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Milton and Mary Garner lived for many years in a little town called "Aitch". My husband, Jim, Click for Larger Imagewas born there, in his grandparents' home, and he has many wonderful memories of his time spent there as a child.

Forunately, I was able to see the town shortly after we were married, before it was destroyed by the Army Corps of Engineers - acquired during the building of the Raystown Lake Project. The town is only a boat launch and picnic area now, and it's very sad to walk the road that the cows once walked, too and from the fields every day, and see the hillside that was once Jim's Aunt and Uncle's home, still blossoming with the flowers lovingly planted by Uncle Bob. The place where his grandparent's home once stood is now a parking lot. The old railroad bed is still visible. There was an old General Store near that railroad bed in that little town, and this poster is
from that store.

When Jim was little, the store was owned by Charlie Hess. Before that, it was owned by Charles Rodgers, who was married to Zelda Gosnell. When Charles was killed in the late 1920's, Zelda remarried Frank Enyeart, and this is the Mrs. F. M. Enyeart in the poster.

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