A Patriotic Page for All Americans

Our common ancestors came to America for a variety of reasons, and while we may never know the stories behind each immigrant family, we can feel fairly confident that it was to have better lives for themselves and their descendants. So whether it was seeking political or religious freedom, or just hoping to succeed in the New World, they came. And once they were here, their diverse backgrounds, while still important to them, faded behind more important goals.

Whether the goal for their generation was forming a new nation, reuniting a divided nation, or protecting their nation from international threats, the world soon learned that this diverse group of people were now one. And while there would be major differences of opinions about many issues, when the time came—and it came all too often—the world learned that this diverse group was now something to be reckoned with. Because this multicultural group was now, above all else, AMERICANS!

This page is a humble tribute to all Americans: those who have fought or who have taught, or plowed, or labored. Whether they were soldiers or preachers, hawks or doves, conservative or liberal, they were AMERICANS.

The Pledge of Allegiance recited by Red Skelton

You’ve heard it hundreds of times, but if you’ve never heard this version, you really need to listen one more time—and please pay particular attention to the ending.

The Pledge of Allegiance recited by John Wayne

Another meaningful rendition. [not available yet]