Fildes Descendants from England and Illinois  

The FILDES Ancestors of England and Illinois

James Fildes, Edward Fildes and William Fildes sons of Sharlock and Martha Fildes emigrated to Philadelphia about 1836.  About 1840, Edward Fildes, single and William Fildes, his wife Ann Hill Fildes and their children moved to Illinois.  Most settled and stayed in Edwards County, IL, but some settled in White, Clay, and Wayne County.

James Fildes and his wife Hannah Saphens Fildes stayed in Delaware County, PA.  He became a wool dyer and started his own mill.  There is a road called Fildes Lane in Delaware County, PA where the Fildes family used to have a dry goods store.


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I have documented my sources when possible, if you note any errors, I welcome your feedback and would love to exchange sources, documentation, etc.  Please e-mail me at:


I am greatly indebted to the family researchers who came before and published many compiled genealogies.  I am especially grateful for all the work that My aunt Elsie did on our family genealogy.  She spent many years going to courthouses and family reunions all over the country.  She helped instill in me the love of genealogy.

Others to whom I am indebted:  Sylvia Niles Fildes Marks for Her Fildes Family History,  Betty Wheat for The William Fitch Family History and Helen Fildes Walker for her Hoffee family history.  I am indebted to the Hubbell Family Historical Society for all the wonderful work they have done over the years.  There have been numerous Fitch researchers including John T. Fitch.

I have learned a great deal by searching the census pages myself to verify the facts presented in these genealogy compilations.  In many cases, I have been able to update the information from these sources by using the Social Security Death Index, and Doris Bland's cemetery transcription books.

Digging through the old documents brings my ancestors more to life and helps me understand why certain family traits have been passed down.


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