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Descendants of John and Sarah (Heaney) Dignan (3 generations) (PDF File)


The information on the Dignan family is from a paper sent to my dad, Edmund James Dignan, Jr. September 2, 1992.  The letter had a copy of family information typed by Mrs. Alice Grant, Tyne Valley, RR #2, P.E.I.  COB 2CO.

The sources of information are listed as:

    West Devon Cemetary,Jean Wilkie
    Church Records,Linnie (Dignan) Raynor
    Mrs. Leith Arbing,Blanche (Dennis) Dignan
    Clarence & Helen Christman, Ohio, U.S.A.Amy (Bryan) Campbell
    Research by Eileen Oulton,Mrs. Wm. Bryan
    Typed by Alice GrantEva (Dignan) Buchanan

John M. Dignan came to Prince Edward Island from Anthron, Queens County, Ireland, in 1840 in a sailing vessel.  It took three months from Ireland to P. E. I.  His wife was Sarah Heaney, they had 11 children, one died before leaving Ireland.  Great-Grandfather Jacob was the third Oldest child, his wife was Caroline Alice Key - The Key family came from England with the Warburtons.

John M. Dignan settled in Lot 11.  He was a blacksmith and a farmer.  He was born 1811, Died, 1890 at the age of 79.  His wife Sarah Heaney Born 1815, Died 1901, at the age of 86. 

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