Theological Seminaries of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., 1898
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Theological Seminaries

of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., 1898

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Transcribed by A.E. Armstrong

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Source:  The Ministerial Directory Of The Ministers in "The Presbyterian Church in the United States"   Edited by Edgar Sutton Robinson, D.D., Pastor of the 1st. Presbyterian Church of Oxford, Ohio.  Published by The Ministerial Directory Company, Oxford, Ohio.  1898.  pp. 139.


School Founded Location In Charge
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Ashman Institute - - See Lincoln University (Col.), Theological Dept.
Auburn Theological Sem. 1819 Auburn, N.Y. Rev. Henry M. Booth, D.D.
Biddle University (Col.), Theological Dept. 1868 Charlotte, N.C. Rev. D.J. Sanders, D.D.
Danville Theological Sem. 1853 Danville, Ky. Rev. John M. Worral, D.D.
German Presbyterian Theological School of the Northwest 1852 Dubuque, Ia. Rev. Adam McClelland, D.D.
German Theological School of Newark, N.J. 1869 Bloomfield, N.J. Rev. Charles E. Knox, D.D.
Lane Theological Sem. 1829 Cincinnati, O. Rev. E.D. Morris, D.D., LL.D. and Rev. Henry Goodwin Smith, D.D.
Lincoln University (Col.), Theological Dept. 1871 Oxford, Pa. Rev. Isaac N. Rendall, D.D.  The first charter of this institution was granted under the name of "Ashman Institute", in 1854.  In 1866 the title was changed to that of "Lincoln University", and in 1871 its' theological dept. was placed under the care of the General Assembly.  
McCormick Theological Sem. 1830 Chicago, Ill. Rev. Willis G. Craig.  This school was established at Hanover, Ind. in 1830.  Removed to New Albany, Ind. in 1840.  Located at Chicago, Ill. since 1859.
Presbyterian Theological Sem. at Omaha 1891 Omaha, Neb. Rev. William W. Harsha, D.D.
Princeton Theological Sem. 1811 Princeton, N.J.

Rev. William Henry Green, D.D., LL.D.

San Francisco Theological Sem. 1871 San Anselmo, Cal. Rev. William Alexander, D.D.
Union Theological Sem. 1835 New York, N.Y. Rev. Charles Cuthbert Hall, D.D.
Western Theological Sem. 1827 Allegheny, Pa. Rev. W.H. Jeffers, D.D.

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