The Chamberlin and Whiteway Families in London in 1900
The Chamberlin and Whiteway Families
in London in 1900

Shown are the Chamberlin and Whiteway families September 26, 1900 after the wedding of Kate Whiteway and Richard Chamberlin at the St. John of Jerusalum with Christ Church,South Hackney, London.

Their marriage certificate shows their first home together was at 2 Penshurst Road, Hackney, London they then moved to 32 Milton Avenue, East Ham, Essex according to the March 31, 1901 census

The marriage certificate also shows that Hersillia Kate Whiteway, age 26 and Richard Chamberlin, warehouseman, age 32, were married by William Wingfield Colley.   Their respective fathers were William Henry Whiteway, carpenter and Alfred Samuel Chamberlin, shirtmaker.

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m. Charlotte Pettengell
children: Phyllis, age 9
Frank, age 4
Lucy Charlotte, age 3
    Eliza Agnes 'Pop'
m. Charles Edward Norris
Alfred Samuel

(nee Saltwell)
Sept. 26
Hersillia Kate William Henry

(nee Robertson)
m. Annie Stow
baby son: Stanley
Mary Edith
engaged to:
Percy Pleasants
m. Florence Dewdney
children: Frank, age 3
Florence, age 2


  Lucy Ursula
m. John Guiver
daughter: Lucy, age 3


The wedding reception photograph was supplied by John King, grandson of Kate and Richard Chamberlin.
The marriage certificate was provided by Alan King, grandson of Kate and Richard Chamberlin.

In the wedding photo, in November 2002, Kathleen Pleasants identified her parents Percy Pleasants and Mary Edith Pleasants (nee Whiteway).   She also identified the bride's parents William Henry and Hersillia Whiteway, siblings Agnes, Florence, William and Frank Whiteway.
In November 2002, Averil Bassford (nee Whiteway) identified her father William Whiteway Jr.
In November 2002, Alan King identified his grandparents Kate and Richard Chamberlin, as well as Charles Norris and Agnes Norris (nee Whiteway).
In June 2005 Audrey Cooper, granddaugher of Alfred William Chamberlin and Charlotte Pettingell, identified them and their children Phyllis, Frank and Lucy Chamberlin.
In June 2006 Stanley Frank Butcher, son of Florence Chamberlin and William Butcher identified his mother Florence Hermina Mable Chamberlin, grandparents Frank Chamberlin and Florence Dewdney, as well as Edwin Chamberlin.

In the genealogical chart, Kathleen Pleasants identified Hersillia Whiteway's maiden name as Robertson.
Helen Schembri (nee Smith) granddaughter of Kate and Richard Chamberlin confirmed that Lucy Ursula had married John Guiver with a August 1933 letter from John Guiver giving notice of Lucy Ursula's death.

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1 - unknown 2 - unknown 3 - unknown 4 - unknown 5 - unknown Percy Pleasants 7 - unknown William (Billy) Whiteway Jr. 9 - unknown Frank Chamberlin Charles Norris Agnes (Pop) Norris, nee Whiteway 13 - unknown Florence (Floss) Whiteway Alfred William Chamberlin Charlotte Chamberlin (nee Pettingell) 17 - unknown 18 - unknown 19 - unknown Edwin Chamberlin Florence Chamberlin (nee Dewdney) William Whiteway Sr. Hersillia Whiteway Bridesmaid Richard Chamberlin Kate Chamberlin, nee Whiteway Mary Edith Whiteway Alfred Samuel Chamberlin Ursilla Chamberlin (nee Saltwell) 30 - unknown Possibly Annie and Stanley Chamberlin Florence Hermina Mable Chamberlin 33 - unknown Phyllis Chamberlin Frank Whiteway Frank Chamberlin 1900 Marriage solemized at the PARISH CHURCH, in the Parish of SOUTH HACKNEY in the county of LONDON No ___ 415 When Married ___ September 26  1900 Name and Surname ___ Richard Chamberlin  Hersillia Kate Whiteway Age ___ 32  26 Condition ___ Bachelor  Spinster Rank or Profession ___ Warehouseman Residence at the time of Marriage ___ 2 Penshurst Road  2 Penshurst Road Father's Name and Surname ___ Alfred Chamberlin  William Henry Whiteway Rank or Profession of Father ___ Shirtmaker  Carpenter W. Wingfield Colley This Marriage was solemized between us, Richard Chamberlin  Hersillia Kate Whiteway In the presence of us  Alfred Samuel Chamberlin  William Henry Whiteway W. W. Colley  Parish Clerk and Register Keeper