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Some Family Files
Please let us know of any needed corrections. I do not pretend to be thorough or accurate, just eager to get to that point!  Write to:  [email protected]

Note that (for sanity's sake) I have "universalized" the spellings of family names.  I realize that much of my source material--right down to my own father's generation--uses a variety of spellings.  Please do not be offended by the convenience I have employed here.

From the Ancestry of James Cartmell (Cartmill)
  This is my great-grandfather, born 1873 in Lawrence Co., KY.  He used the "Cartmell" spelling, but it seems most of the earlier generations used "Cartmill."
Descendants of Nathaniel Cartmill (1660-1735) and Dorothy Poole (1660-1750)
Descendants of William
Compton (1644-1709) and Mary Bowne (d/o John Bowne     
     and Mary Haverland)
Descendants of Abraham
Franklin (1753-1845) and Lucille Vaughan
Descendants of John
Blaaw and Grietje (parents of Aalthe Blaaw Compton)
Descendants of James
Shannon (ca. 1770-?) and Sarah Layne

From the Ancestry of Isaac Johnson
    This is the father of my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Johnson, born 1880 in Lawrence Co., KY, wife of James Cartmell (above).
Descendants of John Bounds (1649-1700) and Ann Hiam (1651-1677)
Descendants of George
Johnson (1791-1857) and Rachel (1784-?)
Descendants of Lorentz
Lingel (ca. 1700) and Eva Catherine
Descendants of Wendell
Miller (1717-1805) and Christina Fisher
Descendants of Peter
Schumacher (ca. 1650-?) and Sarah Hendricks
Descendants of James Sloan (ca. 1740-?) and Sarah McGuire
Descendants of Jacob Isaacs
VanBibber (1614-?)

From the Ancestry of George Washington Burchett
    This is the grandfather of Elizabeth Johnson (above), who was born 1834 in Floyd Co., KY.  I have accidentally tied together this family with another, which lived in Carter Co., KY, and was fathered by a man of the same name, and approximately the same age (Benjamin Burchett).  Will update soon.
Descendants of Benjamin Franklin Burchett (this is in error; look for update soon)
Descendants of William
Hunt (1798-?) and Sarah (1799-?)
Descendants of Thomas
Lewis (1771-1860) of Portugal and Floyd Co., KY
This family will be corrected soon.  Please check back.

From the Ancestry of Cynthia Elizabeth Jeffries
    This is the great-grandmother of James Cartmell (above), born 1797, and whose ancestor,
Elizabeth Windsor, is the youngest generation of our entire European family (see the link below).
Descendants of John Bailey (1617-1682) and Rebecca Stillwell (1630-1682)
Descendants of David
Briggs and Mary Croft (parents of Henry Briggs 1574-1625)
Descendants of George
Cornell (1536-1568) and Margaret Dagnet
Descendants of Richard
Fowler (1460-1528) and Elizabeth Windsor (1465-?)
For ancestry of Elizabeth Windsor, click HERE
Descendants of Philip Hampsen (1601-1654) and Jane/Anne Bedford
Descendants of Thomas
Hopkins (1698-?) and Sarah
Descendants of Moses
Jeffries (father of James Joseph Jeffries, born 1774)
Descendants of Thomas
Josselyn (1591-1661) and Rebecca Marlowe (1592-?)
Descendants of Henry Matteson (1646-1690) and Hannah Parsons (1646-1685)
Descendants of John
Mills (1619-1665)
Descendants of Abraham
Newell (1555-?) and Frances
Descendants of Thomas
Parsons (1530-?) and Catherine Radcliff of Sydenham
Descendants of Thomas Pearsall (ca. 1600-?) and Mary Brent
Descendants of Thomas Scranton (1615-1663) and Mary Margaret
Descendants of Thanklord Shippe (1575-?) and Elizabeth
Descendants of William Spencer (ca. 1560-?) and Jenet Watkinson
Descendants of William
Hester of Sydenham (1505-?) and Elizabeth Hyde
Descendants of John
Thorne (1580-?)
Descendants of Richard
Whalley (1585-?) and Frances Cromwell (1589-?)
Descendants of Robert Woolsey (1445-?) and Joan Daundy (1469-?)