Cemetery Photographs - Confederate Cemetery, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, USA

Cemetery Photographs

- Confederate Cemetery, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, USA


Sign - Confederate Cemetery - Remains of 95 unknown Confederate soldiers who fought in the Battle of Lewisburg on 23 May 1862 lie in this cross-shaped common grave.  It has an upright 80 feet long and cross arms of 40 feet.  After the Civil War the unclaimed dead were removed from the Lewisburg Cemetery and reburied in this common grave.  The bronze marker which serves as a headstone was provided by the Federal Government on 13 November 1956.

informational plaque - Battle of Lewisburg, 23 May 1862.  The 3rd Provisional Ohio Brigade's camp was on this hill.  The Confederate artillery opened the battle at 5 a.m. with a bombardment of the Federal camp.

Grave 1 - J.W. Rogers, 1836 - 1914, May he rest in peace

Grave 2 - Here rest the remains of approximately 95 unknown Confederate soldiers killed or died of disease and wounds in the Battle of Lewisburg.  [view of grave]  [the tiny note on tope of the plaque reads:]  This replica of a confederate battle flag is placed here in memory of Pvt. Thomas W. Alexander, Co. [W] [16th] Virginia Infantry (Stonewall Brigade) [and] who fought valiantly for his county ? by his great great ? Alexander ?.

Grave 3 - Mordecia [sic - Mordecai?] Halstead, 1808 - 1863

Grave 4 - In memory of [mason emblem] Capt. J. W. Branham, Died June 9, 1870 in the 36th year of his age, Let brotherly love continue, 13th Chapt Heb ?

Notes:  Details beyond simple text not as appears on original; comments appear in brackets: [ ]; "?" substituted for unknown letter(s)/word(s)/line(s); not all graves transcribed or photographed; grave numbers for the convenience of the transcriber and photographer only; photographs taken in June/July 2000 by Kay King.