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Descendents of James Mercer


Family legend tells us that the first Mercer in our family came to this country in the 1700's.  It is said he was stolen as a child in England and made to work on a ship.  When he reached the age of 21 the ship's Captain gave him a gold watch and a silver lined cup along with his freedom in America. He reclaimed his original name and remained in America. This would have been James Messer/Mercer

Known children of James Messer/Mercer are John, Jemima and possibly James.

John Mercer married Lucretia Johnston, daughter of Hannah (Gilbert) Johnston and Nathaniel Johnston. Their children were: James, Jemima, John Jr., Lucretia, Charlotte, Drury and Rainoff.   They moved from So. Carolina to Caldwell County, Kentucky about 1800.  Their last child, William was born there. 

Susan Wheeler Mercer and John Mercer

(courtesy Jerry and Martha Clark)


William was the first state representative from Caldwell County, Kentucky. Wm. and Susan had one child survive until adulthood.  That was John Edwin Mercer. They moved from Caldwell County to Ballard County, Kentucky. After their death John Edwin, his wife Elizabeth and their children moved to Wise County, Texas.  Letters between William and son John Edwin as well as other letters between Mercer family members may be seen  here.  They are part of the Caldwell County Web Site


Elizabeth Jane (Coil) and John Edwin Mercer Family


Descendents of James Mercer



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