 1855) on 26 Jul 1877 in Pilot Knob, Missouri, and
(4) Maria SCHLUETER, born Sep 1862. She is listed on the passenger list but does not show up on the 1870 or later census records.

All the children were born in Lamspringe (Kr. Alfeld), Preußen, Hannover as far as I know.

Bob Cole
Johann Friedrich Christlieb SCHLÜTER was born in 1828 in either Sallnow, Roggow Co, Prussia or Psalmo, district of Regenswalde, Pommerania.  He immigrated to the United States in about 1852 at the age of 24 and settled in Wisconsin.  He married Amalie Wilhelmina Tugendreich LOBECK (born in 1833 in Kahlen, Kreis Kamin, Stettin, Prussia) in 1855 in Lebanon Twp, Wisconsin.  They appeared on the U.S. census of 1880 located in Farmington, Jefferson Co, Wisconsin (surname spelled "SCHLATER") with their family.  In 1905, John and Wilhelmine celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.   John suffered a stroke in 1909, and was confined to a sick bed, from which he was not able to rise again.  He died in 1910 in Jefferson, Wisconsin.  At the time of his death at 82 years of age, besides his immediate family and offspring, he left behind a brother residing in Canada and a sister living in Farmington (of which not much is known).  Amalie died in 1917 in Jefferson, Wisconsin.  Johann and Amalie had the following children: John (1856-1922), Bertha (1858-1924), Richard (1859-1930), Ernstine (1863- ? ), Bernard (1865-1896), Herman (1869-1895), Anna (1871-1955), Ida (1872-1955), Ottilie (1878-1948), and Lena (1879-1967).
Web Site URL:

Diana Kirby
I am interested in locating a SCHLUETER connection from Westphalia, Germany.  I can go back to: Bernd Herman SCHLUETER, born 8 Jan 1744 in Holtwick, Germany, died 10 May 1749.  Married-Anna Maria CLAUSTERMAN, born 15 November 1723 in Osterwick, Germany.   Their son:  Joan Bernd SCHLUETER, born 29 April 1746, died 16 December 1804, married Anna Elisabeth AVERESCH on 16 December on 1804.
     Their son:  Laurents Henrich SCHLUETER, born 26 August 1772, died 27 March 1857, married Anna Maria ENGBERS on 19 May 1795.
          Their son:  Laurens SCHLUETER. born 27 January 1800, died 17 February 1883, married Elizabeth HUESMAN on 18 May 1824.
               Son of this couple Laurentz SCHLUETER, born 22 December 1826, died 4 March 1898, married Catharina POPPING on 4 November 1856-died 7 May 1876 as a result of childbirth complications.  Married  Antoinette 9 October 1877.  They immigrated to the USA in1886 on the Ship Ems from LeHavre, France.
If anyone can shed any light on the German connection, I would be glad to share information.

August SCHLUETER b Aug 1829 Braunschweig Germany. Emigrated to America, married a Julia GROTE from Klauen in the Kingdom of Hanover. They had 6 sons and 2 daughters, names we have are August Jr., Fredrich, Heinrich, Infant boy, Matthias and Alwine Sophia. They lived in the Elberfeld, Warrick County, Indiana area. August died 2 Oct 1881 from injuries from a fall off a wagon when the team of horses became spooked by a train. After his death, Julia married a man by the name of HEYER or HEURE

Cheryl Ellis
I am searching for any info about Frederica Augusta SCHLUETER. Born 8 Jan 1851 in Germany. Married Charles Scott HOLLENBECK 17 Oct 1875 in St. Clair Co., IL. Children: Maude, Calvin R., Elizabeth A. , Grover Cleveland (Cleve), & Charles S. She is buried in Tonti, Marion Co. IL. Who are her parents & siblings? Thanks for any help.

Clara Garcia
I am researching my Grandfather William Ernest SCHLUTER. He was born in Hildesheim, Germany Jan 1874 and came to America with his mother (no name) and his step-father (no name) in 1886 on a boat. From what we know his family had a fish market in town. He severed all ties with his family, so I have nothing to go on.

Charles E. Schlueter
I am looking for the family of Albert SCHLUETER. He had two brothers, Edward and Carl (Charles) and two sisters, Johanah, and Caroline. He came with or joined his family in Northeast Iowa, near Monona in Allamakee county. We believe he was born on November 8, 1859 near Danzig, Prussia. The rest of his brothers and sisters have been accounted for and the extended family would like to find out if someone has any information about Albert.

Mary Hall
Looking for info on Johann Jacob SCHLUETER born 1836 in Suderdithmarschen, Schleswig Holstein, Germany. Came to U.S. in 1854. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mary.

Carolyn Porath
I am looking for information on Johann Heinrich SCHLUETER born November 24, 1859 and married Maria Magdelena Dorothea "Doris" PORATH born February 23, 1867. I am actually doing a family history on the PORATH family of Johann Christoph PORATH and Maria Magdelena was a daughter of theirs. I actually need the children of this family if anyone has done any research or has a web page for them. Thank you.

Frances Carles
Johanna SCHLUETER (also posted as SCHLECTER) married Rudolph WESSELING Jun 24, 1849, St. Louis, MO. Johanna was born in Hannover, Germany Apr. 28, 1823. Obituary notice indicates last name was SCHLUETER.

Deon Stuthman
Johann SCHLU[E]TER born July 2, 1811 and married Caroline HANMANN who was born Dec 1, 1810. These are my g-g-grandparents. Their son Herman is my g-grandfather and his daughter Ida is my grandmother.

Brian Schleter
I am looking for any info on the following people. Matthias and Veronica SCHLETER (SCHLUETER) the parents of my great grandfather John H. SCHLETER born in 1887 in Fort Jennings. Raised mostly in Republic, OH area. Married to Clara BURLILE. The other names I have are as follows: Craven, Kear. Step Children:   Mary Geyer, Benjamin Burlile, Betty Risner, Bessie Stevens, Eugene and Robert Burlile, Olive Mohr.   Any help I would appreciate.

Barbara Swain
My ggggrandfather was Carl Heinrich Friedrich SCHLUETER married Wilahemina Auguste CLEMENS they came from Launthenthal? (Lautenthal), Harz, Germany.  They migrated to Australia in 1849 aboard the 'Princess Louise".  My grandfather was Gustav Edmund SCHLUETER married Catherine HORAN.  If there is connection to these Schlueter's I would love to hear from anyone as I don't know anything about my grandfathers family. Kind regards Barb

Helen Schlueter
Looking for birth (abt. 1820) of Carl Gottlieb SCHLUETER (probably Pommern) and his wife Ulrike(?) KRUEGER (abt. 1827 probably Brandenburg). They are on 1860 census in Watertown, WI and 1870 census in Beemer, NE.

Tillie Gentry
Therese Anna Emma BRUNKE was born on August 9, 1886 in Neuwallmoden (Salzgitter area), Niedersachsen to Wilhelm BRUNKE and Wilhelmine (SCHLUETER) BRUNKE. She married Hermann August Friederich FRANKE (born 1882 in Oschersleben, Saxon-Anhalt). Emma passed away in Salzgitter, Germany in 1945. Her husband passed away in 1957, Salzgitter, Germany.

Am trying to find the names of siblings of grandparents, and parents and siblings of Wilhelm Brunke and Wilhelmine Schlueter. Help? Their religion was listed as Evangelist-Lutheran.

Kathleen Venzon
I am interested in learning anything about Joseph and Minnie SCHLUETER who had a daughter named Mary or Marie who married Elmer LUNDGREN. They possibly lived in central Illinois and later moved to Chicago.

Robert L. Davis
William G. SCHLUETER was born abt. 1878 in Missouri and was buried 12/29/1939, Calvary Cemetery (section 25, lot 2263), St. Louis, Missouri. He married Bertha (Berdie) WILLE abt. 1904. Bertha was baptized Anna Bertha WILLE, 10/19/1879, St. Liborius Church, St. Louis, Missouri. They are listed in Shrewsbury, Missouri in the 1930 census. Bertha was born 10/18/1879, St. Louis, Missouri, died 12/07/1943, and was buried 12/10/1943, Calvary Cemetery (section 25, lot 2264), St. Louis, Missouri.
Marcella b. 03/21/1906 d. 11/ /1982 m. abt. 1928 Kenneth E. Penzler
William J. b. 08/16/1907, d. 07/19/1999
(unknown1) d. bef. 04/1910
(unknown2) d. bef. 04/1910
Bertha M. b. Abt. 1911, m. W. Rodger Marsh
Dorothy C. b. Abt. 1912
If any one has any information on this family please contact me.

Dorothy Akin Jens
Researching: Schluter, Wagener, Pape
Johann 'Heinrich' Theodor SCHLUTER (1815-) married Johanne Friederike Elizabeth WAGENER (1824-) 19 Oct 1845, Goslar, Hannover; immigrated 1854 to Chicago, IL with four daughters; Georgine (1846-), Friedericke (1848-1936), Auguste (1850-1911), Ernestine (1852-). Three (3) more children born Chicago; Gertrude (1854-), William F.(1857-) and Mary (1861-1898).

Eugene Binnebose
Researching: Schlueter
Henry Wm. SCHLUETER (my G-Grandpa) was born Oct. 17, 1843. Don't know his parents name or where he was born in Germany, but he came to America at about age 21-25 with a cousin, Fred WELLMAN and they went to Kentucky. Both married sisters there, of the Twenty family.

Betty Walters
Researching: Schlueter
I am looking for information on Johann Heinrich SCHLUETER born app 1800-1820 in Germany he married Anna Maria Elizabeth REINEKING born app 1800-1820. Their son Heinrich Wilhelm Schlueter was born in 17 Oct 1843 in Grönenberg Königsbrück, Germany. I am guessing on his parents birthdate. Anna Marie I was told died soon after Heinrich Wilelm was born not sure if that is correct. I have also been told they had two daughters also.


Suedekum - Südekum

Norma Stewart Creel
Carl August Edmund SUEDEKUM b. April 16, 1824 in Braunschweig, Germany married Aug. 5. 1851 to Bertha Wilhelmine DURING and came to America.  Their first child, Theodore, was born Dec. 8, 1852 in Newport, Ky. He is my great great grandfather.  He died in Bay City, Mich. May 27. 1892.  His parents were Johann Fredrick SUEDEKUM and Henriette GAUS.  He had 7 brothers and sisters listed in the International Genealogical Index of Germany.  Carl was in the Civil War enlisting in Ohio.

Kathryn Simpson
My grandmother's parents were Amelia (KIENER) and Frank E. SEDEKUM.  Frank Sedekum was born in Gridley, Illinois, on August 2, 1885.  His parents were John Wesley SEDEKUM (born in approx. 1854) and Lizzie (PURTLE)(born in approx. 1865).

My grandmother's maiden name was Kathryn Marie SEDEKUM.  She was born November 11, 1914, in Gridley, Illinois, has a twin brother, Wesley, and a sister, Velda.  From what I understand, the family has spent much time in Missouri and Illinois, specifically Gridley, Illinois, and Edwardsville, Illinois.   Any information anyone can provide to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Don Sudekum
Researching the SUEDEKUM family of Cape Girardeau, Missouri and the THORNTON family of Xenia, Ohio (late 1800's).

Marjorie Suedekum
Apparently two brothers migrated from Germany in the 1800s.  One settling in the Cape Girardeau (Missouri) area and one that moved between Bay City, Michigan, Stafford, Kansas and Two Buttes, Colorado among other places. It is this latter line, along with some of the spouses, I am trying to research. I have some information which has many conflicts as to dates and names. I have very little source material. I will be willing to share as I get it sorted out a bit better.

Joyce Whaler Hibberts
I am researching the SUEDEKUM family of the Dutchy of Braunschweig, Germany. The earliest ancestor is Johann Christoph SUEDEKUM (1701-1779). Previously done professional research places the family in Lutter am Gandersheim and Lutter am Barenberge. My ggfather was Karl August E. SUEDEKUM who came to the US in 1851 and settled in Covington, KY until moving to Bay City, Michigan in 1876. One son, Theodore, moved his family to Colorado. Another line of this family centers in Berlin, Germany, while a 3rd line was in the Nashville area.

Norma Stewart Creel
Karl August SUEDEKUM married Bertha Wilhemine DURING August 5th, 1851 in Lutter am Barereberge (?) Germany and came to America.  Unknown ship or city of arrival.   They lived in Newport, Kentucky in Dec. 1852 when son Gustave Theodore was born.    He was my great grandfather.  There were other children but I have no names or dates.  I have names of parents of Karl and Bertha.  I wonder if the Suedekums of Cape Girardeau are related.
Thanks for any help

Marcine Lohman
I am researching the two SUEDEKUM families in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri.  My line connects with Andreas SUEDEKUM / SÜDEKUM who married Conradine AMELUNGK. Both Suedekum families came from the Harz Mountain area of Germany (See Map for details). The second line in Cape Girardeau is that of Frederick C. SUEDEKUM.



I have so many people researching THORNTON/THURSTON that I made my own page of just Thornton researchers.
Click here to go to the THORNTON Researchers Page.



Walperswiller - Walperswyler

Chip Stratton
Family name predates 1800 in the Swiss village of Seedorf, Berne Canton. Presently there are only two people in the world that I am aware of that still carry this surname.   Benedict Walperswiller came to the USA in 1848, and may have served in the 1st Missouri Light Artillery during the Civil War. He is a gggrandfather to me. See also: Johann Dankel who married into this line.

Barbara Louise Williams
Wilhelm WALPERSWILLER and Emma S. W. DEIMUND, and Benedict WALPERSWILLER and Johanna S. W. AMELUNKE
WALPERSWILLER is from the Seedorf, Bern Cannon, Switzerland area. I have found on the LDS IGI FH site a Benedickt WALPERWILLER (He is from Seedorf, Bern Cannon, Switzerland) who was born in the 1760's time period. I figure that this is a relative but there needs to be another generation in between this person and our Benedict Walperswiller. I don't understand German Language at all and haven't yet started research from Switzerland.

I am also looking for DEIMUND's (DIEMUND, DIAMUND, DIAMOND, etc.) I'm back from Emma to her father William DEIMUND and his father William DEIMUND b. abt 1804 (Prussia), this Deimund came from Darmstradt, Hessen, Gremany. This family is also associated with the SACHS, LOOS, PROFFERS, SCHWER's, and others that I am not aware of yet.

My father, Wilhelm R. WALPERSWILLER, had occupations as a cook, with the circus, in construction and in mining. He changed his name to Ray Arnold WILLIAMS (Williams being the son of William) somewhere along the way. He meet my mother Bernice Arlene ROGERS in Kansas while he was working for the circus. Ray had three children, two sons and one daughter (me, Barbara L. Williams). He died at an early age, of Asthma & Emphazema.



Lisa Busse
Researching the WEHNER family of Festus, Missouri.  Wehners are related to AMELUNG family through the WATERS line.

Beverly Wehner
My husband is a grandchild of Charles E. WEHNER (1848-1912) who married Wilhelmina BOEDEKER in St. Louis in 1870.  Family legend says he walked from Chicago to St. Louis (took him 7 days) with his friend, C. A. LOHMAN.


Wolff - Wolfe

Frank Wolff
Researching family of Martin WOLFF and Mary HAPPKE of Pilot Knob, (Iron Co.) Missouri.  Am descended from William WOLFF (Martin's youngest son).

Jeanne Roller
Researching the family of Ada WOLFF who married her first cousin, Ferdinand HOPKEY. (Ada is a daughter of Martin WOLFF and Mary HAPPKE)

Marcine Lohman
Researching the family of Martin WOLFF and Maria HAPPKE of Pilot Knob, (Iron Co.) Missouri.  I descend from Martin's daughter, Fredericka WOLFF, who married Charles SCHLUETER and resided in Pilot Knob, MO.

Judi Prince
Researching my gg grandfather...Phillip Andrew WOLFF, b. Ohio 1818, married Rosina YERKES of Vandalia, Illinois.  They lived in Wisconsin for awhile, then moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Several children:  my g grandmother Isabelle Missouri m. John J. PALMER, Mary California married a TRUAX, Charles, P.A. Jr., Willis and Fredrick.   Family's migration as I understand it was from Prussia to Virginia, then Pennsylvania, Ohio and Iowa.