McIntosh Reserve

A Carroll County, Georgia Park





The McIntosh Reserve is located along the Chattahoochee River

at the site of the home of

Chief William McIntosh,

a part Scots Creek Indian Chief murdered here in 1825.

Shown in the foreground is Chief McIntosh's grave.

A reproduction of his home is in the background.

The park is called "reserve" because when Chief McIntosh and eight other Creek Indian chiefs signed the Treaty of Indian Springs exchanging Creek lands in Georgia for Western lands, Chief McIntosh reserved this land for himself. The Park, located on land given Carroll County by the Georgia Power Company, lies just outside Whitesburg, Georgia. It features hiking and horseback trails, picnic tables and related facilities, a children's water park, a boat ramp, ball field, and camping areas. In the summer, an outdoor drama about Chief McIntosh is presented by performers from the State University of West Georgia.

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