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Scrapbook Page for
Anson Abbott, Hulda Collins Abbott,
Sarepta Abbott Rouse, and
Atlanta Rouse Sharrow

Anson Abbott and his wife Hulda (Collins) Abbott are Sarepta (Abbott) Rouse's parents.
Serepta is Atlanta Rouse's mother. Atlanta is Frank Clay Sharrow Sr.'s mother.

Anson Abbott and Hulda Collins Abbott - c.1850

Sarepta Abbott Rouse - c. 1880

Atlanta "Etta" Rouse Sharrow - c. 1895

Eben Farnsworth Abbott
and Family c. 1910

Eben is Sarepta Abbott's
younger brother
. . . .Front Row l-to-r: Mrs. Alice Jenny (Falls) Abbott, Jennie, Mr. Eben Farnsworth Abbott, Alton, and Edna
. . .Back Row l-to-r: Amy, Hollis, Eugene, Beth, and Harvey