The Lemuel Royce Family

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Source: History of Charlestown, NH Fort No. 4 by Rev. Henry H. Saunderson, The Claremont Manufacturing Company, Claremont, NH (1876), pages 542-543

Click here to see pictures of our trip to Langdon, NH in 2000.  There are pictures of the Old Fort and the cemetery where Lemuel is buried.  Hope you enjoy them.

LEMUEL ROYCE is said to have been the last survivor of the Revolutionary soldiers, originally belonging to Charlestown. At the time of the battle of Bennington, he was a member of Capt. Abel Walker's company, but enlisted Feb. 4th, 1778, into Capt. Isaac Farwell's in which he continued nearly if not quite through the war. He was fond of telling in his advanced age of the battles in which he had been engaged, and appears to have been proud of having been selected as one of the guards at the execution of Major Andre, whose gentlemanly bearing and courage filled him with such admiration that he named one of his children after him. I have been unable to obtain a record either of his death or his marriage. I have gathered from aged persons the following names of his children.

    I. Lemuel, jr.
    II. Lorenzo.
    III. Andrew.
    IV. Darius.
    V. Anna, who m. Zachariah Lawrence, Jan. 23d, 1806.
    VI. Andre.
    VII. Anson.

The order of births of the above, is not certain. Lemuel, jr., m. Eunice Hoadley (Published Dec. 26th, 1802). Ch.

    1. Alford, b. March 30th, 1804
    2. Sophia, b. May 8th, 1806; m. Ebenezer Pike, Dec. 4th, 1823
    3. Francis, b. Apr. 22nd, 1808
    4. Mary, b. June 6th, 1810
    5. Edwin, b. July 22nd, 1813
    6. Lucretia, b. June 30th, 1815
    7. Calvin, b. Aug. 30th, 1817
    8. Ethel 9. Orville 10. Jane

My own research has yielded more information on the Lemuel Royce family.  Pension papers from National Archives, in 1820, Lemuel applied for a pension, stating he had an 18 year old daughter still at home, named Fidelia.  According to the Charleston records, Lemuel’s daughter, Fidelia, married James Bacon 23 Nov 1825 at Old Fort #4.

Further searching provided a wonderful epic poem, told through the eyes of Lemuel Royce.  I have provided that poem on my site, again with thanks to Janice Farnsworth.

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Download PDF document of the ancestors of Fidelia Royce (Rice)


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