Barberton High School
Barberton, Ohio Central High School


Senior Yearbook, 1919

Scanned and Indexed by Amy E. Armstrong

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Building & Group Photo's --- Photograph of High School
Orchestra - Containing the surnames:  Welsh, Thomas, Swinhart, Starr, Riley, Parker, Romig, Holder and Stadmiller.
Boy's Glee Club -- Containing the surnames:  Swartz, Stender, Hunter, Hampp, Smith, Snyder, Shriener, Cook, Starr, Collins, Lightfoot, Mallinak, Immler, Grossman, Romig, Wells and Rasor.
Girl's Glee Club -- Containing the surnames:  Cline, Starr, Griffith, Werges, Parker, Ling, Kraus, Wagner, Downs, Warner, Rasor, Ramesthaler, Reed, Rodenberger, Weisenborne, Gray, Daly, White, Weatherford, Marshal, Chandler, Weddell and Stuart.
Teachers & Staff --- U.L. Light
A.A. McNeil
Katherine E. Shultz
R.E. Copper
Helen E. DeRusha
Corda E. Peck
Grace Burns
Myra B. Brenizer
R.L. Reed
Eleanor Bowman
Esther Schultz
E. Mildred Swanson
Hattie B. Bastian
S.W. Dodd
Mary Brittain
Irene M. Van Hyning
Mary Starr
Lillian Rogers
J. Dennis
Ruth H. Marvin
Ruth Schultz
Senior Class, 1919 --- Jennie Louise "Whitey" Werges - Ambition: To be a star athlete
Cable L. Zema - Ambition: To be a Pugilist
Harriet Ella "Just Ella" Deal -- Ambition:  To be a Suffragette Leader
Camilla Gertrude Elizabeth "Red" Cline - Ambition:  To be a Hawaiian Dancer.
Ernest V. "Ernie" Johns - Ambition:  To be a Banker
Gladys Elizabeth "Gabby" Rasor - Ambition: To cook
Lois Arlynn McNeil - Ambition:  To be an Adventuress
Adolph H. Mandel - Ambition:  To be a Politician
Gladys Evalyn "Gladdy" Gray - Ambition:  To catch a man.
Helen Genevieve "Mac" McQuigg - Ambition: To get married.
William H. "Bill" Palmer - Ambition:  To be a Bachelor
Dorothy Lucille McQuigg - Ambition: To be a Beauty Doctor
Opal May "Sweeny" Swinhart - Ambition: To be a Salvation Army Lass
Paul "Red II" Hampp
Pearl "Squirrelly" Beyer - Ambition:  To be an actress.
Bertha Pearl Shetler - Ambition: To be an Elocutionist
James J. "Jim" Snyder - Ambition: To be a Police Officer
Pearl Mae "Peggy" Warner - Ambition: To be an Opera Singer
Eugenia "Frenchy" Romestant - Ambition: To be a Kindergarten Teacher
Elizabeth "Tin" Weisenborne - Ambition: To be a Professoress
Agnes M. Parker - Ambition: To be an Aesthetic Dancer
Esther C. Snyder - Ambition: To be a Settlement Worker
William Leslie "Lee" Tiffin
Marguerite Jane Kraus - Ambition: To be a School Teacher
Velma Pauline Head - Ambition:  To have curly hair
Carl E. "Andy" Anderson - No Photo; Ambition: To be a famous athlete
Hilda Marie Herwick - Ambition:  To be a lion tamer

Alumni, Class of 1918
(not a complete list)
** What the members of the 1918 graduating class were doing when the 1919 Year Book was published. **
Frank Fritz - Just returned from O.S. Univ. S.A.T.C.
Rodney Stillwell - Just returned from O.S. Univ. S.A.T.C.
Lucille Shaufele - Attending Akron Univ.
Anna Thesing - Attending Akron Univ.
Gertrude Lanigan - Actual Business College
Faith Seyfried - Otterbein College
Josephine Rodenbaugh - Women's College in Cleveland
Helen Ruff - Heidelberg College
Maude Miksch - Maloney's Real Estate Office
Minnie Jordy - Portage Rubber Co. Office
Lucille Roberts - Cleveland, Ohio
Anna M. Hutson - Columbia Chemical Co. Office
Harriet Potts - Dr. Lahmers' Office
Marjorie Middleton - Mrs. Raymond Seiberling
Isabelle Miller - Mrs. Albert LeFever
Wilma Baushlinger - Columbia Chemical Co. Office
Gertrude Smieg - Babcock & Wilcox Co. Office
Ruby White - Caleb Davies Dry Goods Store
Marie Walsh - Millersburg
Mark Harden - Pennsylvania R.R. Office
George Wuchter - Manual Training in Cuyahoga Falls
Walter Lance - Babcock & Wilcox Co.
Clayton Irish - Babcock & Wilcox Co.
Donald Craig - Babcock & Wilcox Co.
Hazel Witwer - Pennsylvania R.R. Office

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