Mappowder Burials

Collected and transcribed by Dawn Stewart

Other deaths

1554 Walter: Sulhampstead banister Berks

1558 Bridget: wife of Walter: Compton Beauchamp

1584 William Of Quarlstone: son of George father of Edith

1610 John of Hilton & Shaftesbury: Shaftesbury

1636 Francis: son of Walter: Steeple

1638 Edith: wife, of Francis:

1678 William of Holworth: son of Francis: Steeple

1838 Mary: Islington

1841 Anne: Dorchester

1842 James: London

1843 Frederica Alexia: London

1844 Elizabeth: Wareham

1845 William: Dorchester

1846 Henry: Dorking


James: Dorchester

William: Blandford

1847 Mary & Robert: Dorchester

Sarah: Dorking


1850 Sidney: nk