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(and varied spellings….)
Some Family Files
Please let us know of any needed corrections. I do not pretend to be thorough or accurate, just eager to get to that point!  Write to:  [email protected]

Note that (for sanity's sake) I have "universalized" the spellings of family names.  I realize that much of my source material--right down to my own father's generation--uses a variety of spellings.  Please do not be offended by the convenience I have employed here.

From the Ancestry of William Wesley Kretzer
  This is my grandfather, born 1895 in Carter Co., KY.   He married Nannie Cartmell (see Cartmill family) in 1917.

The Descendants of Wilhelm Kretzer (father of Friederich Kretzer, born 1805 in
    Schlarpe (Uslar) Germany

The Descendants of
Johann Christoph Thiele (1768 - 1839) of Germany
Family name locally spelled "Dheel" or "Diehl".

The Descendants of
Heinrich Georg Kassau (1775 - 1836) of Germany