Carolyn M. Knight



1. Carolyn Merle KNIGHT. (Private)

     Who is Carolyn Knight?  I am a daughter, a mother, a grandmother and great grandmother.   I still have many good years ahead of me, for which I thank the Lord.  I am a Christian, not always as good as I should be.  I am an American and a Texan.

     I am the chief gardener, the accountant, the cook, the laundress and housekeeper at my abode.  I love roses, and at one time had as many as 75, many old fashioned and many hybrid teas.  I've lost some bushes due to drought, I'm sure, and a couple to old age.  I also grow herbs, and dry them.  My sons have teased me about going out into the garden and cutting, what to them were weeds, and putting them in the salad.  My mint teas have a demand, although I don't make it as often as I used to.  I love history, and I love family, which is what these pages are about.  They honor my forefathers and mothers.  They are prepared with love.


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