The Garner Family History

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This site has antique photographs of unidentified people, found in two very old photograph albums, found in the home of the daughter of Milton Huston Garner and Mary Elizabeth Kyler almost 30 years ago.  Most of these people lived in the central Pennsylvania county of Huntingdon. The Genealogy of the John Michael Garner family is also included, along with the history of the family, and a photo of the Frank Cemetery, located on a hilltop in Huntingdon County. It's a fascinating cemetery, as many of the stones are pieces of shale stuck in the ground. Most of the carving has worn off the stones.

Some of the related names are Morningstar, Kyler, Summers, Fouse, Showalter and more. I hope you'll find someone you know included in the pages.

The Garner Family History

Milton Huston Garner and Mary Elizabeth Kyler
This is Milton Huston Garner and Mary Elizabeth Kyler, in their wedding portrait.  They were married March 15, 1896, at Entriken, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Milton is the son of John G Garner, who is pictured in the pages of the Known Garner Ancestors.

Please notice the chair Milton is sitting on. This same chair is in several of the other pictures in the pages of unknown photographs. This same chair is in some earlier tintype photos, also, so possibly it's a family chair, rather than a chair at the photographer. Please keep it in mind as you look at the photos.

The History of John Michael Garner and Catharine Seiss

The Descendants of John Michael Garner

The Ancestors of Milton Huston Garner

Garner Family Bible

Album of Known Garner Ancestors from our family records as well as other families.

Album of Family Pictures that we have no idea who they are.  Perhaps you can find your ancestor in it.

Documents and Other Things


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