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(Salmons, Sammon, Sammons, etc….)
Some Family Files
Please let us know of any needed corrections. I do not pretend to be thorough or accurate, just eager to get to that point!  Write to:  [email protected]

Note that (for sanity's sake) I have "universalized" the spellings of family names.  I realize that much of my source material--right down to my own father's generation--uses a variety of spellings.  Please do not be offended by the convenience I have employed here.

From the Ancestry of Elizabeth Salmons
  This is my grandmother, born 1907 in Wayne Co., WV.   She married Herbert Chafin (see Chafin family) in 1925.

The Descendants of John Salmon (1630-1678) and Elizabeth

The Descendants of Edward Osburn of KY, father of Edna who married Rowland
     Salmon, Jr.

The Descendants of John Hammond (b. 1795)
Update coming soon!

From the Ancestry of Martin Mills
    This family constitutes a large portion of my grandmother's ancestry.  Martin Mills was the father of Nancy Mills (b. 1857) who married David Salmon.

The Descendants of John Mills (b. 1640) and Mary Kenion (b. 1642)

The Descendants of Joshua Bates (b. 1664) and Rachel Tower (b. 1668)

The Descendants of George Tyrrell (b. 1571)
  I know this family to be full of errors, which will be corrected as corrections received.

The Descendants of Thomas Swift (b. 1640) and Elizabeth Dryden (b. 1664)

The Descendants of Jean de la Fontaine (1500-1563)

The Descendants of Aaron Boursiquot (b. 1630) and Jeanne Guillot (b. 1630)

The Descendants of Joseph Wade (b. 1689) and Sarah Lide (b. 1693)

The Descendants of William Hughes (b. 1723) and Molly Doten (b. 1727)

The Descendants of Charles Ewing (b. 1770)