John III of Hilton & Buckland Newton.

Married Frances


This Johninherited his fatherslands, atHilton, Buckland Newton and properties in Dorchester, all of these becoming the bastions of the Dorset yeomanryfor several centuries, John and Frances had†† five children Richard, Robert,Edmund , Margaret and Walter.

 I believe Walter took over the properties in Dorchester, there are various references in the borough records to a Walter Chaldecott as being a free holder I believe he owned a malt house and also farmed at Buckland Newton.

The only item of interest I could find on John, was thathe was apparently the quarter master for the Dorchester division ofParliamentarian army. Providing quartering for the menand food for the horses.This is recordedin the Dorchester borough records.


Richard V


D 1660

Married Rebecca

Richard appears to have inherited, most of his fathers land and properties in Hilton And BucklandNewton, but from this time on it will be a trifle difficult, to differentiate who owned what, as the successive generations had morechildren and the various properties and landbecame more and more divided between this growing number of descendants. These following generations would also be purchasing and renting lands of their own throughout the Hilton and Buckland Newton area.


They would in future generations be not onlyfarmers and landlords, but would also become grain merchants dairymen, maltsters and millers.

Richardand Rebecca had six children, Richard, William, Francisca , Dorothy, Rebecca andSusanna


Upon Richards death his oldest son Richard inherited most of his property,he died in 1700 as a bachelor but in his will he did however, pass most of his estate on to his nephews William. Thomas, The rest was divided betweenhis various friends, employees and local, good causes It is fromtwo of these nephewsThomasandWilliam, that all of the present day Chaldecottsappear to have descended.FromThomas the Surrey and Essex branch and from William the Dorset branch.


William IV


William did not inherit much ofhis Father Richards estate, the bulk of it going to Richard his older brother. However some of it did come back into his family When his sons†† inherited most of his bachelor brother, Richardís estate upon his death. I don't think that this would have made much difference,due to the fact that most of the family farms, .and properties were from the earliesttimesjointly run and managed. Williams two sons were Thomas and William, who I donít

believehad any heirs.


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