James Bacon & Fidelia Rice

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James Bacon was born approximately January 17, 1802, in Massachusetts, according to census records. I am reasonably sure that he is the son of John Bacon, from Dudley, Massachusetts, and Amity Brown, who is the daughter of Charles Brown and his wife, Hannah, and was born October 13, 1784 in Thompson, Connecticut. James died August 10, 1876, in Cherry Flats, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

Fidelia Rice was born Fidelia Royce, July 12, 1802, in Langdon, Sullivan County, New Hampshire, the youngest of 12 children. She was the daughter of Lemuel Royce and his wife, Ame, Anne or Anna. She and James were married at the Old Fort #4 in Charlestown, New Hampshire, November 25, 1825. Fidelia died May 10, 1885, also in Cherry Flats.

James and Fidelia spent the early part of their marriage in New Hampshire, where their first son, James, Jr. was born. The family moved back and forth between Vermont and New Hampshire, before settling in Tioga County, Pennsylvania, where their 2 youngest children were born. According to the 1860 census, the only child still living at home was Matilda Loretta, who was a school teacher in Cherry Flats area.

James and Fidelia are buried in the little cemetery behind the Baptist Church in Cherry Flats. Their graves are among the oldest there. Two grandchildren are also buried with them - children of Horace and Violette Bacon.

In later years, James Bacon, Jr. and his family lived in Ravenna, Ohio. I believe their pictures are in the Matson Photo Album. Their daughter, Nellie, signed Alla Fidelia Matson's autograph book, in 1880, when she was 7 years old. James Bacon, Jr. is listed in the SAR (Sons of the American Revolution), having descended from Lemuel Royce who fought in the Revolutionary War from the Old Fort #4 in Charlestown, NH.

Bacon’s of Vermont

from the book Genealogical and Personal Memoirs
Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts


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