Tabitha O'neal

Tabitha's O'Neal Connection?

Researcher Beth Thurman has discovered this possible link for Tabitha O'Neal:

In the 1790s in Wilkes County, Ga., there is a will for a Nathan O'Neal naming a son Theophilus, a daughter Tabitha and an unborn child. Datewise, this Tabitha could fit the Tabitha "Toby" O'Neal/O'Neil who married John Self, presumably in Georgia, probably in the late 1790s.

There was a Theophulis O'Neal in Lt. Barnard's Rangers in the Ceded Land of Georgia in 1773. He signed the August 1777 petition of Wilkes County freemen to remove Gen. McIntosh from command, and then again in October of 1777.

Axom, John, Nathan, Edward, and Ferdinand O'Neal appear on a list of soldiers in Georgia's Roster of the Revolution ( Knight, 1967). At this time, Ferdinand is not considered to have been related to the others. It is known that the O'Neal family was in Georgia at least by 1773 when Theophilus is found in service there and in 1774 when John, Theophilus, and Axiom were commissioned and on the payroll of His Majesty's troop of Rangers, doing duty in ceded land. William, Thomas, and Nathan were also there.

Related O'Neals are found in Laurens and Putnam counties, Ga.

John O'Neal of Johnston County, N.C., was politically active before the Revolutionary War against the British and was wanted by British authorities. He was jailed apparently more than once, escaped and fled to Georgia. Deed and other records place the Johnston County O'Neals in Wilkes County, Ga., during the 1770s.

Dudley O'Neal offers the opinion that the John O'Neal sr who fled North Carolina to Georgia during the Revolution brought with him his wife Sarah and all of his minor children. He had a son Edmund and a daughter Sarah who married Dempsey Jordan in Wilkes County, Ga in 1777. and he believes John is the father of Theophilus, John Jr. ,Axom, Nathan, and Wooten.

Jann Woodard of Saline County, Ark., ( is a descendant of the Bradley Co.Ark., O'neal family. Her gggrandfather Raiford O'Neal was born about 1806 in Johnston Co., N.C., and had a brother, Theophilus O'Neal. Raiford O'Neal's brother Theophilus moved to Georgia, when he left N.C. Her line came into Marengo/Choctaw Counties, Ala., before migrating to Bradley Co., Ark., in the 1850's.

Others researching Jann's lines believe Willie and Mary Polly Holmes O'Neal were their parents. If true, court records show the parents were not married when these two children were born. They married later. It has been said Willie O'Neal was the son of Moses and Nancy O'Neal who lived in Johnston County.

While John and Toby Self have not been found in Upson or surrounding counties in Georgia, their suspected children listed here all are found in Pike and Upson counties.

Thurman lists the following (among many other likely related) O'Neals found in Upson and Monroe Counties, Ga. Monroe is adjacent to both of the above counties, indicating patterns of possible migration and family names (discounting John, William, Thomas and Sarah as names common to any family):

Upson Co., GA 1870
Nathan Oneal age 57 farmer Dorcas age 42
William age 16
Hugh S. Age 14
John age 12
Sarah E age 10
Henry H age 8
Theophilus age 6

1860 Monroe Co., GA Census (Cullodenville district) :
David O'Neal: 479/FN 466. 30
According to his tomb, he was born in 1827
Sarah (Elizabeth Horne) is listed a 27. Her tomb says she was born in 1826
Their children were as follows:
Wm. age 10 (this is Wm. Theophilus)
David 9 (this is D.A., Jr. , or Crockett)
Martha 7 (Martha Susan)
Jane 6 (Eliza Jane {Jenny})
Van 5 (Nathan Vanburen) twin
Sarah 5 (Sarah Elizabeth or Sally) twin
Thos 4 (Henry Thomas)
Nancy 6/12
William Horne 65 This is Sarah's father.
William ONeal 28, probably David's brother?

A ledger in the possession of an O'Neal-Horn descendent gives the records of David and Sarah's chidren:
1 William Theophilus Oneil b May 29, l849 GA
2 David Allen (Crockett) Oneil, Jr. b Nov. 25, l850
3 Sarah Elizabeth O'Neal b June l8, l852 GA
4 Nathan Vanburen Oneil b June 18, 1852 GA
5 Eliza Jane (Jenny) O'Neal April 11, l856
6 Henry Thomas Oneil b Feb. 21 , l858 GA
7 Savil Tabitha O'Neal b Dec. l8, l859 GA
8 Mary Oneil Feb. l8, l865 GA
9 Martha (Mattie) Susan O'Neal b GA born in l867 (??? )
10 Jesse O'Neal b Feb. 20, l867 GA
11 Fannie O'Neal b Aug.29, 1869 GA
12 John Hardy Oneil m Manie Courtney b Nov. l3, l870

For a historic overview of Clan O'Neall coupled with more genealogical information on the family, see Jill O'Neal Ching's O'neall website. More O'Neal genealogy is found in her database.

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