Source: Genealogies of Virginia Families, Volume II, Pages 838-861, The Fitzhugh Family, Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, (with an introduction by John Frederick Dorman); indexed by Thomas L. Hollowak. Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Maryland, 1981. 5 v. : ill. ; 23 cm.



To what has been said in regard to Colonel William2 Fitzhugh, the Immigrant, in the last number of the Magazine, may be added the following from the British Public Record Office:

"June 14, 1682. Minutes of Board of Trade and Plantations. The addresses of the Assembly and the Governor of Virginia, and several speeches of Mr. Fitzhugh were read, showing the people are extremely desirous of a cessation of planting tobacco."

In a letter dated April 22, 1686, he describes his dwelling house:

"Upon this same land is my own dwelling house, furnished with all accommodations for comfortable and gentle living, with rooms in it, four of the best of them hung [with tapestry], nine of them plentifully furnished with all things necessary and convenient, and all houses for use, furnished with brick chimneys, four good cellars, a dairy, dove cot, stable, barn, henhouse, kitchen and all other conveniencys, and all in a manner new, a large orchard of about 2,500 apple trees, m st grafted, well fenced with a locust fence, which is as durable as most brick walls, a garden a hundred foot square, well paled in, a yard wherein is most of the aforesaid necessary houses pallisadoed in with locus puncheons, which is a good as is if it were walled in, and more lasting than any of our bricks."

Mr. Bruce in his admirable Economic History of Virginia, makes frequent use of the Fitzhugh letters – see the index of that work.

Colonel William,2 and Sarah (Tucker) Fitzhugh had surviving issue (named in his will).

9. William;3 10. Henry; 3 11. Thomas; 3 12. George; 13. John.

9. William3 Fitzhugh (William2), of "Eagles Nest," Stafford (now King George County), was born --, and died in the winter of 1713-14. He inherited under his father’s will 18,723 acres of land in Stafford and Westmoreland; was residuary legatee of all lands not bequeathed, and rights to lands in Virginia, Maryland and England; eight negroes; 18 pieces of silver plate; 200 sterling out of his father’s money in England; half the household furniture; "my own and my wife’s pictures, the other six pictures of my relations, and the large map in the study" (W.F.’s will), half his father’s "study of books," &c. He was appointed clerk of Stafford county, July 18, 1701, and was a member of the House of Burgesses for that county 1700, 1701 and 1702 (Stafford Records). Possibly he was a member in other years. On December 13, 1711, the Lords of Trade and Plantations presented a representation to the Queen, recommending William Fitzhugh, Esq., as a person fully qualified to fill a vacancy in the Council, being a good estate, and being well affected towards her Majesty’s government (Sainsbury Abstracts). The appointment made on December 19 and Fitzhugh took the oaths in Virginia, October 15, 1712 (Council Journal). His tenure of office was short, for his last appearance in Council was in November 8, 1713, and January 27, 1713-14, there is an entry in the Council Journal that he was dead. Besides the offices named, Wm. Fitzhugh was a justice of Stafford, and high sheriff in 1707. If he made a will it was doubtless recorded in Stafford, but the books of that date have been lost. He married Ann, daughter of Richard Lee, Esq.,2 of Westmoreland county (member of the Council). She married secondly, Captain Daniel McCarty, of Westmoreland county, speaker of the House of Burgesses 1715-20. In her will dated November 7, 1728, probated Westmoreland county May 31, 1732, she names her son Colonel Henry Fitzhugh, brother Henry Fitzhugh, brothers Thomas, Henry and Richard Lee, her daughter Lettice, Elizabeth daughter of Major John Fitzhugh, her daughter Sarah Fitzhugh, & c.

Issue (Fitzhugh): 14. Henry,4 15. Lettice,4 born July 15, 1707, died February 10, 1732, married, May 16, 1727, George Turberville, of "Hickory Hill," Westmoreland. Her tomb remains there, and its long inscription was printed in the William & Mary Quarterly, VIII, 95; 16. Sarah,4 born 1710, died October, 1743; married, January 5, 1735-6 (St. Paul’s P’sh Reg.), Edward Barradall, Attorney-General of Virginia. They are buried in the same tomb in Bruton churchyard, Williamsburg, Va. The epitaph has been printed in Virginia Historical Society Collections.

The tomb bears the arms of Barradall and Fitzhugh empaled.

10. Henry3 Fitzhugh (William2), of "Bedford," was born Jan. 15, 1686-7, died Dec. 12, 1758 (Family Bible). He inherited under his father’s will 17,598 acres in Stafford, 7 negroes, 6 pieces of plate, 120 sterling out of his father’s money in England, half the books, &c., &c. He was high sheriff of Stafford 1715, and member of the House of Burgesses for that county in 1736 (Va. Hist Register, IV, 136). His portrait has been preserved. He married Feb. 21, 1718, Susanna, daughter of Mordecai Cooke, of Gloucester Co. (who was a member of the House of Burgesses for that county in 1714).

Issue: 17. William4, born Dec. 12, 1719, died unbaptized; 18. Ann,4 born March 8, 1720-21, baptized by Rev. Giles Rannford, and had for sureties Mr. Henry Butler, Mrs. Elizabeth Berryman, and Mrs. Barbara Fitzhugh. She died April 18, 1789. She married Nov. 6, 1740, the distinguished minister Rev. Robert Rose, of Essex, and afterwards of St. Anne’s Parish, Albemarle. Her portrait has been preserved; 19. Henry4; 20. Thomas4; 21. John4; 22. William4; 23. Sarah4, born Aug. 21, 1729; twin with William; 24. Elizabeth4, born – 18, 1736.

11. Thomas3 Fitzhugh, of Stafford Co.; clerk of that county in 1715. He married Ann, widow of William Darrall, and daughter of Col. George Mason (2d), of Stafford. He inherited under his father’s will 4,334 acres, 7 negroes, 7 pieces of silver plate, 120 sterling, &c., &c. The will of Thos. Fitzhugh, of Stafford, proved in Richmond Co. 1719, names his wife Ann, daughter Mary, and brothers George, John and Henry Fitzhugh. But it is evident that a son was born after the will was made, for in Richmond Co., Nov., 1723, Ann, widow of Thomas Fitzhugh, was appointed guardian of Henry, his "younger son and heir." None of the accounts of the family give any notice of his descendants, so it is probable that the son and daughter died young.

12. George3 Fitzhugh, of Stafford, inherited under his father’s will 5,975 acres, 7 negroes, 7 pieces of silver plate, 120 sterling, &c., &c. He was a member of the House of Burgesses for that county in 1718 (Va. Hist. Reg., IV, 18). He married Mary, daughter of Col. George Mason (2d) of Stafford (who in his will dated 1715 names his son-in-law George Fitzhugh), and died intestate about 1722 (Stafford Records).

Issue: 24. George4, died unmarried (Stafford Records); 25. William4.

13. Major John3 Fitzhugh, of Stafford Co., inherited under his father’s will 2,273 acres of land, 7 negroes, 8 pieces of silver plate, 120 sterling, &c., &c. He married on or before 1719, Anna Barbara, daughter of Daniel McCarty, Speaker of the House of Burgesses (by his 1st marriage), and died Jan. 21st, 1733.

Issue: 26. William4; 27. Daniel, born June 27, 1733 (St. Paul Reg.); 28. Sarah, born April 30, 1727 (St. Paul Reg.); 29. Elizabeth4, named in will of Mrs. McCarty, 1728, as "daughter of Major John Fitzhugh"; 30. Barbara4, married Feb. 6, 1739 (St. Paul Reg.) Rev. William McKay, minister of Hanover Parish, King George Co. The Va. Gazette, in a notice of the marriage calls her "daughter of the late Major John Fitzhugh, of Stafford Co."; 31. John ? (a John Fitzhugh, said to be "of the Marmion branch," married Jan. 31, 1760, Elizabeth, daughter of Nathaniel Harrison, of "Brandon," Prince George Co. He was certainly not the son of George3, nor of Thomas3, nor was he the same as John Fitzhugh of "Belair," son of Henry3. So from a consideration of all the evidence, it seems probable that he was a son of Major John Fitzhugh).

14. Henry4 Fitzhugh (William,3 William2), of "Eagle’s Nest," was born 1706, and died December 6, 1742 (St. P. Reg.) He matriculated at Christ Church, Oxford, October 20, 1722 and on his return to Virginia settled on his paternal estate in Stafford county (now King George). He was a member of the House of Burgesses in 1738, 1740, 1742, and probably other years (Journals), and was once an unsuccessful candidate for the place of Speaker. A notice of the inventory of his very large and valuable estate was given in Vol II, 278-9, of this Magazine. It included a library of books valued at 258. 7. 9. Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Fitzhugh (a rank he held in the militia of Stafford) married Lucy, daughter of Hon. Robert Carter, of "Corotoman," Lancaster county. She married, secondly, Colonel Nathaniel Harrison, of "Brandon," Prince George (his second wife), but had no issue by this marriage.

Issue: 32. William5, 33. Lucy, born October 6, 1736 (St. P. Reg.); 34. Elizabeth,5 born April 20, 1731 (St. P. Reg.), married February 12, 1747, Benjamin Grymes, of Spotsylvania county. Her son, Benjamin, was ancestor of the Grymes family of King George county, and her daughter the mother of Bishop William Meade.

19. Henry4 Fitzhugh (Henry,3 William2), of "Bedford," born September 10, 1723, "baptized by Rev. David Stuart, and had for sureties John Fitzhugh, his uncle, and Henry Fitzhugh, his cousin, who was then at the University of Oxford, but was represented by Henry Berryman, Jr., Mrs. Barbara Fitzhugh, and Mrs. Elizabeth Berryman" (Family Bible). He died February, 1783. He married, October 23d, 1746, Sarah Battaile, of Caroline county. In 1752 he was colonel of the Stafford militia (Cal. Va. State Pap.) The will of "Col. Henry Fitzhugh, of Bedford, King George county, formerly Stafford," was dated February 12, and proved in King George, June 5, 1783: Legatees – Wife; son John Battaile Fitzhugh, lands in Caroline and Orange; son William, land on Cedar Run, Fauquier county; son George, land on Turkey Run, Fauquier; son Thomas, a tract of 800 acres in Fauquier; to youngest sons, Nicholas, Richard, Mordecai, Battaile and Giles, lands in Fairfax called Ravensworth; to his grandson and heir, Henry Fitzhugh, all his lands in King George and Stafford. The portrait of this Colonel Henry Fitzhugh is the property of Mr. F. C. Fitzhugh, of "Bedford," King George county.

Issue: 35. Henry5; 36. John Battaile,5 died unmarried; 37. William5; 38. George5; 39. Thomas, died unmarried; 40. Nicholas5; 41. Richard5; 42. Mordecai Cooke5; 43. Battaile5; 44. Giles,5 died unmarried; 45. Sarah5, married Theoderick Bland ("of Ireland," say an account), and had issue: Chancellor Theoderick6 Bland, of Maryland, and Mrs. Sophia6 Mayo; 46. Susan,5 married Townshend Dade, of "Albion," King George county, Va., and had issue: John B.6 ("Col. Jack"), who married Elizabeth Slaughter; Cadwallader,6 d. s. p.; Langhorn,6 d. s. p.; Susan,6 married Dr. Isaac Winston; Lucy,6 married Walter C. Winston, of "Auburn," Culpeper county; Elizabeth,6 married Captain Fendal, of Alexandria; Wilmer,6 never married; Benjamin,6 married ---; Susan,6 married Wm. Marbury; Elizabeth,6 married John Marbury; and Mary,6 never married; 47. Mary,5 married Dr. Stuart, of King George.

20. Thomas4 Fitzhugh (Henry,3 William2), of "Boscobel," Stafford county; born July 16, 1725; died December 1st 1768; married first, October 18, 1746, Catherine Booth, of Gloucester county, who died February, 1748, without issue. He married secondly, June 19, 1750 (Par. Reg.), Sarah, daughter of Rev. David Stuart, of King George county. She died November, 1783.

Issue: 48. Susannah,5 born 1757; died at "Belmont," near Falmouth, Stafford county, 1823. She married, in 1763, William Knox, of "Windsor Lodge," Culpeper. Her portrait appears in this isssue; 49. Thomas.5

21. John4 Fitzhugh (Henry,3 William2), of "Bellair," Stafford county; born June 30, 1727; "baptized by Rev. David Stuart; had for sureties Mordecai Cooke and William Brent, of Peace Neck; also Anna and Mrs. Elizabeth Buckner, his aunts." He married, October 30, 1746, Alice (born August 21, 1729; died March 5, 1790), daughter of Rowland Thornton, of "Crowes," King George, and died May 1st, 1809. He does not appear to have held any public office, except perhaps that of justice of the peace.

Issue: 50. Henry5; 51. John,5 born September 29, 1749; died February 9, 1807. Did he marry or leave issue? 52. George,5 born April 24, 1751, died November, 1810. There is on record in King George a deed, February 20, 1787, from John Fitzhugh, of "Bellair," and his son George, conveying to Daniel McCarty Fitzhugh 473 acres in King George, called Feneaux, or the Hop Yard; and on January 12, 1788, George Fitzhugh, of King George, and his wife, Humphrey Francis Toy Fitzhugh, conveyed to Thacker Washington, of King George, a track of land in that county. It seems probable there was no issue of this marriage, as the will of Mrs. Humphrey Frances Toy Fitzhugh, proved in King George in 1791, names only her husband and niece, Caroline Matilda Fitzhugh. Her surname was probably Tabb; 54. Thomas,5 born June 15, 1753. Did he marry or leave issue? 55. Elizabeth,5 born October 10, 1754, died February 21, 1823, married March 20, 1770, Francis Conway of "Port Conway," King George, who served in the Revolution as a captain in the Continental Line. (See Hayden’s Virginia Genealogies, 263, &c.). A full length protrait of her, by Heselius, and a miniature have been preserved; 56. Susannah,5 born February 6, 1756, died March 15, 1819, married, about 1775, Catlett Conway of "Hawfield," Orange (Hayden, 264, &c.) 57. William,5 born August 11, 1757, died October 4, 1803. Did he marry or leave issue? 58. Alice,5 born February 20, 1759; married – Pratt? 59. Francis, born February 4, 1761, died March 30, 1821. His will was dated October 22d, 1798, and proved April 5, 1821, in King George County. He leaves his whole estate to his wife, Lucy W. Fitzhugh, with reversion of most of it at her death to his nephew, Edwin, son of Francis Conway, of Caroline county; and if he dies, then to his brother, John Conway; legacy to his niece, Lucy, daughter of his brother, Thomas Fitzhugh. Wife and nephew, Francis Fitzhugh Conway, executrix and executor. Codicil giving 100 guineas to his nephew, Francis, son of his brother, John Fitzhugh. There was no issue, as Mrs. Lucy Fitzhugh, in her will dated November 16, 1827, and proved in King George, July 1st, 1830, leaves her property to Sarah Ann Beverley, her adopted daughter, and to her (S. A. B.’s) daughters; to nephew A. S. Hooe, nephew Wm. C. Posey, and to Henry M. R. Beverley, son of her niece, Sarah Ann Beverley. There is in King George a deed, March 1st, 1795, from Francis Fitzhugh and Lucy, his wife (late widow of John Taliaferro, deceased), of King George, conveying to William Thornton Alexander 600 acres in King George, called "Hayes," which was the dower of said Lucy as widow of said Taliaferro -- consideration: Love and affection for said W. T. Alexander. And also a deed, August 2d, 1802, from John Taliaferro, Jr., administrator of John Taliaferro, of "Hayes," deceased, who was executor of Mrs. Lucy Alexander, late of King George county, and relict of John Alexander, of "Salisbury," King George, reciting that the said Mrs. Lucy Alexander was the only surviving child of Colonel William Thornton, of King George, many years deceased, and that the said Lucy Alexander, in her will, January 6, 1781, directed that, among other things, 50 acres should be sold and the proceeds divided between her daughters, Lucy Taliaferro, now Lucy Fitzhugh, and Mary Thornton, now Mary Posey; 60. Daniel McCarty,5 of King George county, born May 9, 1763, died May 2d, 1823, died without issue. 61. Sarah Ann,5 born February 13, 1765, died in Kentucky, November 1820, married Charles Thornton, of "North Garden," Caroline County (see William & Mary Quarterly, VI, 109). 62. Thornton,5 born June 4, 1768, died June 29, 1814. Did he marry or have issue? 63. Ann Rose,5 born December 26, 1769, married Dr. Henry Fitzhugh Thornton, Caroline county (see William & Mary Quarterly, VI, 111); 64. Frances5 ? married John Waugh.

From Vol. VII, No. 4, Page 425,* Virginia Magazine, Henry4 Fitzhugh married Sarah Battaile and had a son William Fitzhugh to whom he left an estate in Fauquier and Loudoun counties.

This William Fitzhugh married Ann Taliaferro, daughter of Col. Lawrence Taliaferro and Mary Jackson, and had issue: Wm. Colville Fitzhugh, Anne Maria Fitzhugh Battaile and Elizabeth Fitzhugh Harrison (called Betsy Harrison).

(I do not know Battaile and Harrison’s given names.)

Wm. Colville Fitzhugh married Matilda Whittaker Helm and had issue: Sydnor B., Cameron D., Spencer, Mary Jackson, Matilda Taliaferro, Anne Maria, William Colville (daughter), Champe S. and Elizabeth Lewis.

Anna Maria Fitzhugh married Joshua Wells Lockwood, organizer of the American National Bank of Richmond, and one of the organizers and a member of the Executive Board of the American Bankers Association for a number of years.

They had issue: Alice Fitzhugh, Mary, Newton, Joshua Wells, Jr., Nannie Dallam, Elizabeth Harrison, Lacy and Ethel Boothby.

All of the children of Wm. Colville Fitzhugh married, with the exception of Willie Colville, who with her father and mother are buried at "The Grove" near Upperville, Va.

J. W. Lockwood, Jr.,
1305 John St., Baltimore, Md.


[Pages 848-853 missing]

William Henry Harrison, of Frederick county); 89. Elizabeth, born March 12, 1772, died April 20, 1772.

Information is desired giving a definite account as to the parentage of John4 Fitzhugh, and also in regard to his descendants of the name Fitzhugh, if there be any.

35. Henry5 Fitzhugh (Henry,4 Henry,3 William2), of "Fitzhughburg," born May 7, 1750, died June 9, 1777 (before his father). He married, October 28, 1770, Elizabeth born June 3, 1754, died May 23, 1786, daughter of Colonel Dudley Stith, of Brunswick county. The will of Henry Fitzhugh, Jr., was proved in King George county, June 5, 1770. After his wife’s legal estate, he gave his whole property to his son Henry, and appointed his father, brother John Battaile Fitzhugh and cousin Henry Fitzhugh, executors. Issue: 90. Henry.5

37. William5 Fitzhugh (Henry,4 Henry,3 William2), of "Prospect Hill," Fauquier county; born ---, died 1817. He married, first, Elizabeth Dednam, of Maryland, and second, Sarah, daughter of Colonel Edward Digges, of "Bellfield," York county.

The will of William Fitzhugh was dated February 7, 1813, and proved in Fauquier April 29, 1817. Legatees: son William D., daughter Ann H. Thornton, son Battaile, daughter Elizabeth Gordon, daughter Sarah Edmunds, sons Cole, Dudley and Thomas L., and daughter Mary Catlett. Appoints his nephew Henry, son of his brother George Fitzhugh, one of his executors.

Issue: (1st m.) 91. William Dednam;5 (2d m.) Anne Harrison,5 married Thomas Griffin Thornton, of "Ormsby," Caroline county; 93. Elizabeth Cole,5 married Samuel Gordon; 94. Sarah Battaile, born March 20, 1785, married August 27, 1807, Elias Edmunds, and died January 23, 1878; 95. Edward,5 married Maria, daughter of Dr. Henry F. Thornton, of Caroline county, and was the father of Edward H. Fitzhugh, judge of the chancery court of the city of Richmond, who married his first cousin Maria Gordon; 96. Cole,5 married Katherine Presley, daughter of Charles Thornton, of "North Garden," Caroline county; 97. Dudley,5 married Lucy B., daughter of Thomas Digges, of Fauquier county, and died in 1860; 98. Thomas Ludwell,5 married, first, Miss. Powell, of Loudoun county; second, Miss Milligan of Washington, D.C.; 99. Maria,5 married Thomas Catlett; 100. Battaile,5 died unmarried.

38. George5 Fitzhugh (Henry,4 Henry,3 William2), of Fauquier county, born---, died 1823. He married Mary, daughter of Colonel Edward Digges, of "Bellfield," York County. The will of George Fitzhugh was dated April 7, 1818, and proved in Fauquier April 29, 1823. Legatees: to son Henry, the land where testator lived (11 or 1,200 acres), &c.,; son George, and daughter Ann Baylor; confirms gifts of slaves to Thomas Hunton (husband of deceased daughter Mary), and to John Thornton, whose wife was also dead. Brother Thomas Fitzhugh, executor.

Issue: 101. Sarah,6 married John Thornton, of "Fairfield," Caroline County (the place near Guinea Depot, where Stonewall Jackson died); 102. Ann D., married John W. Baylor; 103. Henry;6 104. George;6 105. Mary,6 married Thos. Hunton (and had issue: Lucella and Thos E.).

40. Nicholas5 Fitzhugh (Henry,4 Henry,3 Wm.2), born May 10, 1764, died ---. He was member of the House of Delegates for Fairfax county in 1790, 1791, 1802, and probably in other years, and in 1803 was appointed judge of the United States Circuit Court for the district of Washington, D.C. His will was dated April 10, 1805, and proved in Fairfax. He married Sarah, daughter of Burdett Ashton, of King George County. Issue:

108. Augustine,6 of "Millbank," King George county, married Mary Mildred, daughter and co-heiress of John Skinker of "Millbank;" 109. Dr. Edmund,6 removed to Tennessee; 110. Burdett,6 111. Henry William,6 married Mrs. Augusta Grundy, neé Pringle; 112. Charles, removed to Tennessee, and died unmarried; 113. Lawrence,6 married Miss. Roberts; 114. Henrietta Sarah,6 married her cousin Henry Fitzhugh, of "Bunker Hill" (son of George); 115. Lucy Sarah,6 never married; 116. Ann Elizabeth Jane;6 117. Mary,6 married Arthur Payne, of Warrenton (and was mother of General William H. Payne); 118. Sophia,6 married Mr. White, of Kentucky.

41. Richard5 Fitzhugh (Henry,4 Henry,3 Wm.2), married Ann Meade, and had issue:

119. Daniel,6 never married; 120. Andrew,6 appointed midshipman U.S.N., June 9, 1811; Lieutenant April 27, 1816; commander February 9, 1837; captain February 14, 1843, and died October 2, 1850; 121. Richard;6 122. Margaret,6 married Berkeley Ward, of Warrenton, Va., ; 123. Maria,6 never married; 124. Patsy,6 married --- Battaile, of Culpeper county; 125. Caroline,6 married, first, --- Whiting, second, H. A. White, and had Meade and Rev. Robert White.

42. Mordecai Cooke5 Fitzhugh (Henry,4 Henry,3 Wm.2), married Miss. Fitzhugh, and had issue:

126. Edwin,6 never married; 127. Fenton Mercer,6 never married; 128. Lucinda,6 married, first, --- Scott, of "Bush Hill," near Alexandria, second, --- Henry, of Prince William county; 129. Mary,6 married --- Mason, of Fairfax county. Mordecai C. Fitzhugh had other children whose names are not known to the compiler.

43. Battaile5 Fitzhugh (Henry,4 Henry,3 Wm.2), of "Santee," Caroline county, married Elizabeth, daughter of Colonel Lawrence Taliaferro, of "Rose Hill," Orange county, and had issue:

130. John B.,6 died unmarried; 131. Patsey, married Samuel Gordon, of "Kenmore," near Fredericksburg.

49. Thomas5 Fitzhugh (Thomas,4 Henry,3 Wm.2), of "Boscobel," married Anne, daughter of Colonel John Rose, of "Rose Isle," Amherst county, and had issue:

132. Sarah Stuart,6 died unmarried; 133. Henrietta,6 died unmarried; 134. John Rose,6 died unmarried; 135. Charles Edward Stuart,6 died unmarried; 136. ---, son, died in England, unmarried; 137. Edward;6 138. ---, daughter, married --- Grayson; 139. Alexander;6 140. William Henry. 6

50. Henry5 Fitzhugh (John,4 Henry,3 Wm.2), of "Bellair," born February 9, 1747, died January 16, 1815, married, October 23, 1777, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of Henry Fitzhugh, of "Fitzhughburg," and daughter of Colonel Dudley Stith, of Brunswick county, and had issue:

141. John Bolling Stith; 142. Lucinda, born February, 1782, married William Buckner; 143. Caroline Matilda, born June 4, 1784, married ---; 144. Alice Thornton,6 born August 15, 1785, married --- Johnson.

65. George Lee Mason5 Fitzhugh (Wm.,4 George,3 Wm.2), was born August 18, 1748, and spent a large part of his life with relations in England, where he is also stated to have been educated at college. About 1775, he married Mary, daughter of Walter Dulany, and died in 1836. Issue:

145. Mary Grafton, died single; 146. William, died single in the West Indies; 147. Walter, died single in the West Indies; 148. George,6 of Windsor, Md., married, December 3, 1807, Harriett Richardson, of Harford county, md., and died January 19, 1862, and had a son, 153. George Dulany; 149. Daniel Dulany,6 150. Anne Lee, married John Worthington; 151. Grafton, died single; 152. Washington, died single.

66. Peregrine5 Fitzhugh (Wm.,4 George,3 Wm.2), was born May 10, 1759, at "Rousby Hall," Calvert county, Md. On June 8, 1778, he was commissioned cornet in Baylor’s Light Dragoons, Continental army. He was taken prisoner in an engagement near Hackensack, N. J., in October, 1778, and was not exchanged until 1780. In August, 1781, he was a captain and served to the close of the war (Heitman). On July 2, 1781, he was appointed an aid to General Washington (Ford’s Writings of Washington, XIV, 433). He married in 1781, Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Chew, of Maryland. In 1799, he removed with his family to Geneva, N.Y., but a few years later went further north, to Sodus, on Lake Ontario, where he died November 18, 1811. Issue:

154. Anne Frisby, married William Pulteney Dana; 155. William,6 156, Samuel,6 157. Eliza, married William Hoylarts; 158. Bennett Chew,6 159. Sophia, died without issue; 160. Maria, married William Edwards; 161. Nancy, died without issue.

67. William5 Fitzhugh (Wm.,4 George,3 Wm.2), was born October 6, 1761, at "Rousby Hall," and died at "Hampton," his seat near Geneseo, N. Y., December 28, 1839. He was cornet 3d Continental Dragoons, 1779, lieutenant 1782, and served to the close of Revolutionary war. After the war, having considerable property, he settled on his estate near Hagerstown. In 1800 he left Hagerstown in company with Charles Carroll and Nathaniel Rochester (the founder of Rochester, N. Y.) to find country suitable for settlement. All three bought large amounts of land, and finally after many journeys to and fro, William Fitzhugh brought up his family, slaves, &c. amounting in all to forty persons, in 1816, and settled at Groveland, Livingston county, N. Y. He married Anne Hughes. Issue:

162. Rebecca Anne, married Frederick F. Backus; 163. Wm. Hughes,6 164. Daniel Hughes,6 165. Samuel Hughes,6 born at "The Hive," Calvert county, Md., 1795. Lived near Hampton, Livingston county, N. Y.; married Elizabeth Addison, of Pittsburg, and died February 26, 1849. They had one son, William Addison6 Fitzhugh, who lived at Caznovia, N. Y., and died unmarried, about 1876; 166. James,6 167. Richard Potts;6 168. Henry,6 169. Elizabeth Potts, married Joseph G. Birney; 170. Anne, married Gerrit Smith; 171. Robert Hughes,6 was a lieutenant U. S. N., married Maria Carroll, of "Duddington," and had a son, Daniel Carroll7 Fitzhugh, who married Maria R. Fitzhugh, and lives at Bay Head, N. J.; 172. Mary E., married John F. Tallman; 173. Isabella, married Jonathan W. Swift.

80. William Henry Fitzhugh, of "Ravensworth," Fairfax county, born March 9, 1790; died May 29, 1830. He was a man of distinguished talent, was vice-president of the American Colonization Society, and labored zealously in aid of its purposes. His early death cut short his public career, when he had only served one term in the Virginia Legislature, and as a member of the constitutional convention of 1829-30. He married Maria, daughter of Charles Goldsborough, of Maryland, and died without issue.

90. Henry6 Fitzhugh (Henry,5 Henry,4 &c.), of "Bedford," born February 11, 1773; died, August 10, 1830; married, May 3, 1791, Elizabeth (born, October 1, 1777); died, August 4, 1845), daughter of Catlett Conway, of "Hawfield," Orange county. His will, dated August 12, 1825, proved September 24, 1830, names as legatees: wife, Elizabeth C., sons, Henry S., Francis C., Madison and Drury; daughters, Louisa, Sally Battaile and Ann Wray. Appoints Colonel John G. Stuart, A. B. Hooe, Townshend S. Dade, uncle, Giles Fitzhugh, and testator’s son, Francis C., administrators. Legacy to son Catlett. In a codicil it is stated that his third son, Catlett, was dead. There is on record in King George, dated February 4, 1828, a mortgage (to secure a debt), on the "Bedford" estate, 3,000 acres, bounded on the north by Chotank creek.

Issue: 174. Elizabeth Catlett,7 born January 31, 1793, died April 12, 1821, married, July 2, 1817, Colonel John G. Stuart, of King George; 175. Elizabeth,7 born January 31, 1794; 176. Henry Stith,7 born April 13, 1796, died without issue in 1844; 177. Louisa Conway, born April 8, 1798, married, December 6, 1827, Abram Barnes Hooe, of "Barnesfield," King George; 178. Catlett Conway,7 born January 31, 1800, died April 20, 1827, without issue; 179. Francis Conway;7 180. Drury Stith, born September 13, 1803, died June 5, 1712; 181. Susannah,7 born September 13, 1805; 182. Susannah Conway,7 born July 15, 1806, died October 13, 1817; 183. James Madison,7 184. Sarah Battaile,7 born July 15, 1811, married, May 25, 1830, James Barbour Newman, of Orange county; 185. Drury Bolling;7 186. Anne Wray,7 born September 5, 1816, married, January 22, 1834, Albert G. Dade, and died August 13, 1839; 187. A son, born January 5, 1822.

91. Dr. William Dednam6 Fitzhugh (Wm.,5 Henry,4 &c.), married twice, first Patsey Taliaferro; second Martha Stuart (born 1777, died December, 1861), daughter of Colonel William Thornton, of "Montpelier," Rappahannock county.

Issue: (first marriage): 188. Elizabeth Taliaferro Dednam,7 born December 18, 1814, died December 30, 1875; (second marriage): 189. William,7 died aged nineteen; 190. Thomas L.,7 graduated in medicine at the University of the city of New York, March 8, 1848, and died at Stevensburg, Va., 1849; 191. Frances Thornton,7 married Frederick Foote, of Prince William county (third wife), and had two sons and six daughters; 192. George Warren.7

103. Henry6 Fitzhugh (George,5 Henry,4 &c.), of "Ravenswood," Jackson county, Va. (now West Va.), married Henrietta, daughter of Judge Nicholas Fitzhugh.

Issue: 193. Bushrod Washington,7 never married; 194. George Nicholas,7 of Charleston, W. Va., married, February 4, 1847, Martha Dickinson Shrewsbury, of "Shrewsbury," W. Va. She died at Charleston, March 24, 1875. (They had issue: 1. Laura,8 born November 27, 1848, married A. A. Preston, Richmond, Va.; 2. Henry,8 born December 28, 1853;; 3. Mattie,8 born July 27, 1856; 4. Nicholas,8 born January 30, 1858; 5. Lawrence S.,8 born September 15, 1863); 195. Burdett Ashton;7 196. Nicholas;7 197. Henry,7 unmarried, of New York city; 198. Mary Henry,7 married --- Quarrier; 199. Sarah,7 married Dr. Cotton; 200. Ann, never married; 201. Henrietta, married --- Barr, of Ohio.

104. George6 Fitzhugh of "Bunker Hill," Fauquier county, married Sarah Battaile, daughter of Townshend Dade, of "Albion," King George county.

Issue: 203. George Townshend;7 204. Henry.7

139. Dr. Alexander6 Fitzhugh (Thomas,5 Thomas,4 &c.), of Falmouth, Va., born at "Boscobel," 1786, died August 12, 1847; married, 1815, Eliza Gibbs Clare, of Clarke county, Va. He was member of the House of Delegates from Stafford county, 1838, 1839, 1840.

Issue (together with five children who died in infancy): 205. Mary Eliza, born 1818, died at Halifax, Nova Scotia, August, 1882; married, 1846, Dr. Magruder, of Georgetown, D. C.; 206. Edmund Clare;7 207. Rosalie Clare, died 1855; 208. Virginia A.; 209. Helen Stuart, married, March 3, 1868, L. A. Buckner, of Auburn, Culpeper county.

140. Major William Henry6 Fitzhugh (Thomas,5 Thomas,4 &c.), of "Chappawamsic," Stafford county, born at "Boscobel," November 25, 1788, and died at his residence in Falmouth, April 15, 1859, married, December 16, 1814, Eliza Churchill Darby, daughter of John Darby and Lucy Harrison Churchill, his wife. (See William & Mary Quarterly, VIII, 50.)

Issue: 210. Ann Eliza, born February 2, 1816, married in 1847, Joseph B. Ficklen, of Falmouth; 211. Lucy Edmonia Churchill, born November 23, 1817, married, 1843, Robert W. Tomlin, of Hanover county; 212. William Henry;7 213. John Rose, born December 14, 1821; 214. Sarah Louisa, born March 14, 1824; 215. Bettie Churchill, born September 16, 1826; 216. Thomas Churchill, born February 8, 1829; 217. Mary Ellen born December 19, 1830; 218. Randolph Coalter, born December 21, 1832; 219. James Stuart, born June 8, 1835; 220. Janet Williams, born January 13, 1838; 218. St. George Rose, born March 28, 1842.

141. John Bolling Stith6 Fitzhugh (Henry,5 John,4 &c.), of "Bellair," born October 1, 1778, died April 23, 1825, married, December 29, 1807, Fanny Fitzhugh (born February 1, 1794), daughter of George Fitzhugh and Humphrey Frances Tabb, his wife.

Issue: 219. Mary P. B., born September 14, 1808; 220. Elizabeth Stith, born January 6, 1816, married William Knox Gordon, of "Kenmore," near Fredericksburg; 221. Caroline, born December 25, 1811, married --- Thomson; 222. Harriet Washington, born March 18, 1814, married --- Streshley; 223. Ann F. T., born December 19, 1815, died in Florida, 1894; 224. George H. Bolling, born February 17, 1818, died unmarried.

153. George Dulany7 Fitzhugh (George,6 George L. M.,5 &c.), was born at Windsor, Md., October 31, 1808, died January 3, 1818 at Fern Bank, Ohio. He married, first, May 1, 1832, Elizabeth Y., daughter of Charles Worthington, of Baltimore, Md. (she died at Madison, Ind., March 5, 1857); married, second, April 8, 1859, Hannah Worthington (sister of first wife).

Issue (first marriage): 225. Lee Mason,8 of Fern Bank, Ohio, born November 27, 1838, married first, April 23, 1863, Anna Harrison, daughter of Dr. John H. F. Thornton, and his wife, Mary, daughter of President William Henry Harrison (Mrs. Ann H. Fitzhugh died January 17, 1883), and had issue: 1. Thornton,9 of Walla Walla, Washington, born May 19, 1864, married, October 4, 1888, Anne Harrison, daughter of James McClung; 2. George Lee,8 born August 17, 1866, married, December 9, 1891, Mary, daughter of Leon Phipps; 3. Charles Harrison,9 born December 8, 1868, died at "Newstead," Ohio, his grandfather Thornton’s residence, August 20, 1869; 4. Anna Thornton,9 born January 13, 1873; 5. Lee Mason,9 Jr., born October 8, 1876.

Lee Mason Fitzhugh, married, secondly, Mrs. Laura D. Cunningham, nee Keyl, of Madison, Ind. November 11, 1884.

149. Daniel Dulany6 Fitzhugh (George L. M.,5 &c.), married Margaret Murray Maynadier, of Maryland.

Issue: 226. Elizabeth Key,7 married Jeremiah Yellot; 227. Henry Maynadier;7 228. Mary Ann, married Dr. Franklin; 229. Margaret Murray, married Dr. Edward Schwartz.

155. William6 Fitzhugh (Peregrine,5 &c.), married Sophia Claggett, of Hagerstown, Md.

Issue: 230. Peregrine,7 living in San Francisco in 1894, a very old man. Was an hereditary member of the Society of the Cincinnati; 231. Benjamin,7 lived in Frederick, Md., and had one daughter who married Mr. Stokes.

This will probably be concluded in the next issue.

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