Blair history

Blair Family History

Our earliest authenticated Blair ancestor is William K. Blair. He eloped with Martha Angeline Gilliland in Polk Co. Tenn. in1867, leading her across a river on a mule. With son Lee in tow, they leave Tennesee with 5 other families, including Williams's sister and mother.  By 1870, they are in Carroll, Arkansas They settled 6 miles east of Springtown in Parker Co., Texas. There he joined the Masonic lodge and became a Royal Arch Mason.  In the early 1900's he served Springtown as Justice of the Peace.

There is strong circumstancal evidence that he is the son of Winifred Jane Reynolds, originally of Hawkins County, Tennessee. The 1850 census shows a William and Amanda in the home of William C. Reynolds and wife Elizabeth.  Winifred is 25 with no husband listed. Also in the home is William, 23, Minerva (now Newman) 29, Roffail (Ralph) 13, Elizabeth 11, Harriet Williams 10, and Melvin 7.  By 1860 Winifred has married Josiah Johnson and had a child but she is head of household.  William and Amanda are still with her but the census lists their name as Johnson.  In 1870 Winifred and daughter Rebecca are also in Carroll County, Arkansas living with brother Melvin and his wife Elizabeth.  By 1880, all family members are in Parker County Texas, living in the same district.  William's sister Amanda, who married William Smith in Tennessee, shows on the 1870 and 1880 census in Parker County, Texas. Due to the strong evidence, I am including the Reynolds ancestry.